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70 HEMI CHALLENGER R/T 1 of 4 Red/Red Hemis/Power Windows/Documents/25,301miles

  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Challenger
  • Type: 2 DOOR HARDTOP
  • Year: 1970
  • Mileage: 25,301
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 426 HEMI
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Red
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Illinois metro St Louis, United States


This is believed to be one of four built as a solid red car with a red interior and a HEMI in the 1970 Challenger model year.
All four cars still exist to my knowledge. One has a 4 speed. The other three are Torqueflite equipped. Two have presentable original paint and this is one of them. Only one of the four has power windows (this one). This is the lowest mile car of the four as best I recall.
Car isSURVIVORISH, SAVVY? It does need hands on attention and refinement in some areas as it did not escape the last owner unmolested. Said refinement is progressing nicely.

My preference is for a nice easy sale to the right steward and the right steward will want to come and see it without a large entourage of "experts" to tell him that it's real. If you can't look at it and tell that it's real, you are likely NOT my buyer nor the right steward and you should probably look elsewhere for a package ideal to your desires.

The car hasn't seen rain since the 70s which is when I purchased it and it has largely sat dormant since then.

Car was last driven just after the first gulf war began in the early 90s and was last started within months of that move. It has the headers installed in the early 70s but they will be removed and replaced with the manifolds soon enough.

Focus is on clean up and reattaching parts which were removed. I assume the right guy will want it AS IS but that person has yet to buy it.
Some will be floored with the condition but there are too many details to list.
Car was last appraised in 2013 and the appraiser was impressed with what he saw.
Well worth repeating is of my preference is for a nice easy sale to the RIGHT steward and the right steward will want to come and see it without a large entourage of "experts" to tell him that it's real. IF YOU CAN'T LOOK AT IT AND TELL IT'S REAL,YOU ARE LIKELY NOT MY BUYER NOR THE RIGHT STEWARD. Until then, I patiently await and continue the effort to refine.

Much is included with the car. Following is likely just a partial list.

NIB repro door panels, rear panels, and seat back covers in red.NIB repro fuel lines from tank to carbs.NIB repro fuel tank and sender.NIB wheel cylinders for the rear drums and three new brake hoses, one for the rear and one for each front caliper.NIB front brake pads.NIB shocks.Most if not all of the steering wheel interlock pieces are included.Pair of stock exhaust manifolds.New repro ECS H pipe.NIB repro ECS resonators.Pair of OEM mufflers (used).Pair of OEM tips.New pair of repro trunk floor reinforcement plates with the original heat shields and one new and one original hanger in place.Misc hangers are also included.NIB NOS hood pin package.Rebuilt 4024SA Carter fuel pump coded L-9 (Jack is also coded 9L).Refinshed original AC top plate with ECS decal.Virgin original baseplate.Used, directly interchangeable three row radiator from a newer B Mopar with a correct 956 tank is included and the correctly coded straps are included too. I will be taking these to a local shop for assembly and installation soon.Trans cooler is included.Lower pulley which was recently powder coated is included.Water pump housing is included and will be in place soon.Original booster is included.Correct master cylinder is included and it appears to be a correct original.Original hood mounted "426 HEMI" plates are included.Original hinges are includedFront bumper is included and it will be installed soon.Rear is a high quality rechromed original. Front is an exceptional virgin piece.Grille is included and it will be installed soon.Front valance is included and it will be refinished (as has the rear) and installed soon.78 alternator with proper date codes is included but incorrect as the build sheet specifies a 76 alternator.Original distributor is gone. Mopar elec ignition was fitted in the 70s and is intact though I did change the control box and regulator recently.New repro engine wiring harness for elec ignition system compatibility is in place.Space saver tire and spare bottleis included.Trunk mat that was in the car when I bought it is included. It looks to be the original.
I have the three original build sheets IN HAND.
Copies of the original window sticker, sales order, and bill of sale are included as provided to me by the original owner. The originals, still in the hands of the original owner, MIGHT also be available if I can persuade him.
BTW, trunk lid was once graced with a flimsy reproduction T/A spoiler in the late 70s courtesy of the previous mastermind (recently deceased) who owned the car. He drilled 5 holes, 4 of whichI plugged with plastic plugs. The fifth hides under the "R/T" plate. I removed the spoiler the day I bought the car...amongst other things. Deck lid has never been removed and wears its original paint like almost all of the car so I thought the plugs to be the best solution as well as a nice topic of conversation and speculation as to what sin it may have once suffered.
I recently read of a musclecar that was stored away in 1979 thatlong sat dormant until the heirs of theDECEASED owner recently pulled the car out of hibernation and offered it up for sale. I don't want to be that guy.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the RIGHT person. Is that person YOU? If so, please contact me to arrange a viewing. If it's not you and you are only in the mood to spew your swill and negativity...don't bother. Go amuse someone else. I am not here to please a fool. I am not here to justify my approach to a random loser, either,and I fear my amusement with certain kinds of ignorance is not becoming (SEE ADDENDUM BELOW). I AM here to find the ONE steward...the RIGHT steward.I am also willing to work with an overseas buyer. I might even prefer it. Please inquire.
To repeat, if you can't look at it and tell that it's real, you are likely NOT my buyer nor the right steward and you should probably shop elsewhere.
Following is a message sent to me regarding this car on 5-7-18 from "daytona69q5is1of5" from N Royalton Ohio which I post for YOUR comment and amusement (note the punctuation and sentence structure especially). I might even post YOUR comment to this message below;
"I have a really good idea for yo, instead of you presenting this car like a slobbed down pile of garbage . Why don't you take it off lin, get it together and clean it up . Then take pictures and then try to sell it . The days of these cars going for crazy money are probably dead along with the owners . Get real with your presentation you do a disservice for hemi cars in general"
The following comment was received on May 30 2018:
I have been collecting cars for 25 years and I have some of the rarest cars on the planet, when I sell one of my rare collector cars I welcome any experts to come and look at it, in my experience the people who don't want experts to look at the car usually have something to hide, you may have a english degree from your comment of the other post, but I doubt that your net worth is in the tens of millions and I doubt you will post this comment.

