2 300 SDL Turbo Diesel Mercedes w/Many Many Parts

  • Make: Mercedes-Benz
  • Model: 300-Series
  • SubModel: 300 SDL
  • Type: Sedan
  • Year: 1987
  • Mileage: 280,000
  • VIN: WDBCB25D1HA329096
  • Color: Long Beach Blue
  • Engine size: OM603
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Jessup, Maryland, United States


2 300SDL Turbo Diesel Mercedes for 1 Price
Up for Sale I have 2 300SDL Mercedes that Include A Trailers Worth of Parts
To Start the Blue Car is the car the listing details are for however the gray car is exactly the same Model/YearThe Blue car is My Driver I would drive any where, needs work, has rust, have had it for the last 9 years and love it. Being it has rust i bought the gray car which has 1 spot of rust on passenger side rear fender well. Once this is fixed you would have a rust free car. So hence why I'm selling them together as I said the blue car has rust. With these 2 cars and all the parts I have you would have about 90% of what you need to put together a very nice car, with many parts left over to sell.
I'm looking to sell as a Lot, All or None, I have no Interest in sell One the Other or Parts. I'm Including all I have for these cars as one listing to one buyer.
Please Realize as I'm listing this I do not have a list or Pictures of every thing Included as that would be nearly impossible as there is to much included. I will do my best to describe what I can, but the best thing to do if your genuinelyinterested is to come by and see for your self.
The Blue car has been my driver for the last 9 years, I love it and have put a lot of money into it and enjoyed every mile I have driven it. How ever my work, interest and hobbies have me pulling a trailer all the time and as well as the custom built hitch works I found my self with to much tongue weight for the car the last year or two, so I gave in and finally bought a truck. The hitch on it works great for motorcycle trailers, jet ski trailers and small utility trailers and when I had it, it even towed my 4' x 6' enclosed trailer very well but have since bought bigger trailers to pull. When I had the car painted I had all the rust repaired but it has since returned. The Motor has been replaced with as the injection pump on the original formed a problem. At the time I was able to find a whole motor for less then rebuilding the injection pump. This new one runs just as good as the old one before the injection pump problem. The motor that came out of it with the bad injection pump is part of the sale. It had some where just north of 100,000 miles on it at the time. This car is still tagged and I still drive time to time. It needs work, things like the sun roof, AC, Heat, and seat adjustments. I had removed the interior at one point and started to test with different methods of painting. So some panels are Painted some are not. The Panels are not installed as they are packed away in the trailer. I finally decided at one point to not paint them but to change the interior over to a all black interior. Packed away in the trailer is about everything you would need for a black interior with the exception of the seats which I planned on having them recovered in black cloth rather then leather.
The gray car I drove home but have not driven since other then to move it. It ran fine coming home aside from the hard shift in the transmission. Which I believe is a adjustment that needs to be made as there are 2 or 3 points of adjustment for these trans. I only bought this car for the body as it has the one spot of rust needing to be repaired. This will provide I would say 90% of what someone will need to put together a really nice car using the 2 and the parts. The interior in this car is Red and some of it needs to be replaced, however in the trailer is a lot of red interior pieces that can be used to put together a nice Red interior with the exception of maybe the front seats. This again if some one takes these to make one nice car gives you the option to choose which color you may want, there is a Lot of Red interior included, almost a whole black interior included and then what original interior is left from the blue car (the pieces that aren't painted). Leaving you with the others you don't use to sell off and recoup your money. The previous owner put a bit of work into this car, how ever he has now sacrificed it to work on his daughters car for her instead. In the picture you may see the driver side front fender has some rust on it, however there is a rust free fender included to replace it. Aside from the drive home I don't really know any specifics about this cars history, but again I really only bought it for the body.
Now if you were to purchase this lot you are obviously free to do with it as you wish. With quite a bit of work I could see both cars being put on the road as the Blue one is currently on the road, however my recommendation would be to take the gray car and start with it to build a nice rust free car. Decide on a interior color and sell the rest. Use what parts you need from the blue car and sell the rest. I'm only asking $4000 for the whole lot. I believe you could recoup almost all of that after selling off the parts you don't use. Most of the parts are used however there are also New parts included as well. Some of the parts in the trailer are from a 91 560SEL which you can not use for these 300SDL's, these parts include a Rear, Engine Block, Cams and pistons and some other parts which are all sell-able parts. Selling these off would be a good start to recouping your money.
Most of the parts are in my trailer but The trailer is not included in the sale, nor is it for sale.
The parts include things from Spare Wheels and Tires to Interior Parts to Fuses to Extra intake pieces and Valve covers to Glass to Odds and Ends to doors to chrome trim and more. To give you and idea of how many parts there are the trailer is 6' x 10' x 5' and its just about full plus there are a few parts in other places as well. Not to mention the spare motor which is not in the trailer.
This listing is for Local Pick up Only, I will not ship or help with shipping as there is just to much included to arrange shipping. If you need to make multiple trips that is fine but the parts must be taken first before the cars them selves.As one of my reasons for sacrificing these cars is to clear out my trailer. Payment must be Cash or Cashiers Check with at least a $500 PayPal deposit but will accept up to $1000 to PayPal.
If you have any questions as I'm sure you will feel free to ask but keep in mind all the parts are packed away. As I find time and room I will try to pull some of it out and get pictures of them best I can. As of right now these are the best I have. Again if your genuinely interested the best thing to do is come by and see in person.