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1930 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan - Older Restoration - Great Start - Very Solid

  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Model A
  • Type: Sedan
  • Year: 1930
  • Mileage: 1234
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Fairview, Oregon, United States


This is a great little car that would make a good foundation for a hot rod, restoration, or tinker and drive the way it is, as it is a very solid and presentable car.

This Sedan is an older restoration that has since sat for approximately 10 or so years. I put a new battery, points and condenser in it, fresh fuel and it fired right up. Did not smoke. Water pump was noisy and will likely need to be replaced. Some of the old cloth wiring looked scruffy to me, I would probably replace it if I were keeping it. I bypassed it all and hot wired it to run when I fired the motor. I have not hooked up the wiring harness (7 or so wires?) to see if the charging system works or anything like that. I just fired it to verify that it ran and it did. It still needs someone to take it further than that to be a driver, although it won't take much. It rolls easily and the brakes seem to work.

Body-wise, this is a very presentable car. The paintwork is older (probably restored in the 1980's or 1990's), but shows well and would be nice with a buff and some touch ups. It is not perfect but is overall pretty nice. Body is straight and does not need any patch panels. The bottom of the car is solid, doors are solid, etc. The subrails are in fantastic shape. This was not a rotten car to begin with when it was restored and it is still solid as can be. Vinyl top is in reasonably good condition with a small defect above the driver seat area. (about the size of a golf ball) Small screw in rear portion of passenger side rain gutter came out, gutter sticks out in rear slightly, will need a small screw.

The fenders are in great condition and are steel.

Interior is what you would expect from an older restoration that has sat. It is presentable, but not totally perfect. Seats are vinyl and presentable/usable.

This is a great start for someone and could be taken as far as someone wanted, or enjoyed just as it is with an afternoon of tinkering.

Current Oregon title signed off (not dated) by previous owner. DMV apparently notated "4d" rather than "2d" by mistake under bodystyle designation. Has historic plates on it.

Please ask if you have questions. I'm trying to make it easy at this price point, this is an honest car that will make someone a great driver.

Totally stock: 6V, 4 cylinder, 3 speed, mechanical brakes.

I am happy to assist your shipper with loading the car. I can store for a reasonable amount of time while you figure out the shipping. (up to 30 days - more than that we would have to talk about)

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