• Make: Mercedes-Benz
  • Model: SL-Class
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1969
  • Mileage: 41,655
  • VIN: 11304410010055
  • Color: Ivory
  • Engine size: 2.8 Liter
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Red
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: Leather Seats
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Pleasanton, California, United States


1969 Mercedes 280SL
One California Owner Since New - ~50 Years!!
Desirable "Numbers Matching” Engine, 4-Speed, Factory Hardtop…Unmodified Original
41,655 California Miles (as reported by original owner) with Comprehensive Original Manuals, Service History, MBZ Book Stamped / Service at Mercedes Benz Dealer - Original Blue CA Plates
Factory Correct Exterior (Light Ivory)
& Interior Color (Medium Red/Red) as Produced
All Original Interior, Original Paint, Factory A/C, Becker AM/FM/SW Radio, Original Keys, & Much More!
NOTE: Our listings sometimes get rather lengthy. However, we continually hear from out of state / out of country buyers (the majority of our clients) that they prefer the level of detail that we provide. However, if you are not prepared to read multiple pages of description, we ask that you review the "Specifications" on the car along with viewing the photos. And, yes, we are able to sell the car prior to the end of the eBay auction…please call us at 925-846-1451 with any questions regarding the Mercedes, Classic Cars Ltd., or transportation.
Finally, all our photos are taken in a completely natural setting with no artificial lighting. We make every attempt to show every part of the vehicle and may have additional specific photos that we can make available upon request (we are only able to list 100 photos on our Website).
Having been in business for over 25 years specializing in the sale of sports, high performance and unique European cars, we have seen more ‽SL” car than we could count. This example checks all of the boxes that serious Mercedes SL collectors / enthusiasts seek. Low mileage, one owner since new, a lifetime in California, no rust, excellent mechanical condition, complete documented maintenance history in the Warranty booklet, and all of the original books and documents including the original keys, California issued blue & gold license plates (2) and a desirable color combination.
As is true with virtually all of our vehicles, this incredibly rare example of a ‽Survivor” Mercedes comes to us as a referral from a long-time customer who has known the cars family for many years. The 280SL was purchased new on 10/1/69 by the recently deceased owner who passed away at age 93. The car was registered to Fallen Leaf Ranch, a property owned by the decedent and shipped to his home in California shortly after its purchase. The data plate and service booklet show the delivery details on 10/1/69 and include the cars chassis number, engine number, and deliver details.
In addition to other properties, the cars sole owner and prominent physician, owned a vineyard in Napa, California and took a ‽No Expense Spared” philosophy when it came to the care of the Mercedes Pagoda. The car was always stored covered in and enclosed environment and driven minimally literally by one owner /driver. The owner's wife reports the 41,655 miles showing as original with the cars longest journey being the occasional trip to Arizona, where they hangered their personal jet. The car has remained in dry, inland Napa California for the past 48+ years.
The 280SL was produced with the following and supported by factory documents that confirm the numbers, including the factory data card, Owner's & Service & Warranty Policy, and other documents. Significant numbers are as follows:
- Frame #: 960351
- Rear End: 92783
- Body #: 113044 10 010055
- Transmission #: 97038371
- Paint Codes: 670/670 (Light Ivory car & hardtop), 242 Interior (Red)
- Motor #: 130983-10-003946 (Confirmed original engine in car - see photo on listing)
SUPPORTING DOCUMENTSThe car comes with virtually every original document that was provide Mr. S. at the time of his purchase on October 10, 1969 from Krumpf Motor Imports including:
- A copy of the original California "Pink slip”
- Original Data Card (Multiple copies from the factory)
- Original aluminum data plate showing delivery in Montana (shipped to California shortly thereafter) - Numbers match all other documents
- Mercedes Benz Owner's Manual (excellent condition)
- MBZ Service Booklet (Stamped by the servicing dealer through 24,812 miles
- Owner's Service & Warranty Policy (Stamped with ID #)
- Frigiking Air Conditioning brochure
- Mercedes Benz Booklet - Service location around the world
- Mercedes Benz Type 250-280SL Parts Catalog (factory issued with car)
- Repair & maintenance receipts, some dating back as far as ~20 years. Note: The widow of the Dr. indicated that he kept meticulous records but upon his death, the majority of the maintenance file was not located. The available receipts were found in the car.
