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1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2 door Automatic - Selec Trac FullTime & PartTime 4WD

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: Cherokee
  • SubModel: VIN: 1J4FJ57S1ML627980
  • Type: SUV
  • Trim: Laredo
  • Year: 1991
  • Mileage: 224,400
  • VIN: 1J4FJ57S1ML627980
  • Color: Black
  • Engine size: 4.0 Liter Inline 6 cylinder
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: grey
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Safety options: Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: North Babylon, New York, United States


1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo XJ – Original Owner - Low Price

Good afternoon. I purchased this vehicle brand new at Kay Chrysler in Bay Shore – NY. This has been my daily driver since day 1 and was my first, new car. Sadly this dealer is long gone, but my Jeep is still here after 26 Years. I specifically ordered it to my taste. I did not want the four-door model, and I did not want power doors and power windows. I did want the automatic transmission and Selec-Trac Full Time and Part Time, 2 speed, four wheel drive system (and other nice doodads too). New Alternator, water pump, and thermostat.

Note: I may also sell this vehicle locally, so I reserve the right to end this auction early if it sells outside of eBay. I am still driving truck locally so mileage may be slightly off from description, like within a couple hundred miles.

Now to the Jeep: After 26 years, there are a few things wrong with this vehicle, it owes me nothing after being rock solid reliable for 26 years. I am listing as a parts vehicle only because it is not safe right now. It can be made safe if you want to use it on highways. I still use it for local driving but I do not advise that you do so until you address the issues.

The major issues are shown below, and some minor ones:

1) ABS pump motor is dead and this part is not easy to find. So if you want to drive this vehicle with power brakes, you have to convert it to a regular vacuum diaphragm booster and master cylinder (easy to do for any mechanic). I have been driving it without power brakes, but this is not safe and you need a strong right leg. I was going to do the conversion but I have too many cars in my stable, so I am selling this one.

2) Standard stock Muffler just went so it’s rather loud. Sounds like a Cherry bomb or Thrush tubular muffler is on it.

3) Truck has front end wobble (happens sometimes when you hit a bump, not during regular driving on a smooth road) – known as death wobble so for the last year I don’t drive it on highways, just local roads.This is a dangerous thing so you must get it fixed if you wanna take it on highways, etc.So far I replaced the damper and the front shocks. Could be the trackbar or other worn parts - that will be up to you to fix. I don’t wanna take all the fun out of it for you.

4) Windows are manual and work up and down, except if you lower them all the way down, they won’t go back up – just worn gears in the mechanism.

5) The Neutral Safety Switch is worn, so sometimes you have to put it in Neutral to start it. It is easy to replace.

6) Rust on both sides of vehicle on passenger floor boards is now two holes. I just sprayed the openings with rubber under coating to keep any tire splash out. One of the photos shows this area well, the other side is the same.

7) When it rains heavily, some water appears on passenger side foot well. And a small amount on driver’s side. Driver's seat has hole in it on left side bolster - about 6" in diameter, and smaller one on right side bolster.

8) Truck has some dents but nothing major – my wife (now ex wife) had one or two minor accidents. Damaged is strictly body dents and rear bumper damage on right side. Nothing drivetrain related. Have to slam rear hatch down, but it latches and locks fine.

9) Right now there are a few warning lights on – check antilock and brake light I think these are the only ones.

10) One tranny cooling line in the front of the vehicle needs to be replaced, it has a leak. It is one of the ones that go to the separate tranny oil cooler .

11) Emergency brake is disconnected – cables rusted.

12) This vehicle can be carefully driven home by someone who has experience driving a Jeepwith no power brakes, but only locally and not on highways due to the front end. I still take it to work and run errands with it as I still like to drive it. I just haven’t gone on highways lately due to the front end. I want to state that if you are to use this car on the road, the main things to have fixed are the front end wobble and the brakes. You can do the muffler and the tranny line a little later.

The good:

1a) Engine (4.0 liter, inline 6) is strong and starts up in any weather. Has minor valve cover gasket leak (they all do this and it’s easy to change). Runs great and doesn’t burn oil – no smoke. Has some blow – by but Rislone ring seal works well for this. Ratings of this High Output 4.0L are 190 HP and 225 ft.lbs.

1b) I never did any offroading with this Jeep. It was babied and well maintained with oil and coolant changes. That is why it is still going. It has never seen beach sand or any dirt trail. It was only used on pavement. So this drive train was never abused.

2) Rare two-door model, looks much nicer than the 4 door model and weighs less as a result. This makes it faster than the 4 door model. Also the two small windows on each side behind the door’s windows open for some nice cross-ventilation.

