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1965 Dodge coronet 440 727 max wedge 426 hemi super stock charger road runner

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Dodge
  • Model: Coronet
  • Year: 1965
  • Mileage: 99999
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Mandan, North Dakota, United States




Up for sale is my 1965 Dodge coronet. This car turns heads everywhere it goes. It looks like a Max Wedge, Hemi, superstock car, however most of these cars you find have roll cages, racing seats,locker rearends, don't have complete exhaust, only run on airplane gas, are tubbed, etc, basically they are not really streetable.Mine is, it has a complete interior, glass windows, wipers, etc, it hasn't been stripped for racing. The motor is a 440,which has a lumpy idlewith performance to matchthe look the carhas. This is something your mother wouldnot enjoy driving (unless she is the little old lady from Pasedena) however it willcruise on your local rod run without any problem and uses pump gas.

You always hear about survivors, cars that were only driven for a few years then stuffed in a garage. Or only driven to Church onSunday cars, I'm not sure whichof those two this car falls into, but you mightas well say it is a survivor. The original color is Medium Torquise Metallic, these light metalliccolors tended to fade,so the car was resprayed the original color and the paintis not that old.The hood is metal, many hoods you see are fiberglass. The hood opens, closes, and fits just like a factory hood. The stainless, taillight trim, grill, etc all appear to be original, andfor the simple fact that they are 59 years old, aren't perfect but look pretty darn good.The bumpers, I would say are rechromed (just because they lookso nice) but they mightbe original.

The original Interior color was Turquise, from what I can see that original interior is still in the car. We are talking about original seat covers, door panels, headliner, even the carpet. As you can see from the pictures, the interior looks pretty darn good.If this would have seen regular use back in the day there is no way that stuff would have survived.

This car was born with a 318 and a 727 Auto. The 440 is a similar vintage to the car. I'm not sure what's all in it, but it has a very healthy rumble and has no problem laying you back in the seat. The 727 auto hasa mild stall convertor, to handle those extra horses. The rearend has have fun in town gears, but you could still drive in on the highway, you just won't want to do 80 mph all day long.

This car runs, drives, stops, steers, excellent.Just because they are old cars, old cars needing tinkering everynow and then, but this isn't a spend 2 years fixing this that and everything in between to get it to be a dependable car, thisis a get in and enjoy it type car just as you see it.

If you happen to own aMax Wedge, Hemi,Superstockor some other rare car along those lines. You know those cars are worth more then many peoples houses. This could be a unique addition to your collection. Something you can drive and enjoy, those expensive cars can be a bit stressful to drive, everything from rock chips, to a 16 year old texting while driving can very easily ruin your day. Extremely clean car.

This is a great deal on a Gorgeous car. Any questions please call me 701-471-3376.

I know many truckers, if you need help with transportation let me know

Any questions call me 701-471-3376

I will expect a $1,000 deposit within24 hours of the auction ending. I will expect the balance within 48 hours of the auction ending. I will only accept cash when you pick it up or a bank wire transfer. I would like the car picked up within 30 days of the auction ending.