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1929 Ford Model A Roadster - National 1st Place Winner

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1929
  • Mileage: 500
  • VIN: A2046826
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Saint Simons Island, Georgia, United States


You are bidding on a 1929 Model A Roadster. This is no ordinary Model A by any means. This car is famous here in Georgia because the previous owner, from whose estate I bought the car several months ago, decided in the early ‘80s that he wanted to restore a Model A to concours judging standards. He spent over $35,000 just on the restoration of this car at that time, which was unheard of at the time. He would not accept any reproduction parts on it. Everything had to be NOS or perfectly restored, and everything had to be EXACTLY like it was when the car left the factory. For instance, he paid $100 each in the early '80s for the NOS Champion spark plugs for the car. He obtained original, correct Schrader valve stems for the wheels instead of buying repro ones. He bought NOS spring clips that hold the hood down instead of using reproduction ones. He made sure that every head stud protruded above the hold down nuts by exactly the same amount. He used the correct nickel plating where it was originally used, the correct lacquer paint on the body and enamel on the fenders, as was originally done, as well as many other things that I can't remember.

The result of his meticulous restoration of this car was a senior 1st place award in 1985 from the AACA, and from the grand daddy of them all, the Model A Restorer’s Club (MARC), which is like the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance of judging for Model As, with judges who are internationally known for their knowledge of what’s correct on Model As, he won 1st place in 1986 in Wisconsin, where the national MARC judging was held that year.

After winning the two most prestigious awards available for Model As, he changed a few things on the car over the years. He added an oil filter, as you can see in the pictures of the engine, and he changed the generator to an alternator. He also removed the engine pans. However, he kept all the original parts for the car that were on it when he won the awards. They are included along with 2 additional pallets of parts he accumulated over the past 40 years, and these parts also go with the car to the new buyer. (see pictures) I estimated that these extra parts are worth over $2,000, as they include a few original horns, several Zenith carbs, a radiator grill, metal spare tire covers, original engine parts, original chromed bumpers, etc. Everything that was on the car when it won the awards mentioned above is still either on the car or is saved with the other parts.

Up until the previous owner’s death about 6 months ago, he started the car every few months to keep it from deteriorating.It has not been started since I bought it, but with a battery and some fresh gas, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t start right up.

The paint is starting to show its age a little with some small, hairline cracks in the lacquer here and there, and the nickel plating on the lights and radiator shell are not as bright as they would have been when they were plated 35 years ago.

I expect payment within 5 days of the end of the auction. The car can be picked up after your check has cleared my bank. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer will be given a Bill of Sale only for this car as Georgia is a non-Title state for cars older than 1985. There is NO TITLE for this car. (EBay does not have an option box for “Bill of Sale Only”, so disregard the “Clear Title” option in their heading.)

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