396/350HP Convertible, SURVIVOR & LOADED! Nearly EVERY Option Chevy Offered!

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Camaro
  • SubModel: RS/SS Convertible, LOADED SURVIVOR!
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: RS/SS
  • Year: 1968
  • Mileage: 12,476
  • VIN: 124678N409488
  • Color: Bolero Red
  • Engine size: 366CI/350HP
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Parchment (Ivory Pearl) Houndstooth
  • Options: Convertible
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Paso Robles, California, United States





Original Bolero Red Paint with Ultra Rare D-88 Stripe

You're looking at a one-of-a-kind LOADED RS/SS 396/350HP Convertible.....equipped with nearly every factory option Chevrolet offered in 1968. In addition to the raritiy of options, this car is also a SURVIVOR - still wearing its ORIGINAL 48 year old 'Matador Red' paint, and sporting the beautifully contrasting Deluxe Ivory houndstooth interior. The first things people notice on this car is the unique nose stripe, which unbeknown to most was actually a factory option introduced in mid to late '68 production. It is the RPO D-88 Multi Colored Nose Stripe which was pictured in the second issued 1968 Camaro dealer brochure. The car in the brochure was a red RS with this identical stripe - colors and all. In all my research, this stripe never made it to production due to the complexity of painting the 5 color band. But it was believed to have been factory installed a few Camaro's to be used as GM promotional cars. These promotional cars were all supposedly loaded up Big Block convertibles, like this one. As stated before, the paint on this car is mostly original (has had a fewareas touched up here and there over the years), but the nose of the car and the stripe appears to 1968 original! All that said, this may be the only original example of this option existing in the world!

Now, about the options. Yes, it has virtually every option em all! Here is a summary....

  • L-34 396ci 350hp Engine - #'s Match (2,579 Built)
  • Turbo Hydromatic (T-400) Transmission
  • Posi-traction Rear Axle
  • Super Sport Package
  • Rally Sport Package
  • Light Monitor System (Fiber-optics) (1,755 Built)
  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Power Convertible Top
  • Power Steering
  • Power Disc Brakes
  • Power Windows (3,304 Built)
  • Fold Down Rear Seat
  • Deluxe Interior (Ivory Houndstooth)
  • Headrests
  • Speed & Cruise Control (Only 327 Built!)
  • Deluxe Front & Rear Seat Belts
  • Door Edge Guards
  • Remote Control Mirror
  • Vanity Mirrors (Driver & Passenger Sides)
  • Center Console
  • Tic-Toc-Tach and Full Gauges
  • Speed Warning Speedometer (768 Built)
  • Comfort-Tilt Steering Column
  • Walnut Wood-Grained Steering Wheel
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Multi-Plex Stereo (1,335 Built)
  • Stereo Tape System (Console Mount) (4,155 Built)
  • Front Bumper Guards
  • Rear Bumper Guards
  • Rally Wheels
  • Redline Tires
  • Space Saver Spare Tire (1,021 Built)
  • Front Spoiler
  • Real Spoiler
  • Remote Trunk Release (Maybe Dealer Installed?)


  • RPO D-88 Multi Colored Nose Stripe(Maybe 1 of 1??)

How many Camaros were built withthis combination of options and color? Certainly less than can be counted on your fingers. This is truly a RARE Camaro, no doubt. And I'm guessing that if you are still reading this ad at this point, you likely want to know more about the car. So, here is my history with it.......

I originally purchased this car in 1996 from a man near St Paul Minnesota, after seeing it in Hemmings Motor News. The car was described in a non-photo ad as a 'RS/SS convertible, red, V/8, many options'....and I paid a whopping $16,000 sight unseen. I kept the car for almost a year before deciding my wife and newborn son needed a minivan instead of a Big Block RS/SS Camaro convertible. So along came the Chrysler Town and Country (ohh, a beauty for sure in fairway green with tan leather - LOL), and away went my dream Camaro. I offered it for sale and it didn't take but a week or two to sell it. But it wasn't long after sneaking in a few Camaro books (while I was supposed to be reading Dr Suess) that I read an article about the odd (if not ugly) front 'stripe'...... it was actually an original Chevrolet option (almost). I guess, as the story goes, it was a bit to difficult to paint in production, so it was cancelled almost as quickly as it was announced. And I sold one that may have had one of these original, pre-production stripes!?! Seriously, I let this unique and potentially ultra rare Camaro get away - for a MINIVAN!?!!! The story of many new fathers, I'm sure - but really!? Was I that stupid?

So, years (and many Little League games) later, the search was on. I wanted to find the car I let get away. I looked, and I waited....and waited and looked. And finally (thanks to an eBay search), I found it again in in 2009 at a dealer in Arizona. Many years had gone by, but the car was almost identical to the day I sold it on my son's first birthday (March 28, 1997). The paint was unchanged, as was the interior. Mind you, it did have a newer top, a more detailed motor, and recent redline tires. But otherwise, it was hardly changed from when I sold it nearly 13 years earlier....... except for the PRICE!(YIKES! Clearly, someone had figured out what I missed!) So, I paid for it (way more than 2X what I sold it for) . And it hurt, but I had it back. So now what? Did I read too many Dr. Suess books over the last decade + ? Maybe......

OK, great! 2009 and here it is - home in my garage. Ready for me to discover this super rare car's history. Ready for me to make my big collector car break where I double my money in 5 years because I find someone who knows the cars history and it doubles again in value. My wife will finally think I know what I'm doing!?! I magine, in this day and age....a fully optioned big block RS/SS convertible with ORIGINAL red paint and a documented history - could easily trade for a six figure amount. I truly believed this.....and I'm ready to show the world. But happened. Two more kids, a 60 hr a week job, and about enough extra time to mow the lawn (but not edge it).