My answer was as follows:
If there IS something to hide, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IT unless you come and see it. Even then, you'd likely never know it unless some EXPERT tells you it's legit or not. Perhaps your reliance on experts has served you well in the past. How nice! If you ARE monied, I suspect you inherited it or had a good idea BUT your instincts have failed you miserably on this car. You are likely a JOHNNY COME LATELY to the E body if not the HEMI Mopar fold. In general, I do agree with your assessment but as the listing states, I am looking for the ONE. CLEARLY, it's not you. If you are convinced your assessment is gospel regarding my listing, your instincts are errant. I am sure of that. You DOUBT I WILL POST YOUR COMMENT? Once again, your instincts have failed you. One more thing, sir...I am not against a visit by some alleged know it all but rather I am trying to convey my belief on who my real buyer is. I may be wrong. I may be limiting my market though I don't think so and while you may have some of "the rarest cars on the planet", it appears this won't be one of them. Thanks for your interest. At least your argument was cogent overall despite the realities I know. Best wishes to you.
This was received on June 18 2018:
Hi there I have to tell you that you have way more will power then anyone gives you credit for. I would have unloaded those idiots that were grilling you on your car. That ass that was saying he had some of the most valuable cars in world and the other smacked ass saying you should restore the car and not misrepresent it. I really doubt either of them even own anything more then a pt cruiser. I think you have represented wel, and both of those wonna be mopar owners should stick with boring message boards so they can be something there not . Nice car, good luc, and thanks fo sharing it with the mopar community
My response was as follows:
Thanks for your support. It's not will power but the secure knowledge that the right person will eventually find the car. I've done my homework and I wasn't born yesterday. Also, this wasn't my first HEMI. Some of the Mopars and HEMIs I had were built in single digits. One is on a model box. One is a die cast miniature. Several can be enjoyed on youtube. The annoying insects swirling about are to be pitied yet I find them amusing in their clear ignorance of what I have to offer the right buyer AND just exactly why that buyer will greatly value WHAT it offers which is almost immeasurable. As far as my representation, I have reasons for my presentation as it appears. Many will read their own biases and proclivities in it which is okay with me in that they are not my real buyer. The latest diatribe scolded me for not knowing how to sell a car. Huh? That pinhead and others like him are perhaps clueless that someone who knows how to find and buy the right car will find his prey without regard to how/where/if it is represented and/or for sale. THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHATEVER SHORTCOMINGS I MAY HAVE IN MY PRESENTATION!! I am most confidant that my buyer will be well rewarded for his acumen regardless of whether or not they might be thinking short term flip or long term possession. I will simply await the one. Thanks, again.