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1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan Wagon

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Galaxie
  • Type: Wagon
  • Year: 1964
  • Mileage: 99,999,999
  • Color: Green
  • Engine size: V8
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Green
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Battle Ground, Washington, United States


In 1964 MR and MSR Gablehouse were in the market for a new car. The two went to their local Ford dealership: Wright & GrandyMotors (Ford/Lincoln Sales and Service). I am sure the new Pony Mustang in thefront windowof the dealership was a sight to see. On the more practical side, the couple fell in love with this 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan Wagon. How cool it must have been for them to take ownership of this car. I can see them now pulling out onto the street as they drove away cautiously leaving the dealership with a prized new possession. Nothing super fancy, no major options. This van is a 6passanger (no third seat), the only power option is power assist steering and the only "cool" factor for this car was a factory V8. Little did the Gablehouse's know that the car would eventually outlast them both. Through their passing the car was handed down to their Daughter and son-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Doyle. Mr. Doyle drove the wagon for several years and eventually the car was parked for more economical means of transportation. The car sat outside in the backyard for 12years.Unfortuantly MR Doyle passed on as well leaving the car to his daughter Candice. Candice listed the car on a local web based advertising page along with several other cars/trucks and misc. estate items. This is where I come into the cars life. I contacted Candice and scheduled a viewing of the car. Always skeptical of cars that have sat outside, I had to take a change as clean wagons are harder to find these days. As I previewed the car, I was shocked to see the car was original from front to back as well as a clean solid car. Amazingly the car was nearly 100% intact. Sure it had a couple bumps and bruises, but what 53year old doesn't. Much like the Gablehouse's in 1964was in love with the car. This car is probably "cooler" today, than it was the day they drove it off the showroom floor. On July 3rd 2017, Candice and I settled on a price we were both happy with and I towed the car home. That ten mile trip garnished multiple on-lookers, lookie-louse and several thumbs up from just about every corner. All the attention made me more eager to get the wagon cleanup and running. Plus, my neighbor was having a 4th of July party and I love to show up with something unique. So I had my family outside washing/vacuuming the car while I soaked the cylinders, installed a battery and changed the fluids. At every turn the car kept looking better and better. Not until the car was fully washed did I see the beautiful patina. Man, I was hooked. The car has such a cool look, the patina is just starting to "POP". As I continued to prepare the car to start I realizedit was so easy to work on. This is one of those cars because it was untouched most of its life...everything comes apart and goes back on as it should. That night I could hardly sleep. I was so excited to see if it would run. The next day I spent working on the car trying to hit my goal of the 2pm 4th of July BBQ down the street. As my family left for the BBQ, I was on a last minute parts run for a new coil. I got home installed the new coiland crossed my fingers. This amazing piece of American history fired right up and idled! I was so emotional, super happy the car started and a lot of thought went into the history of this car, I took a video of the car running and sent it to Candice. I felt compelled to let her know this part of her past was still alive. I made it to the BBQ just a little late. The cartook center stage, it was a huge hit. Even non car people were enamored and almost anyone above the age of 40 had a story about an old family wagon and a vacation or first drive. it was clear this car is a major conversation piece. Through the summer I drove the car on multiple occasions. Sometimes to the grocery or hardware store and a couple cruise nights. Everywhere this car goes, people love it. I am in no hurry to sell it, but I am in a shortage of space. I have multiple cars and limited space for them. Some I have owned for 30+years and have a long term love affair with making them nearly impossible to sell. So I decided to list the wagon and see what happens. If your still reading this. Thank you! I know the story of the cars past was long....but I believe the story of this cars future can be even longer. Now about the car, my family dubbed this "BIG COUNTRY"
Pros:It starts, runs and drives.That being said it still needs work to be truly road trip worthy. V8, Auto trans.The Body is SOLID! The Patina is cool now and only going to get better. All the lights work except possibly a couple dash bulbs. I did replace the headlight switchThe wipers, heater, cigarette lighter, and the radio all still work.(The Fan did not come on this morning) Possiblya Fuse.....I just pulled it out to take some new pics and did not have time to look into it. )The tailgate window rolls up and down nice.The tailgate opens and closes nicely.All the doors open and close nicely. (driver handle button sticks a little)The interior is mostly original. I replaced the carpet and put inclear mats. The front seat has a side bolster split in the vinyl but still represents nicely. One cool thing is the dealer installed headrests. These are height adjustable and rare. The passenger side headrest seem is splitThe factory Jack, Spare and instructions are still in place.The owners manual and a book of matched from Wright and Grandy Motors is in the glove box. The car does not smell inside. I only replaced the carpet because it was so dried out it was brittle in spots. This thing gets a ton of positive attention!
Cons:The carb could probably use a rebuild.The power assist steering needs rebuilt.( I have just been driving it in manual mode) Idid purchase a rebuild kit that comes with the car. The brakes pull to the left. The turn signal switch is touchy when turning right but it does work.The antenna mast is not original.The tires are ok but are quite old and will need to be replaced. The driver window regulator works, but the window channel has come off the glass and needs to be affixed for it to function properly. The channel is a box of parts and is not rotted off. Just the spot welds came apart. Two trim rings are missing and a couple of the headliner chrome ends are missing. The windshield has a crack in the upper left corner (no driver obstruction)The passenger quarter glass has scuff (might be able to buff out)The fuel gauge does not function.Oil leaks, the timing cover to block gasket needs to be replaced, possibly more. A reseal on the drivetrain is a good idea.The dipstick handle broke. ( I have a replacement, but the stick is the wrong length it will be in a box of parts in the back incase you can put the handle on the correct stick)I am sure I am forgetting some things:
The bumpers and grill are driver quality and only a couple moldings have blemishes. Both quarters had small dings as well as the driver door and the passenger rocker area. At some point in the cars life the left fender was partially painted. it is straight but has different sheen on the side.the only alteration to the car is a aluminum radiator and electric fam. (I still have the originals) but because the temp was 100 during some of the cruises the factory radiator could not keep the car cool. Now it can be driven all day, or recore the original and you should be good to go. The miles are around 98,000.....but I am in no way stating they are correct. that's just what the odometer reads. knowing a small amount of the history on the car, I assume its not 200k.
I never licensed the car, since the car was not registered in 12years it fell off the Washington database. I do have a clear signed title and proper bill of sale and corresponding documents. It even still has ONE original license plate.
This is an extremely rust free car. If you like the history of things, some call it the sweat and dirt. This is the project for you. The Battery tray needs to be replaced. but that's the only deteriorated metal that I can find.
I want to be clear, this is still a project. I am in no way trying to describe orpicturing thisas a show car. If you want a 100% complete, restored driver this is probably not the car for you. If you want to make some upgrades and tinker with making a better's for you.
I have sold many items on ebay. This is the first time I have listed a complete car. I will try and answer any questions you may have as quickly as possible around my work schedule.
The cooler/picnic basket are a home made swamp cooler....fill it with ice and plug it into the lighter and it helps keep the temp inside the car cool. Since this is more of a wagon thing I will leave it with the car.