1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Coupe, Restored, 8,018 Miles, 5 Speed Manual, 170HP

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: DeLorean
  • Model: DMC-12 Restoration at DeLorean Performance Industr
  • SubModel: Restoration at DeLorean Performance Industries
  • Type: Coupe
  • Doors: 2 Doors
  • Year: 1981
  • Mileage: 8,018
  • VIN: SCEDT26T980004412
  • Color: Silver
  • Engine size: 6 Cylinder
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Lindon, Utah, United States


1981 DeLorean DMC-12 for sale in Lindon, UT 84042

This is a very rare1981 DeLorean DMC-12 for sale and has almost everything original inside and out. It is a 5 speed manual with grey seats and interior. Only has 8 thousand original miles and 500 miles on the rebuilt motor and transmission. The original owner had vacuum sealed the interior dash and seats before storing it in his garage for 35 years. This DeLorean has gone through extensive restoration at DeLorean Performance Industries totaling around $30,000. All of the unreliable original DMC components have been removed and replace with brand new parts from DMC. Some of the only serious changes that have been made is the converted AC system, and a DeLorean Performance Industries Stage II exhaust that gives the car 170hp. Everything works on this vehicle exactly as it should including the 1981 Craig radio and power antenna.

Brand New DMC Parts and labor include:

-Fuel pump and fuel system clean and assembly -Warm-up regulator install -New Accumulator -Idle Motor -New water pump and water pump assembly -Two window switches -Full Electrical upgrade and new wiring harness -Taillight LEDs and install -Door light LED and install -Door Struts -New Brake Master Cylinder -4 New DMC rotors and brake pads -Clutch system bleed and new clutch slave -New timing belt -Full New AC conversion -New Alternator and battery -DPI Stage II Exhaust -All Season Tires -1981 manual -DMC car cover -Original Steel DeLorean Cleaning Kit -DMC Pamphlet

List of Restoration work performed by DeLorean Performance Industries:

R&R water pump assembly complete - R&R water pump

assembly complete. Replace all associated hoses, clamps and

gaskets. Clean residual contamination and coolant from engine

valley area.

Water pump kit complete-

replace seeping fuel line crush washers - tighten/replace seeping

fuel line crush washers at warm up regulator/distributor and

frequency valve.

Replacement copper crush washers

Correct engine high idle concern - Correct engine high idle

concern. Throttle sticking on deceleration condition.

Install updated fuel feed/return lines - Install updated fuel feed

and return lines at fuel distributor. Includes R&R line from filter to

distributor and R&R line from return hard line to distributor

Fuel feed line braided - customer supplied

Fuel return line braided - customer supplied

Adjust engine CO - Adjust engine CO fuel system adjustment.

Note that at key up injector pulse audible from passenger

compartment. Correct adjustment.

Adjust engine timing - Adjust engine timing. Note current timing

with vac advance disabled below min threshold causing a

stumble condition at light throttle off idle.

Install radiator/cooling fan system update/under car hose

kit/bleed cooling system - Install complete radiator and cooling

fan system update. Includes R&R radiator assembly, all under

car hoses and clamps, Stainless cooling fan shroud with high cfm

low amp fan system. Bleed cooling system and cycle fans

Radiator assembly - Complete radiator assembly

cooling fan upgrade with shroud

Cooling hose kit (partial) prorated - Prorated cooling hose kit. All

required components not previously installed with prior water

pump/hose component work.

(2) 100502 Hose, Resvr

(8) 100506 Hose, Coolant Cplg

1) 100816 Switch, Cooling Fan

(2) 101754 Hose, Heater

(1) 101757 Hose, Heater

(1) 101759 Hose, Heater

(1) 101760 Bleed Hose

(1) 102481 Hose, Heater Pipe

(1) 105994 Hose, Coolant

(1) 106959 Seal

(1) 108612 Hose, Heater

1) 108613 Hose, Heater

(1) K111171 Intake O-Ring Kit (O-rings and intake manifold


(5) SP10348 Clamp, Hose

(11) SP10349 Clamp, Hose

(3) SP10350 Clamp, Hose

(28) SP10352 Clamp, Hose

(4) SP10353 Clamp, Hose

(1) 108682 Q-Clip Bracket

(1) 100763 Hot Water Valve

(1) 106821 Connector Hose

R&R steering column bushing - R&R steering column and

replace lower bushing due to failure.

Steering Column Bushing

Adjust front suspension toe - Adjust front suspension toe due to

misalignment issue.

Install front end recall kit - Install front end recall kit complete.

Includes all reinforcement brackets, ball joint castle nut and pin

update, sway bar bushings and hardware.

Front end recall kit (performance)

Brake system service (comprehensive) - R&R all brake calipers

and correct pistons as required. Replace front/rear pads and

adjust rear parking brake system complete. Cross machine

front/rear brake rotors and install new front wheel bearings. Install

flexible stainless brake line kit complete. Bleed system post

install of serviced components and check for issues corrected.

Includes required seals, hardware and pistons as required.

Brake pad kit complete with pad clips and pins

Cross machine front/rear brake rotor assemblies

Flexible stainless brake line kit complete - front/rear flexible

stainless brake line kit with mounting hardware.

Shifter cable/bell crank adjustment - Perform complete

adjustment of shifter cable and bell crank system for five speed

external linkage.

Balance tires (all) - Check/correct tire balance on all tires.

Perform torsion bar adjustment - Perform torsion bar adjustment

to correct sagging door issue

Remove loose hardware lower doors - remove loose hardware

floating around in lower door areas

R&R lower sill gasket left/right - remove and replace lower sill

gaskets left/right

Sill gasket 2

replace marker gaskets (all) - replace dry rotted marker gaskets

Replace drivers/passenger side window felt - replace

drivers/passenger side window felt

Please call (402) 502-8385 for more information.


*Caveat Emptor* Please Remember to Inspect Vehicle Prior To Purchase!