1972 datsun 240z, 240Z, datsun, Z, z car, orange, classic, 6 cylinder, manual

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: Z-Series
  • SubModel: 240Z
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year: 1972
  • Mileage: 86,175
  • VIN: HLS30122128
  • Color: Orange
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Options: Viper 2-way alarm, Clutch lock
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Studio City, California, United States


Orange 1972 Datsun 240Z Classic
6 cylinder - manual transmission
Thanks for your interest. :)
My DAILY DRIVER. This 240Z gets lots of compliments and looks from people almost every time I drive anywhere around Los Angeles... AND I love how it runs, and thoroughly enjoy driving it. --it's FAST! Mostly original Datsun look as I don't like aftermarket stuff much at all. This is my daily driver and I have loved owning if for the last decade.
- Red Tokico rear lowered suspension springs
- Pretty complete set of new rubbers & seals for doors, windows, etc. (still in box they shipped in as I haven't had time to replace the old ones except in the hatch)
- Grant GT racing style steering wheel
- Chrome extended exhaust pipe
- Clutch lock
- Strut brace bars front & back
- Panasport street wheels
- Recaro bucket seats
- Datsun 240Z interior diamond vinyl & ceiling vinyl (look great)
- Viper 2-way alarm system w/ 2 key fobs (one has visual display) I think it may have a valet button/mode as well but I almost never let valet guys drive my car, so not sure.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
brake master cylinder
clutch slave cylinder
ignition coil
battery cables
battery (2016)
distributor cap and rotor
oil and fuel filters
spark plugs
NGK spark wires
Carbs balanced
Brake work done in 2015: bleed/parts
Brand new tires (2) in early 2016 - New good condition used tire (1) also early 2016
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Passenger side turn signal lower front is cracked and missing piece of the yellow plastic
Need to recover driver side Recaro seat (fabric tears)
Driver door kick sill area has a line of rust
Dash has some usual 240z cracks
A few fading spots in paint
Scratch on windshield from wiper
A little rust beginning to bubble up on rocker panel below door
A small section of peeling paint at top of passenger door pillar
Tiny crack in windshield maybe 1/8"x 3/8" that has been there for a long time
A few other minor chips and/or scratches
Window area interior strip that runs up rear side of passenger window is separated at very top but pretty much stays in place
Centerboard housing for gear shifter has a crack and the left side of it is separated in one place a bit near the choke... could probably be repaired with a cement
One small impression on passenger front fender, maybe 3/4" x 4" that is, in my opinion, hard to see unless you are looking for it
Rear bumper needs a little work
Clock on instrument panel doesn't work
Hatch carpet is torn and needs to be replaced
Small rust hole (see photo) that is about big enough to stick the tip of your little finger in, on the hatch, but not on the top, it is after the fold/bend, rear of car over taillight
No AC or heat working
No radio
No front grill (see explanation below)
Grant GT steering wheel has five Allen screws, two are stripped so I just keep the other three tight.
Windshield wiper works most of the time but it has spells where it decides to not work
Passenger side door is missing two end pieces that bookend the strap handle used for closing the's purely cosmetic
Stamp in engine area says engine is L24. I do not have any knowledge if the 6 cylinder engine in my 240Z is the L24 or not. I assumed it was but I am not a mechanic and thus do not know for sure.
This is a 43 year old car, and as such I cannot warrant that the conditions list or "more info" list is comprehensive but I am doing my best to point out the strengths and weaknesses of my 240z and I am very happy to answer emails or have phone calls with serious buyers who are very interested and have specific questions or want to see specific pictures of any area of the car. For a 43 year old classic car it still impresses and looks pretty nice even though it has some blemishes and issues. Car is a thrill to drive and gets a LOT of attention!
I've owned and driven this 240z for around a decade and many of the repairs/servicing through the years were done by a professional Datsun mechanic shop primarily working on Nissan/Datsun cars, and specializing in Zcars, for almost 30 years.
There is no front grill. I sold mine years back, but you can easily find one online if you want. (I just googled and quickly found a 240z grill for sale for about 80 bucks). I have a hood protector that I keep in the hatch that I can quickly mount on the front if I am going to have to be parked behind an SUV that I am worried will back on to me and potentially scratch my hood when leaving their parallel parking spot. If you put a grill on then you'll no longer be able to use my hood protection mount as it is recessed beneath the hood area, it's totally up to you. If you don't live in a busy city then you'll probably not even care about bad parallel parkers. It is included with this sale and it fits into the hatch easily and I know it has saved me money!