3) NP-242 (New Process 242) full-time and part-time 2 speed transfer case works great and I really only used full time four wheel drive in winter, otherwise always used in rear wheel drive mode. You can shift it from rear wheel drive to 4 wheel drive on the fly, just pull back on the handle to full time 4WD. To get it out of 4WD push handle all the way forward and it goes to 2WD. Sometimes, if it doesn’t go back into 2WD, simply pull over and back up a few feet and it will switch.

This transfer case is an engineering marvel. I used part-time 4 wheel drive only a few times in deep snow. I never used the low speed 4-wheel drive position. This is for crawling up a mountain of dirt or rocky surface or beach sand. I don’t know if you noticed, but there are not too many mountains here on Long Island.

4) AISIN AW4 sourced original electronically controlled automatic transmission has been flawless and still is. I swear by this transmission. Plus, its fluid is kept nice and cool by the external tranny oil cooler. Tranny shifts perfectly and I always kept the Comfort/Power switch in the Comfort mode. This makes the tranny shift at lower RPMs. In the Power mode, you can rev it out nicely.

5) You can insure this as a classic vehicle through Hagerty for around $225.00 per year at an agreed value of $3500.00. I got a quote recently. Right now I have it insured for $37.00 a month (liability only coverage) on my two car policy as a regular car, not a classic.

6) I just changed the alternator. The original one just failed within the last few months. Also, before the alternator, I changed the water pump and thermostat around a year ago. Front shocks were replaced within the last year and front tires look brand new too as they were replaced.

7) Air condition (R12 refrigerant) blows cold and heat blows hot. Sometimes the fan makes a whistling noise in winter but it goes away after a while.

8) Vehicle has all good glass – nice original mirror tint.

9) Has full size spare option and all five wheels are the original wheels that the Laredo model came with.

10) Back seat folds down for more storage, and for even more storage, the back seat bottom can be easily removed from the vehicle.

11) Has roof rack which is functional.

12) Other than the death wobble (which only happens if you hit a bump at speed), this vehicle drives very nice and has no drivetrain issues at all. Engine runs at normal temp even with A/C on in summer. The temp is typically (99% of the time) at 190. Only on sweltering hot days, sitting in traffic with A/C on, it will go to around 210, but the auxiliary fan keeps things cool.

13) Front differential is a Dana 30 and rear is a Dana 35 (going from memory here)

14) Hella 500 driving lights work and look great.

15) All lights work, except overhead courtesy lights no longer come on when rear hatch is opened. They work when doors are opened. I put LED lights in foot wells and on rear license plate. Turn signals and brake lights work too. Hazards work but button cap broke off so you need needle nose pliers to turn them off or some other tool.

16) Has great sounding aftermarket Pioneer CD stereo (detachable face) with four rather new better sounding aftermarket speakers (two, 2-way 5.25” Sonys in front doors and two, 2-way 5.25” MTXs in rear hatch). Has a power amp in the back with two, full range MTX speaker boxes (with 8 inch woofers and tweeters). I was going to remove the amp and speaker boxes but I will leave them in for you. Amp is pretty new. Amp and speaker boxes are not mounted so you can move them out of the way if folding down rear seats. During tailgates at summer concerts, I’d stand the speakers up and face them out the rear hatch. Note: if you don’t like the separate amp and speakers in the back of the vehicle, you can simply disconnect them and the regular system with 4 speakers will still work and give you nice music. You just won’t have the volume and the bass you get with the separate amp and speaker boxes.

17) Front tires are like brand new. Front ones are only a couple of years old. Rear ones are older and have some wear but still have good tread on them. Some of the tires have plugs in them but none of the tires leak.

18) All 5 gauges work fine. So does the clock.

19) Just changed rear stabilizer bar mount on the left side and not too long ago and I replaced the fuel filter about a year ago.

20) This vehicle had the optional Class 3 towing package which includes a separate transmission oil cooler.Hitch is long gone because it rusted out. I never towed anything with this vehicle. I only used the hitch for a hitch-mounted bicycle rack so this truck was never abused by towing a boat or anything like that.

21) Rear U-joints were recently replaced – all smooth now.

22) Crankshaft Damper was replaced once and so was the radiator.

23) Spark plugs, distributor cap, ignition coil, and rotor were recently replaced. Recently is within the past couple of years.

24) Battery is Duralast Red (High CCA) and has at least a few years left in her.

So this vehicle can easily be fixed and used as a daily driver or it can be parted out as it has many good parts on it. I did my best to describe it to the best of my knowledge. I know more about this vehicle than most know about their car.

25) I have the Chilton’s technical service manual that I will give to the future owner. And if I find the owner’s manual I will throw that in too, of course.


Domestic buyers only please.And PayPal only for payment.You are buying this jeep in "AS IS CONDITION" with no guarantees or warranty implied.

Buyer arranges for pickup of vehicle and all costs involved. Vehicle is located in 11703 (North Babylon, NY).I can help with paperwork from DMV.

Note: Pictures were taken on or around May 10, 2017. ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!