About that documentation......I don't have it. Maybe it doesn't exist......or maybe it does? Problem is, I never found the time to research the history of this car. And so it goes...... someone else will likely be the one to discover it. I do not have a protecto-plate, a dealer invoice, or a window sticker. And unfortunately in 1968, the cowl tag only tells us the basics (which are all correct for this car). Little League, Dance, Drama and Basketball won the time wars this time......

So, now bring on the nay-sayers. I already know the car has incorrect side trim (it should not say Rally Sport) on the side fenders. It has an incorrect A/C condenser location (supposed to be on the other side). And I've even been 'told' it has incorrect headrests? Maybe all of this is true. Maybe the car was 'created'? I honestly can't say, because I only first saw the car in 1996, and again in 2008. I don't know what happened to it before 1996......but I personally doubt that when the car was only 25ish years old, someone did a partial parts gathering restoration, leaving the paint and interior original. If you are going to 'create' the ultimate fake, aren't you going to do a FULLrotisserie restoration? I won't say it didn't happen.....I just doubt it. Why would someone 'create' this car when it was less than 25 yrs old. By today's standards, it would be like 'creating' a late 90's era Camaro 'high option car'?Would someone do that because late 90's Camaross areso collectible today? I don't think so! Remember, this car does NOT have restored paint, interior, trim etc. So why? Maybe there is a reason.....I just don't get it. By the way, I have photos of the car from 1996 that I'm happy to share. They'll show you that this is essentially the same car today as it was when I first bought it in 1996. Of course they are 35MM prints, but who new about pixels' and giga-byte back then?

Reality sets in.....and my dream (shattered again). I have nearly 20 cars now, and I've come to accept that it is time to thin the herd and simplify life. It won't be for another 10 years before the kids are grown and gone, and I likely won't find the time before then to figure this one out. So, I succomb to the reality of letting someone else enjoy the car, show it off.....and hopefully make the breakthru discovery of this cars real history.

What' it worth? That's frankly hard to say. I know I can't expect it to get anything close to 100K without documentation...and I've turned awayoffers of 50K. So, I am putting it out oneBay and in Hemmings tosee how the market reacts. I anticipate it'll bringsomewhere between 60-75K, but to be determined. And ifnot sold by Fall, I will likely send it to Monterey for auction. So if the car tickles your fancy, call or email me with a reasonable offer. I'm all ears....

Here is a Photobucket link to over 100 more photos of the car:

Please note, I do have this Camaro advertised in other print and internet locations, so I do reserve the right to sell outside of this auction if the right offer is put in front of me. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you are interested in owning this car, call me to discuss a purchase, as I am not opposed to ending the auction early for the right buyer/offer.

CONDITION NOTES: This is an ORIGINAL PAINT car, and best I can tell, ORIGINAL INTERIOR! So with nearly 50 year old paint and parts, it's a given that the car isnot perfect. It has some chips, scratches, checking and small dings...even a few touch up areas (but no rust thru!). The odometer shows 12,476 miles, and although this could be accurate, I have to presume it has rolled over. The car is mechanically sound, but keep in mind I haven't driven it hardly 200 miles in the last 7 years so please inspect and satisfy yourself. I know that the drivers side quarter window needs a new roller (motor works fine), and now recently the vacuum operated headlights are not opening with the switch as they did a few years ago. Same with the clock. Most of the fiber optics seem towork fine, as does the original multi-plex radio and remote trunk release. I have not tried the cruise control, so I do not know if it works. There may also be a leak in the heater core, asI noticed some moisture (and steam)atthe passenger side floorboard when I drove it last summer. The engine number matches the VIN, but I wastold by the previous owner that the transmission numbers do not match. This car starts easily and drives straight and smooth, but I strongly encourage you to fly in and satisfy yourself as to the car's cosmetic and mechanical condition.

This Camaro is currently registered (in my name)and insured. If you are a sincere buyer, you can call or email me. My name is Scott, and I welcome questions thru ebay, or via direct emailat Or you can call me at eight 0 five - 3 nine 1 - 0509. (again, that is805 -three nine one - 0509 - trying to avoid the automated junk calls!). I amhappy to answer any questionsabout this car, or any of my other cars that will be going up for sale soon also. I only request that youaskquestions BEFOREyou bid!

The car is located in Paso Robles CA (Central Coast, exactly between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the CA Hwy 101). This area is quickly becoming the next Napa Valley, with a number of world renowned wineries., so make avacation of it! Fly in to San Luis Obispo (25 miles south of me), check out the car and then enjoy all that this area has to offer.

OTHER CARS: As I said above, I am trying to thin my collection from 16 collectorcars down to maybe 8-10 cars, so look for my other auctions....or ask for info. I will soon be listing (or already have listed)a handful of early-mid thirties GM cars ('32 Buick Victoria, '33 Buick Victoria, '33 Pontiac Victoria, '35 Cadillac Town Sedan and Touring Coupe), a 1923 Ford 3-Door Touring, and a 1950 Oldsmobile 88 Custom Holiday hardtop coupe.

Although I am not looking for a trade, I am a car guy......and sometimes my love for the car can get the best of me. Of most interest to me are high quality street rods/resto mods, a new(er) Camaro convertible, or higherquality motorhome (used of course, up to 100K range). No motorcycles.

Thanks forchecking outthis one of a kind Camaro......and happy bidding!