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Dodge 1952 M-37 w / DIESEL. 3/4 Ton LWB. REDUCED. Seller is ill, must sell now.

  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Power Wagon
  • Type: Personnel P.U. w/ back-back seats rough
  • Year: 1952
  • Mileage: 59,000
  • VIN: 327A10800009
  • Color: Military
  • Engine size: NISSAN DIESEL (see below)
  • Number of cylinders: 6 Diesel
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: manual x 4,+ low RANGE
  • Drive type: rear + front 4WD
  • Interior color: Mil
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Golconda, Illinois, United States



Dodge 4x4, DIESEL ENGINE (Nissan) & original winch my old camera's color function does not work!

NOTE: eBay told me weeks ago that my Power Wagon had sold in auction, But then the auction “dropped” out of sight, entirely out of sight, no record, and of course no money! I had no recourse but to list it again. It remains a fine out dorsman’s truck that goes about everywhere. DON

Note: One of our watchers said in an eMail that the Serial Number I listed was not correct, because if the Number has a "T" at the end, that means Turbo -- and the one selling here is not a Turbo, so I rechecked —

MY SERIAL IS CORRECT with the T, even though no turbo equipment is on the engine -- my hunch is that the engine was bought for the Dodge with the Turbo gear left at the parts yard.

I bought this truck last year on eBay because I have owned and used 5 (five) Power Wagons previously over the years and thougthis was the best one I had ever run across.I was not disappointed.

BUT ill health caught up with me during the auction – and now I simply must step away from work activities, and thus let this Power Wagon have a new owner.

Auction priceon EBAY was $6,000 plus fees and $700 shipping from Seller - a retired U.S. Marine Colonel.The Colonel had bought it 7 years ago from a Texas hunting reserve – he had it gone through top-to-bottom – everything that was electrified or moved or a key part was replaced.. Parts were replaced as needed!His intended use was parades, community events, holiday display.

He kept this truck under cover when not in use, during his 7-year ownership.

Original locking rifle racks in rear plus Jerry can (full) Two rifle rackscab.

The Colonel added a Reese-type HD hitch installed below the military hitch. Rear lites and hardware all there.Side door handles work OKOn both doors, Bondo cosmetic wide leveling has cracked away but hangs solid.Window harnesses need lube badly, otherwise all OK.Doors — at least driver’s side — need to be fitted for locks – swing-lever locks work well, are cheap and easily installed.The steps up the rear are a Godsend.

Army manual M-37-SPECIAL NOTE: I located and bought a U.S. Army 1955 Operation and Organization Maintenance Manual for the ¾ Ton M37 Truck – 466 pages with hundreds of photos.. Covers all aspects of the M-37 Truck – 100’s of clear pictures, and instructions – very much the how-to-identify and how-to-do it. This is the first manual I ever had -- went by seat of my pants before!My cost eBay –$60 - the buyer gets this at NO charge.

Odometer -59,7xx miles on the dial. I HAVE NOT DRIVEN TRUCK AT ALLBUT THINK IT WORKS. Due to my illness, I have not driven en the truck — start and run but no movement. It is not driven by anyone else

All brakes and linkages are Vg/Ex, as is emergency.All lubed. I recall the Colonel told me the brake system had a lot of replacements. Brakes are Ex.

Wheels, lugs, etc are in good condition. The ND Tires are standard and appear to have no repairs, and hold air just fine. TIRE SIZE1100X16.

There is not a spare. (I owned and operated 5 similar Power Wagons over a 50 year period all off road and none had a spare – just fyi) These tires are plain tuff!!

If Buyer wishes to have spare that’ is deployed correctly, he needs to locate thru eBay a military type spare mount for the driver’s side door; otherwise,make one for the side of bed.

FRONT -- Front end and hood are in good shape. I was not familiar with this ONE-piece hood, front hinged, up in one movement, like some semis. The hood is heavy fiberglass, appears factory made, clean edges – fits well.Secured at back sides with commercial type rubber-knob tie-downs.Has no imperfections.

Cab – OK jump and bench seat. No floor mats.Rear window replaced with a slider – wish I would have one of these in my earlier Power Wagon years.

Transmission, Drive Train, and Rear End are standard M-37, and in good condition

Front Winch is standard MU-2 for this truck, is in excellent shape, and has near new cabling and hook – rated at 10 TON

PTO is live, cab lever control.

Noheadliner, but under side has been coated.There are two small electric fans, one on each side, for comfort of driver. They are switch and speed-controlled – work just fine

Gauges – I think all gauges work fine but I did not have opportunity to check the Fuel gauge. I suspect it works just fine, could be a fuse.Can’t say about the odometer. Likely will pop up when truck is used a bit.

FORDING—The truck has a 42-inch max depth without fording kit, and 84-inches with the kit.The fording kit exhaust and intake holes are present in the body, it appears, and these would make a retrofit easier.

Radiator — a new radiator was installed. Hoses and connections and controls tested well and working fine; runs as designed.I have allowed the truck to run in place for six ½ hour periods – no problems of any sort.

LOCK-OUT HUBS – Set appears to be in good serviceable condition.

TRANSPORTATION – About the time I was bidding, I became ill.

After the auction ended, we determined I was not in any condition to make the 600 mile trip, so I bit the bullet and contracted with an Oklahoma transport company — Mounce Transport (Patrick Mounce) nationwide - FINE FOLKS

- they did a fine job, all was well, and the truck was delivered to home in 2-days time! 918-324-5771

Actually, this company was the one the Colonel used when he bought the truck 7 years ago!

The Colonel had some wiring to two or more 110-volt standard plug-ins for use with Christmas parade lights and other display. Lights are not present.

NOTE: an ebay user wanted to see a frontal picture showing the HOOD. I had the picture and posted it with Ebay BUT it got cut off. Soon as I can, I will post that picture as a "revision" and it will /SHOULD show up right away. I have forgotten how to use the damned computer after all these changes!!!!!!!!!!!

ENGINE DATA PLATE ON ENGINE (finally got to here) Nissan UD Diesel

NISSAN ENGINE MODEL: SD 33-T ----- 101 HP @ 3800 RPM


No Fooling, Folks -- I must sell the truck.

SOLD. SOLD. 1992 MCI Diesel Over the Road BUS.

Don Norton1067 Bay City RoadGolconda, Illinois 628938