Rear license plate lights housing: I took it off to make a repair of a stripped screw hole in the housing and never put it back on.
Repair of accident: While in heavy stop and go LA traffic about 8 years ago I had an accident (I drove my 240Z home afterward. I was fine. The car drove fine.)... I hit my brakes but still slid into the back end of a vehicle and had damage to my hood and my driver side headlight housing and a little bit to that fender. I pulled over, got out to take a look, and then continued driving on home. I had a bodyshop guy in LA who is top notch put on the Z hood and the driver side headlight housing I brought him, fender survived--I think with some bondo. Since I had a new (used) hood for the car I took this opportunity to do new paint for the Z, and that's when it became orange as it is now and has been for many years.
I have been driving my 240z for 10 years now but not a lot of miles per year in those 10 years. The odometer, as of a few days ago, read 86,175 miles. Since Z cars have only a 5 digit odometer I don't know if this is the true mileage or if the odometer possibly ever rolled over and began again in its 43 years since assembly in Japan. I just simply don't know either way and don't remember ever discussing this with the previous owner. I have no reason to assume it did, but cannot say it did not either.
As for driving on my end: I have driven up to Santa Barbara and out to the desert here and there through the years but mostly it's been just up to Malibu for hikes on occasion or to the grocery store or movies or to events around town in LA so the Z hasn't accumulated a ton of miles per year since I've had it... The thrill for me is that driving it is fun and every time I take it out you can almost guarantee someone is going to give me the thumbs up sign, roll their window down in traffic to talk about it, or tell me that it's a beauty and I should never sell it but it's not a 4-seater so I have to move on to a larger car for my new job coming up later in the year whether I like it or not. I cannot afford to own and keep up two cars. Wish I could.
I think the previous owner (also in California and a Zcar enthusiast) told me when I bought the car ten years ago that he had rebuilt the head and upgraded the transmission to a 5 speed manual from a 4 speed manual; I cannot certify that he did this work as I am not a mechanic but I have no reason to believe it was not true, and obviously the transmission is a 5 speed manual currently. I think he was upgrading and servicing it before he sold it to me. So over the last decade and beyond, many parts have been upgraded and/or replaced.
(If you are a long distance buyer you may, of course, should you win this Ebay auction, fly out to Los Angeles and pay me cash for the car, transfer ownership/release liability, etc. and then ship it yourself to wherever you like.)
This car is over 43 years old. It is a used car. I have done my best to point out the strengths and weaknesses. I am very happy to exchange Ebay emails with very serious buyers who are interested...feel free to leave me your phone number in an Ebay email if you have specific questions that you feel need to be discussed but please read the full post here in case something has already been addressed. It does not come with a warranty or a guarantee. I am not responsible for shipping. This is a cash-in-hand sale. If you want, after the winning bidder is selected, we can meet at my Z mechanic's shop and he can verify that he has been my go-to mechanic for 10 years. He knows me and my 240 pretty well.
Ebay only allows 24 photos so I grouped detail photos of some of the car's tears and rust and scratches, etc. into three photo composites. If you want to see anything larger you can take a screenshot of your computer screen and save the image to your desktop then open it up in Preview (Mac) or something compatible (PC) and enlarge for viewing, OR write me and I am happy to send any photo I have as I have more that I didn't have room to post up on Ebay. Thanks.
Just TODAY I drove to McDonalds and on that short drive I had two women look, point, and then compliment the car, and then a man in a very expensive luxury car gave me a smile and a nod. This was all just in a few minutes drive. If you want to drive a classic that other people admire and enjoy then this is one that will often get their attention. :) It is FAST and so fun to drive that I HATE to sell but I will be needing that 4-seater in the future. I drive this 240z almost every day and park it in a secure ground level garage in my building.
This is an AS-IS sale. Please do not bid if you don’t have the money.
All I ask is that you first read this entire listing to see if I have already addressed your question before you email me or leave your number.
We, my 240 and me, are in Los Angeles.
Thank you for reading and taking a look at my Datsun 240Z. Have a super week everyone!