- Mercedes Sale Brochure covering all models including the 280SL
- Directory of MBZ dealer in the USA (Printed 4/15/69)
- Becker radio brochure, case and never used antenna keys (4) - Radio still in car and working
- Brochure - MBZ maintenance recommendations & products
- Original case in nice condition with no rips/tears
- Originally issued, properly sequenced blue/gold license plates (2) issued when the car was new in 1969 and delivered to its one owner
- Original Mercedes keys and the Mercedes key chain for the late 1960's /early 1970's
- Briefcase that the Dr. stored materials in marked "Zimmer” - a gift from a pharmaceutical Company when he was an orthopedic surgeon
- A handwritten journal entitled ‽Mercedes 280SL containing the Dr's notes and including, but not limited to; date of delivery, service work, maintenance, and pertinent ID numbers on the 280SL
The Mercedes 280SL's paint is in excellent condition, free from any signs of panel replacement, or previous or current damage. The Dr's wife indicated that the car had never been in an accident, and never been re-painted. If the car has received repainting, it was exceptionally well done as there are no signs of the normal over-spray, or improper painting.
Perhaps most important, the front fender ‽notches” remain; another indication of originality and lack of damage. For those who are unfamiliar with the notches in the fender/headlight trim ring, they were made by hand using lead at the Pagoda (SL) production line in Sindlefingen. As a result, there are slight variations in shape between cars, but the existence of the ‽notches” is very important to collectors and enthusiasts.
The body is extremely straight and, of course, the Mercedes has always been garaged when not in use, and spent virtually its entire life in California. The car is free from any rust through both external and, as the undercarriage photos reflect, on the underside, suspension and other components. The underside remains in totally original configuration with correct factory markings on many components including the suspension, shocks, and hardware. Knowledgeable buyers will appreciate that the underside lacks any rust or rot and retains the original Cosmoline (used by the factory to prevent against rust) applied by the factory in 1969. When the car was delivered, it appears as if the inner fender wells were rust-proofed, as was common in the day, but they are sold and show no signs of repair or damage.
The 280SL exterior is truly in lovely condition including the "bright work", rubber trim and other exterior parts. The 280SL shows minor flaws, characteristic with a limited use vehicle of this age but, considering its age, presents extremely well.
The body is very straight and we have seen no signs of body panel replacement or major accident damage. The body itself is free from dents and other damage with the exception of a few very minor door dings that do not detract from the appearance of the Mercedes. The bumpers are straight, free from damage, and the chrome is very nice "California quality.” Also, inspection of the other exterior parts of the car (emblems, grill, trim, etc.) shows them to be in excellent, original condition. The photos accurately describe the cars condition and a video is provided to see the car start and hear the engine.
The convertible top on the Mercedes functions properly. The top raises and folds easily, and latches properly. Adding to the originality of the Mercedes is its original hardtop and soft top. The hardtop is very good with excellent trim, inside wood, and decent rubber trim. As an original item, the soft-top shows some signs of wear, stains, and minor imperfections although the structure and chrome are excellent. This particular car has been used almost exclusively with the top down, or with the hardtop in place. Unlike many SL tops that are full of scratches and are even damaged from taking them on and off improperly, this top is in very nice condition, as is the rear panel on the car (refer to photos).
The doors, hood, and trunk gaps are very good and close / lock securely. The doors do not sag, and the hinges are solid and rust free. The undersides of the hood and trunk are free from rust, dirt and grease and in excellent condition. The entire engine bay retains the original paint and is exceptionally original and clean, reflecting ongoing maintenance and the care that the 280SL has received over the course of almost 50 years by the same owner!
The glass on the car is free from cracks or stars and it is free from ‽lines” from windshield wipers rubbing against the windshield. All of the lenses, lights are free from cracks and damage and 100% functional.
The interior on this Mercedes is all original and in its stock configuration. Both drivers and passenger side seats are free from significant damage due, in part, to the slight build of the cars owner/driver of the car. The gauges are clear, and the door panels and other interior areas show very well and are all original with only minor patina. The carpet is original and in nice condition with only minimal signs of use/wear that are not readily noticeable. The wood on the dash is excellent as is the tray between the seats.
The seats are structurally solid and move forward with the release and lock in place. in any way. From the seats to the dash, door panels and carpeting, everything has been well cared for, with the interior holding up very well for its age. The original Mercedes shift knob remains in place. The photos will provide the prospective buyer with an accurate depiction of the quality of the interior including the center console, instruments, dash, seats, carpet, and other portions of the interior.
The steering wheel is stock and the car has a functional horn, gauges, and lighting system. The radio is a dealer installed, high end Becker that is in working condition and cosmetically excellent.
The maintenance that this car has received over the year has kept this 280Sl in strong mechanical condition and resulted in the nicest running driving ‽Pagoda” that we can remember driving.
The car was serviced early by the Mercedes Benz dealer and, subsequently by qualified MBZ specialists. The documentation includes the stamped Mercedes Benz "Maintenance Booklet" that shows the delivery date and early servicing and receipts documenting other more recent service and preventative maintenance. The factory commended service was completed and is stamped in the Mercedes Maintenance Booklet. The car recently received a minor service (note photo of next service due at 44K miles.
