1972 XJ-6 Series 1 ~ 'LIPSTICK on a PIG' (Needs Work!)

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Jaguar
  • Model: XJ6
  • Year: 1972
  • Mileage: 94,288
  • VIN: IL64510BW
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Loretto, Minnesota, United States


1972 Jaguar XJ-6 Series 1, Standard Wheelbase, Automatic



She had “trouble” written all over her!I dunno…I think I was off my meds that day. I got excited for a new fling. Somethin’ to get my hands all dirty on, and I’ve always been very attracted the these older Series 1 models – They are the most lithe and classically beautiful of the XJ-6s: Deeper chrome grille, low slender bumper, prettiest rear end…Decently hot under the hood too. And great dancers. To say nothing of the glove-like interior comforts….

I got seduced by the idea of taking her home. I didn’t look beyond the superficial and didn’t take time to get to know her, ya know? It was on impulse! It didn’t bother me that she wasn’t running that day. Her motor turned, so I knew I could wake her up later. Oh, and I knew there was plenty of rust beneath the bondo. I’m an experienced guy, been around the block, and it would take more than a slick coat of paint to hide the wrinkles resulting from this Jaguar’s hard livin’. But what the hell, her price seemed right…I figured we’d have a fun thing for a few months and then we’d part as friends. I dragged her home on a tow rope. I knew it wouldn’t take much to light her fire and get her big six purring pretty noises for me.

Well, sure enough, after I got her home, it only took about thirty minutes of fiddling to get her lit up. Now she kicks right over on the key when I push the throttle in all the way and subtly tickle the choke lever. She sounds pretty good and she seems very eager for a minute or so. But she smokes! Bad! I mean, really bad. Like your high school girlfriend used to smoke! And then she starts to cough and sputter and doesn’t want to play anymore. Then and there, I knew this relationship was going to take more time, money and commitment than I was prepared for, and now I feel kinda stuck with her.

So, now what?!…Well it’s come to this…Highest bid takes this old slab off my hands. Clean title and no reserve. But I’m warning you: She needs someone with a heart and clear head as well as a wallet. Someone more patient and more sensitive than I.

And yes, I will lose money on this deal…ya win some, ya lose some…and then ya just have to move on. A simple philosophy that keeps me out of therapy.

It’s kind of a shame really. I still like this car! I still think she can be saved. She shifts well, her brakes are good. Most of her gauges even work (gas gauge, no). She still rolls with the cat-like poise that makes older Jaguars and cougars so alluring…And all four power window lifts glide up and down smoothly – now that’s something you can’t say for a lot of these old Jags! She still looks very presentable in polite company. Still classy with all that tasteful chrome jewelry on display. And that pretty wood around the classic Smiths gauges. The padding on her dashboard is still supple, no sun damage or tears there. Leather that should clean up good…I mean, just look at her pictures!

But, who am I trying to kid…I drove her around ten miles before I decided she really has more issues than I’m willing to deal with. I mean, there are other things too: She’s drinking fuel from a plastic marine tank hidden in the spare tyre well (see pics)...And speaking of tyres, hers are shot…And that smoke is probably a bad head gasket (the rear three plugs were oil soaked, front three dry), or the motor might need a full top and bottom end rebuild, I just don’t know. The oil light flickers at idle, though the gauge reads good pressure -- I tell you, I don’t know when she’s lying and when she’s telling the truth! That odometer reading of 94281? It could be a million-94281, I don’t know! Who knows where she’s been and how many people have driven her around? I didn’t ask, and she ain’t tellin’! She looks pretty good now, but the ravages of time will eventually reveal themselves, and the rust will start bubbling through again in due course. And in the bright of day, it’s easy to notice her baggy, craggy seats, and her sagging headliner. And she lost her keys somewhere, except for the ignition key. On the plus side, I did find her numeral “6” that goes on her trunk, and I slapped it on her rear after these photos were taken.

Look, if you’ve read this far, then you’re not listening to me, friend. You should run. Here are the facts: No, you can’t drive her home…You can drive her onto a trailer. No, she is not worth investing in a serious restoration. This is a machine into which someone can drop a good 4.2, a Chevy V8, or rebuild this motor. Then you’ve got a decent enough car that you can tinker with and with which you can enjoy a few fun summers together, and then let her retire with enough remaining good organs and parts to sell so that others may live.

Someone will take this old kitty cat off my hands next Sunday night, but if you think it’s gonna be you, boy…alls I can say is I warned you! As for me? I’ll always have the pictures and memories of our brief, bittersweet dalliance, and the fantasies of what might have been…(sigh….)

100 MORE PICTURES for you, OVER / UNDER / SIDEWAYS / DOW, posted here:

Also, two small videos. Nothing fancy, just proving she moves around when coaxed:

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The Fine Print:

GOOD LUCK!Please bid to the value this car may hold for you. Please feel free to ask questions or add comments. Please ask questionsBEFORE you bid.We willrespond quickly and honestly. This vehicle is parked I Independence, Minnesota 55357,aboutthirty minutesout ofdowntown Minneapolis.Inspections are invited and encouraged!

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Vehicle is sold "As-Is and Where-Is". If the Buyer comes to pick up this vehicle and is in any way dissatisfied, he or she will have the Option ofwalking away from the Deal with Full Refund of the Deposit and any Payments made to the Seller.Otherwise, no warranty is expressed, implied or offered.Neither the Owner nor the Selling Agentscan or willtake any responsibilityfor this car after itleaves the premises.

PAYMENT:Buyer must make a$100 DEPOSITby PayPal within24 hours of the Auction Close. The Deposit willsecure the Deal for all Parties involved. Failure to make Deposit within24 hours willrisk Cancellation of the Sale at Discretion ofthe Owner and Sellers.BALANCE MUST BE PAID within7 BUSINESS DAYS of saleby SECURE PAYMENT or CASH at PICK-UP.

TRANSPORT: Buyer is responsible for all transportation arrangements and costs. This vehicle is parked inIndependence, MN 55357, about a half hour west of downtown Minneapolis. Wedo not offer quotes on shipping. There are many vendorsto choose from offeringvehicle transport. If you like, we will be happy to recommend some "preferred" carriers with whom we have direct experience. ALL EXPORT SALE DETAILS MUST BE MADE BY THE BUYER, though we can recommend a freight forwarder if you like.

STORAGE: While the Auction Winner sorts out pick-up or transport arrangements,Seller can offer, free of charge, outdoor storage for up to 30 days after auction termination. Longer periods can be arranged at cost if necessary. Sellercannotaccept any liability during this storageperiod.


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