1974 Chevy Nova Custom-ized

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Nova
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Custom
  • Year: 1974
  • Mileage: 1200
  • VIN: 1Y27K4L167353
  • Color: Red Pearl / Graphite
  • Engine size: Race-built 350SBC
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Power Locks
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4sp Saginaw
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Blk/Graphite/Silver
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Yuma, Arizona, United States


D'BADBOY: '74 Chevy Nova Custom-ized - An Experience.
There's much for readers below. But let's face it ; a potential buyer must inspect and experience this exciting acquisition. Of course it's not ALL rainbows...these project cars are always like that. But you'll need to see it ; only then can proper negotiations occur. You are encouraged to contact me thru eBay & take a day trip to inspect it & make an offer. I built it in Spokane WA, then trailered it to Yuma AZ to be within easy reach of San Diego, Palm Desert, Phoenix and Tucson. SOMEBODY out there has gotta come see it !

I couldn't have DREAMED how astonishingly popular my custom design is with people. D'BADBOY authoritatively announces it's arrival before it gets there to turn heads. Then they recognize the body because everybody has known someone with a Nova (OK...someone called it a Chevelle once). But they've never seen & heard one like THIS.
DO NOT buy this car if you hate talking to strangers, hate big smiles, thumbs ups, and constant compliments thrown your way. This experience car isn't for the shy types. You will be entering a whole different world because the LOOK, the FEEL, and the SOUND all synergistically scream MUSCLE you as the driver, and to others' senses nearby.
This is a ONE ONLY ORIGINAL, and certainly no dog. There are no tacky added-on aftermarket items, and nothing unfinished inside. It's simply gorgeous & functional while retaining a definite 70's muscle car look and feel. You will NOT find another Nova with an interior like this...period. includes the '74 Nova in their "Top-5 Investment-Grade Chevy Musclecars You Can Still Afford" article. And what they mention as possible problem areas have already been addressed in D'BADBOY and more !
The Details:
Engine / Drivetrain: 350SBC with gear driven high cam, Hooker headers to cutouts installed (if ya wanna open him up) thru Flowmaster Super 44's, and dumps just before the rear axle, 3" dia. the whole way. And THAT is why everyone compliments the SOUND constantly. It's a beautiful thing! Edelbrock 750cfm 4bl carburator on a Holley high rise w/spacer. I installed a heat shield over the starter motor. 4sp manual; 1st, 2nd, & 3rd are closer together and 4th is a little further, which makes for FAST off the line & comfy tooling around town (30-50mph) the sweetest ride ever - quietest & smoothest at cruizing speeds. 30-50mph is D'BADBOY's Pleasure Band. Rear end is posi and around 3.74 if I remember correctly. New cast aluminum differential cover too. Everything about D'BADBOY is Street Rod. It's most happy running 110 octane racing fuel, but it'll run 92 Premium also. It was previously a "hopeful" Qtr Mile racer, but spent almost zero time actually doing that. The HOT engine made it worth restor-customizing.
RetroSound Stereo AM/FM/MP3/USB head into JBL MS-8 "brain" then into JBL 4x100W CH amp, to all 4 JBL speakers (which match the interior design perfectly). Line level Sub bass cable run, but no subwoofer at this time. Could be added inside or in trunk behind rear seat, where the other stereo stuff is. The brain is brilliant; it listens to the environment & adjusts each speaker to deliver flat response (most accurate), then you can tailor the EQ and the sound position desired to your liking, plus lots more. It's a really great system !
Renewed or improved during restoration:_New Engine Harness. Front harness improved and hidden under fender.
_Now ALL polyurethane body/frame bushings, control arm bushings, rear leaf spring bushings. AND new rear leaf springs and shocks. Yeah...he's TIGHT. Feels like muscle, not fat.
_Repainted front frame, radiator panel, engine block, peripherals, & most engine bay parts.
_New L.rear Quarter Panel, door skins, front fenders, trunk lid, tail panel, outer rear wheel wells, and OHHHH.....that fiberglass Stinger Hood that sets it SO apart and gets raves.
_Molten Zinc used several places where rust is troublesome on Nova's. We even dug out the bondo at the 4 roof connections & replaced it with molten zinc. Hardly any bondo there now.
_Derusted & reprimed all interior metal.
_Added HushMat on all floor, and certain body resonance places.
_Added stainless steel rear bumper filler (no plastic), and tucked in both bumpers just right. Best overall bumper tuck I've ever seen.
_Recently replaced front rotors, calipers, pads, flex hoses, and wheel bearings. All ball joints are new.
_All window frame polished aluminum and new stainless drip rail. RARE; it's usually missing or painted.
_All new inner and outer side doortop window seals.
_New windshield with embedded antenna. Clear as a bell.
_All glass removed, cleaned and resealed.
_All window tracks relined, and operating hardware cleaned & regreased.
_Modified to use a '72 roof mounted rear view mirror. I hate those windshield mounted ones!
_New 17" US MAG graphite spoke wheels, matching the hood cowl, dash, two-tone upholstery, and fantastic console. Tires are in very great shape still.
_SO many things I made better, like smoothing the firewall (stock is damn ugly), and adding a water catch dam & drain hose to prevent water from being sucked into the air system blower and rusting the delivery system or damaging the new carpet. A serious original design flaw - eliminated !
_Changed the wiper/washer pump (another stock design flaw) to a tank mounted electric pump.
_Completely redesigned 3-point restraining belt system, omitting those pesky, bulky roof retractors. No Fasten Seat Belt buzzer or light system; the dash light now says HOTYA (Hold On To Your Ass) when interior red LED's are on. New matching rear seat belts.
_All new high quality charcoal carpet.
_New polished aluminum door thresholds with Fisher emblem.
_All new black/graphite two-tone upholstery, custom made from the original upholstery. Pro-installed on good foam and straightened, re-welded seat frames.
_New material on ABS inner ceiling, matched sail panels, and new rear deck vinyl over ABS (WAY better than original).
_New door lock hardware, and added electric locks with key fob. All new lock cylinders too, including ignition.
_RARE rear window defogger w/2speed switch.*
_Added a hood lock release cable system (pull under dash) for engine bay security.
_New SS style front grille with raised silver ribs, & SS emblem (Yes, I turned it into an SS).
_Hurst Roll Lock system for braking the front only to spin the rear meats; button is on the T-handle shifter. I've tried it once or twice. It works.
_All dash instruments are LED backlit, the 4 Speedway 2-5/8" custom digital gauges in the custom console are lit THRU the numbers and on a dimmer, and they work perfectly.
_Truly AWESOME Custom designed fiberglass full console with armrest & storage. I couldn't bring myself to use the ugly plastic half console that was optional in Novas. Barf.
_Angel Eye switches operate separate inside/outside red LED's; the front & rear of the car "floats" on 3 red LED's under each bumper pointed down.
_There isn't much that didn't get renewed or replaced, often with better than original. You'll see other adds and improvements in the photos, like the chromed power brakes system and cast aluminum air cleaner, smoothed firewall, and more.
_Creating & building D'BADBOY was 4.5 years of therapy to help me survive a terrible family trauma, which is ongoing ; SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY please.

Speedometer/Odometer needs new tranny drive gear for 17" wheels. 1200 miles is estimated personal use since completing restoration. Current odometer reading is 28,008 only because THAT's the dash instrument panel that was best choice out of 3 that I had.
*Complete, but may need some repair.
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