1956 BD-240 International Harvester Complete Engine & Transmission

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: International Harvester
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1956
  • VIN: BD240666569
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: T98-148A
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Kingman, Arizona, United States


I have what I believe to be a Black Diamond-240 International Harvester Truck Complete Engine and Transmission. It is a slight possibility that it could be for a Tractor, but it is definitely an International as I can tell by the Emblems on it. I wont lie, I'm not 100% sure what it is that I got, but after hours and days of research, I'm pretty confident that it is 1956 BD-240 International Complete Engine and Tranny for a truck. This Engine does turn over as it has been tried and tested. It is a gasoline engine and for as old as it is, it is in pretty good condition. It would be the main component needed to complete your project truck. I've looked up the transmission and the engine up separately and I feel that the asking price of $1,800.00obo. is fairly priced. You can look at the pictures I have added to this post and if you possibly have any other information on this item that might be helpful to me in verifying its identity I would greatly appreciate it. There is plenty of different parts #'s on the different components of the engine and tranny, but when I have tried to cross-reference them, I come up with nothing. I have also spoke to several International experts from the International Co. and they themselves told me that it is so old that they never cataloged anything that far back and had no information that would be helpful for me either. So in this ad I'm listing the info., specs and different parts numbers imprinted on the engine and tranny. Manufacuer: International Harvester Co., Introduced: 1956, Discontinued: 1957, Preceding Model One-Hundred(R-100), Superseded by: A-100, Capacity tons GVW/GCW: 1/2-ton, 4200lb. GVW, Model: Black Diamond BD-240 (which is optional on show trucks), Fuel: gasoline, Cooling: water, Cylinders: this is a straight 6cylinder, Displacement cl/L: 240(which is optional), Power HP @ rpm: 131 @ 3800(which is optional), Transmission Gearbox make (model): International T-13, Gearbox type: syncromesh, Gears(forward speeds): 3-speeds w/overdrive. Ok so that is the info. I believe to be true pertaining to this Complete Engine & Transmission. Now I will list the parts #'s that are on my engine and tranny. This engine runs off of a generator not an alternator. The number on the engine block is: BD240 666569, on the tranny it has T98_1P, W.G. DIV., W2, E219, T-98-148A, DS-9, The #'s on the starter is: 1107678, 9 D 28 and it is a Delco-Remy, the # on the Carburator is: 179253-R, 0 13. So I am asking $1,800.00obo. Again, we have had it turned over. Thank you very much.