1960 Austin Healey Sprite in North Alabama

  • Make: Austin Healey
  • Model: Sprite
  • Year: 1959
  • Mileage: 99,999
  • VIN: AN5L 37526
  • Engine size: 948cc
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Vinemont, Alabama, United States



Now at age 76, after many years of restoring and driving old race cars, we have sold our main shop building, and many of our cars, and are now beginning to liquidate the remaining 10,000 sq feet of cars and parts

This is one of many Bugeyes I have owne, since my first one ordered new in 1959. Although work continues ( at a slow pace) I am being encouraged to sell most of my cars, and this is a good opportunity to acquire a Bugeye that has had much of the hard work done.

this Bugeye is for sale at our shop, and this listing may be ended at any time (unless bids have been placed).

ALL reasonable offers to end this listing early

with a "Buy it Now", will be considered

One of many Bugeyes I have owned since ordering my first new one in 1959.
VIN AN5L 37526 with Engine 9c UH 37239
Compression is very good and motor runs well. It was changed to a single SU for better fuel economy, but could easily re returned to dual carbs.
Painted several years ago, the orange paint looks a lot better in the pictures than it it is close up, and as a fun driver, it is presentable at 30/30.
This car is an excellent restoration candidate, as sheet metal work seems to have been done pretty well before painting.Both seats included, as is original wiring harness, and a few bits not shown, but basically, it is as shown.
If you are considering a full restoration, the car can be blasted to bare metal, including the underside, here before pick-up reasonably

Available at my shop in North Alabama, we have exported many cars and can assist
Dave Perry
Old School Restorations of North Alabama USA


We ship many cars to Europe, Asia, and "Down Under," and will gladly assist you with arrangements ....

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