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1960 Lotus 7 Series 1 original slant nose with Lotus IRS

  • Make: Lotus
  • Model: 7 Series 1 IRS
  • SubModel: Series 1
  • Year: 1960
  • Mileage: 99,999,999
  • VIN: L563/763
  • Color: silver
  • Engine size: BMC " A"
  • Transmission: ribcase
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Vinemont, Alabama, United States



Now at age 76, after many years of restoring and driving old race cars, we have sold two of our shop buildings, and many of our cars, and I am being encouraged to sell most of my cars and vast stock of Vintage parts.

this Lotus is for sale at our shop, and this listing may be ended at any time (unless bids have been placed).

ALL reasonable offers to end this listing early

with a "Buy it Now", will be considered

Please note, as seen in the pictures, this Lotus has a current Vintage Tag and is registered and insured for road use in Alabama, and I do occasionally drive it with appropriate wheels/tires.
Although it will make a transfer to your State easy, the car may not be highway legal as it presently is.
Export is easy to most any destination, as the Documentation includes both SCCA Logbook, and current Alabama Certificate of Registration.

VIN L563/763

SCCA 28-016

We located this Vintage race car in Phoenix Arizona a few years ago. It was brought to Arizona many years ago by the now deceased owner who retired there, moving from Ohio, where he had raced it as Formula C and Canada Class. Originally powered by a Ford 105E for Club racing in the UK, it was converted to a BMC "A" when it was brought to Canada and raced in the Detroit area, eventually coming to Ohio in the US. Many have looked it over carefully, and it appears it was one of several built with Lotus IRS, as there is no evidence that the frame was modified after the car had been built, and there is nothing indicating it ever had fenders. According to UK sources, the frame is a Progress chassis built in Jan-March 1960, and has the correct Progress # plate .
The car is pictured in the 1970's in Dennis' book " Legend of the Seven " and still presents itself very much as pictured in the 1970's.The original hood (bonnet) was replaced to accommodate the carbs on the BMC engine, and the dash was replace, but BOTH the original hood and dash are included.The nose is the very rare Series One alloy slant nose .
The blue wire wheels are the original 15" rear and 13" front, and are included. The tires are older, but I do use them on the highway.
The wheels/tires shown at Halle, and the silver 13" wires/tires are from my other race cars, and may be included if desired.

If you like small bore racing, this car is a joy to drive, and is just back from a 3 day event at Hallet, Oklahoma in May .

It has a stout BMC "A" engine, a rib-case transmission, front disc bakes, and the car has just been converted to a split brake system.The Rear Axle assembly is Lotus Diff with their cast alloy uprights and drum brakes, Front brakes are disc. Universals one the steering are new, and the steering is positive.
The car has been thoroughly gone through at the shop for my personal use on track, but as with any race car, a complete pre-race check should always be done before EVERY track use
Many detailed pictures are available

Please contact me BEFORE bidding or making an offer.
The wheels/tires may be different in the pictures.
Also, the transponder shown is my personal unit and does not come with the car

The Car has current Logbooks, andthe car has current Vintage Registration and Insurance, and is occasionally driven on the highway,The Registration makes it easy to export or register in other States, but the car may not be road-legal in your State as it is.
Available at my shop in North Alabama, we have exported many cars to the UK, Europe, Asia, and Down Under,and can assist with arrangements.

Google OldSchool Restorations of North Alabama



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