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BARN FIND!! REAL1963 GMC BIG Window 1/2 ton SHORT Fleetside w/ Custom options

  • Make: GMC
  • Model: 1000 Series
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Trim: Custom Cab
  • Year: 1963
  • Mileage: 53000
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 305E V6
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 2WD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Arab, Alabama, United States


Not really wanting to sell this special survivor truck so not going to get as "wordy" as I usually like to, because I realize none of you are going to read what I spend hours carefully writing anyway so look at these pictures to get us started, and I am making a video of the truck to show every little detail impossible to catch in these shots. Call or Text 256 four eight six 1988 for details - sometimes its easier to describe something over the phone anyway. Scroll all the way to the bottom if you are a purist who rightfully cares about what makes this truck so special and valuable
For that rare handful of you willing to read further, here's a synopsis of what you are looking at:
SHIPPING: depending what state you live in andassuming you live further than you feel comfortable driving it back to, sale price, and other variables I may elect to deliver it. I can drive it to you or haul it on my trailer. If you live somewhere further than I am willing to go, I have my buddy Randy at Kroth Transport right here in town who will take it anywhere for .85 cents per loaded mile from zip 35016 to wherever you are
HISTORY:This 1/2 ton, short bed, big window, Custom Cab Factory Black truck was found in a dry barn in Priceville Alabama. It was ought new only 10 miles away at the Decatur AL dealership and driven to the farm where it served as a cattle trailer puller once each month - hauling cattle to the sale barn. It never got past 53K original miles during its one owner working life. I am the second owner.
SPECIAL FEATURES AND OPTIONS: Solid Black 500 paint, Custom Cab & Custom Comfort packages, Custom Chrome package (bumpers) Panoramic Rear Window, AM Radio, optional 22 gallon gas tank, Dana 44 rear axle with 3:54 Highway-friendly gear ratio, Chrome Dealer added GMC-specific mirrors, Dealer installed Spring radio antenna and Rare 1963-only special limited production Plaid promotional valve covers.
BODY:This truck is in amazingly solid condition everywhere except the sill plate areas (see underside view of holes in the floor). No rust or soft metal in the cab corners, inner or outer roof etc. There are a few rust holes behind the driver side V6 hood emblem, aside from that the hood is perfect underneath and outside. Front fenders are OK but have some rust starting in the backsides you'll need to address if you plan to restore vs driving as an original paint survivor. Front bed panel is rusty and wheel tubs are beat up. Tailgate was also rusty, but I lucked up and found a beautiful near NOS pull-off factory Black tailgate (if you can believe that) and installed that along with the also NOS-like tailgate chains. Bed floor is a mixture of wood we installed around the perimeter to make it sit level and a natural patina'd bolted in steel checker plate removed from another old truck laid in between the tubs. Perfect for hauling anything and going to cruise in's and shows (survivor / un-restored class) without re-doing the whole inner bed and installing a new floor, ruining the un-restored nature of it. All glass is good with no cracks. Radio still in place so unlike so many no radio hole cuts to fix.
DRIVETRAIN: 305EV6 and 3 speed manual trans are #'s matching to the truck and operate flawlessly - no hang ups on this low mileage steering column! I drove this truck at ease in bumper to bumper HEAVY traffic over 100 miles yesterday and would drive it to California today and think nothing of doing so - SUPER smooth operating and dependable. Driven daily. All regular maintenance has been faithfully done. Engine timing cover seal is going bad on me, and shes starting to leak oil there, but that is just one of those things you have to expect to fix on any old truck. Radiator was pulled and re-cored and optional 22 gallon gas tank was pulled and vatted at the radiator shop to remove harmful contaminants and rust.
HISTORICAL DETAILS THAT MATTER TO PURISTSFactory Black, White and Terrace Blue colored GMC pickup trucks in 1962-66 could get Green, Aqua or Dark Blue "color harmonized" seat fabric and matching vinyl and matching armrests - these colors were NOT available on Chevy! These colors were only for GMC. This factory black truck had the Aqua seat and armrest but they were both ragged, so I painstakingly restored both to 100% historical accuracy as you see in pics. In 1963, GMC wanted to re-introduce the 305 V6 after the two earlier versions (305A and 305D) had been given mixed negative reviews for fuel economy and power. The GMC marketing team needed something with some flare and punch and when they visited the 305 engine plant, there they saw engines on test stands with plaid shelf paper stuck to the valve covers indicating certain modifications vs others without - the marketing team loved it and decided to launch a campaign centered around the "New" 305E version of the V6 that would incorporate the use of Scottish plaid on all the dealership banners and paper ads, posters etc delivering a message saying "you can be THRIFTY as a Scotsman" if you buy a new 63 GMC with its fuel economy and robust power. To boost this new marketing genius, they had a limited number of valve covers made up with special heat-shrunk plastic PLAID covers on them - these special valve covers were installed on the first couple thousand new engines as they left the engine plant, and then were randomly dropped in new 63 GMC's of every size as they passed down the assembly line. So, fire trucks, dump trucks, school buses, one tons, and every other size truck got them in the order they were made. So, point being, the number of short bed 1/2 tons that were lucky enough to be among that very few first built, got them. Including this one you are looking at. So the Plaid covers are early-63 specific and when seen almost always were removed from a 63 and added to whatever you are looking at. This set CAME on this truck, which means a lot historically speaking. I have "before" pics showing them dirty before I pulled and cleaned them. The mirrors on this truck were super popular from 1955-63 or so - seldom seen after 64 when Re-Trac brand mirrors kind of became more popular. VERY Important to preserve history whenever we can folks - the people LS swapping, lowering and painting trucks purple do not understand "Historical significance" or the value of preserving our rarer vehicles, and much history is being lost daily - some of which we can never recover.