1987 Land Rover Perentie 6x6, Overlander, Isuze Turbo diesel,

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: Defender
  • Year: 1980
  • Mileage: 67,000
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Rockford, Michigan, United States


Land Rovers are Cool

Land Rover Defenders are very Cool,

This must be the Coolest of all Defenders though.

This in an original Land Rover 6x6 powered by an Isuzu 4bd1 Turbo diesel engine and build in this configuration by JRA ( Jaguar Rover Australia) in 1987. The car is based on the Land Rover 110 but with a more powerful engine, galvanized frame and of course the 6x6 configuration. Original developed for the Australian army, this one is a civilian version which were brought out before the army vehicles were taken in production. For the experts, the army version has a wider cab and axels, this one has the standard Land Rover cab and standard width Land Rover axles. Only a handful are build and I am pretty sure this is the only civilian one in the USA . Please do your research and google on Perentie, JRA and 6x6 to learn more about this.

I imported this car a few years ago from Australia and had the plan to convert it and use it as an RV for summer trips. I got screwed though by the seller though, beside many little frustrations in the transaction the worst was the transmission was not staying in high range. I never fixed it but bought another Perentie 6x6 instead which will suit my RV job also better. This one has to go and ONLY drives in low range now. The transmission is an LT95 as used on the early 110V8 and old Range Rovers. I don't know though if parts are compatible.

This car was specially build as an overland vehicle for the outback. It has featured in different magazines. Beside the special body, it can hold 300 L (appr 80 gallon) of fresh water and 371 liter (appr 100 gallon) of diesel. The car comes as 6x4 continues drive, selectable rear axle for 6x6 and air lockers front and rear. This thing will never stop !

Sleeping compartment in the back is good for two people and there is a lot of storage room.

Two winches, front and rear and a bumper in the back designed to bring your dirt bike with you.

Front winch is mechanical and connected to the transmission, the one at the back is electric

I had the idea to convert this one to an original Land Rover double cab. I quite a few parts I can sell with the car if you want. Double cab roof, rear window section, rear bulkhead, T bar, Puma side doors, first and/or 2nd row. The auction doesn't include these parts !

The good:

-There is no rust, or anything close to that on this car. Warm and dry climate and a galvanized frame.

-Perfect running and always starting Isuzu turbo diesel engine, if you don't like diesels you will after hearing this one.

-Drives, shifts, brakes and everything is working but I could only test it in low range.

-Working AC !

-Leather front seats.

-Two spares

-Plenty of sand ladders, ropes and other recovery equipment

-Navigation, Satellite radio, on board satellite phone and much more. Don’t know if you can use it here in USA, don't even know if it is working and might be out dated but it looks for cool for sure. Only the antenna on the front is an impressive 10-12 ft high

-Decent interior, can use some upgrading though.

-Tires 60%, two spares.

-Odometer shows 107,000 km’s, equals to 67 K miles. I have no records to proof but given the condition of the car I tend to believe this is correct.

-PTO winch in the front

-Electric Husky winch in the back.

- Roll cage

- Frame for roof top tent, no canvas though.

The bad:

-Transmission is not staying in high range. This car has the Land Rover LT95 transmission but an upgraded version, special designed for this purpose. Some parts are specific and can only be bought in Australia. I learned that an intermediate shaft from the transfer case needs to be rebuild and have the address and contact persons to get this.

-Some scratches, little dents all over. This is a used vehicle from 30 years old. Don't know if all the lights are working, just like door locks and all these little things.

Car comes with all the import documents and I can provide a clear MI title.

Just to be clear, I am not going to fix the transmission. Car is sold as-is but drives fine and can be tested in low range.

Car is located in Michigan, 20 minutes from Grand Rapids airport.

no reserve auction.

Ebay only allows imports when listed as year 1980 or older. This is actually a 1987.