When it comes to drivability, the Mercedes really shines. The car starts immediately when cold, and runs and drives extremely well. The car has excellent power, does not smoke, or exhibit any mechanical issues. To support the engines condition, a compression test was completed by an independent Mercedes facility with 30~ year experience with the readings as follows: #1 145, #2 145, #3 140, #4 140, #5 145, #5 145, #6 145. The idle is smooth and the car has been driven occasionally and serviced to ensure totally reliability for its elderly owner. The Mercedes doesn't exhibit any drivability issues, runs cool even on the warmest days, and has excellent brakes and steering. The 280 SL received the benefit of new front brake calipers within a few hundred miles. The parking brake works and is properly adjusted.
The transmission is free from any issues and there are no signs of slipping, noise, or shifting issues. The remainder of the cars drive-line components is equally as good.
The gauges also tell a story when it comes to the car's mechanical strength. The oil pressure reads well in excess of 50 lbs. of pressure upon start up, the temperature gauge stays in the lower/middle few hash marks (even on very warm, California days), and the charging system is excellent.
After market air conditioning (a rare option) is fitted in this 4-speed car and, while all of the components are in place, it has not been used for years. All of the heater controls operated freely and even the original dealer installed Becker radio works!
The tires are in good condition although they have been on the car for several years, they show considerable remaining tread. The wheel covers are in beautiful condition and wheels and covers are original to the Mercedes 280SL. The trunk includes the factory tool kit, jack and spare wheel/tire.
Finally, an inspection of the undercarriage of the car indicates that the car is free from any and accumulated oil, grease, rust, or damage and is totally free from rust. The engine does not leak although there is a slight leak from the rear end.
The design of what many consider the last really beautiful Mercedes Benz SL roadster is credited to Frenchman Paul Barcq who headed the advanced design studios at Daimler Benz from the later 1950's to late 1960's. The 1963 - 1971 SL cars became known as "Pagoda" SL's as a result of their delicately shaped roofs which appear to dip down toward the center and which feature tapered C-pillars. No aspect of the design was an afterthought and certainly not the optional and desirable hardtop. The 280SL has become an increasingly desirable collectible as a result of its limited production, high MBZ quality, comfort, performance, and timeless styling.
* We encourage telephone calls to discuss in greater details the condition/specifics of this Mercedes .It is truly difficult to fully describe, in writing, the high quality of this particular Mercedes 280SL and some of the small things that sets it apart from other "average to good" condition Mercedes cars.
* We will be glad to discuss a sale of the car prior to the end of the listing on EBay, and ask that interested parties call us at 925-846-1451 for additional information/specifics.
* The Mercedes includes the factory hardtop (but not the stand shown in the photos)
* As with virtually all collector/specialty vehicles, we find that parts and resources are readily available for this (and most every vehicle), thanks in large part to the Internet!
* In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, California buyers will be subject to sales tax, documentation fee, DMV transfer fees and license/registration. Out-of-state buyers will be responsible for the purchase price of the vehicle and any local taxes/fees will be the purchaser's responsibility to pay in their respective state.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if the vehicle is delivered or driven in California and driven on California roads, sales-tax, license registration and transfer fees will be assessed per California law.
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* As with any collectible vehicle of this vintage we are unable to provide a warranty or guarantee of condition. However, we make every effort to accurately represent our vehicles, and highlight both positive items as well as areas that require attention. We ask that prospective buyers consider our EBay history/feedback, standing
in the community, length of time in business, and other factors when purchasing a collectible vehicle from Classic Cars Ltd.
* Please keep in mind that, as with any used vehicle, minor cosmetic issues/flaws may be present that add to the "patina" of the car and are a part of even the best restoration, or even a relatively new, used "pre-owned" vehicle.
As always, we recommend that you carefully review the seller's background of any collector car being sold over the Internet. We believe that it is important to ask yourself a number of questions including, but not limited to:
- How long have they been in business?
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- Do the photos show details of the interior, exterior, top, chrome, etc. or are they simply "Glamour Shots" taken from a distance?
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- What about insurance, licensing by the state, and a local business license?
- Does the seller (if a business) have any DMV (Motor Vehicle) complaints and/or other history of legal action, grievances?
- Does the seller enjoy a favorable local and national/international reputation?
- Can the seller assist with funding sources, transport and out of state/country sales?
* Classic Cars Ltd. has been in the same, small, California town for over 25 years. We operate a small "brick & mortar", indoor showroom, and specialize in the sale, consignment, and purchase of sports, high performance and specialty vehicles of all types. We have a particular interest in sports cars and unique vehicles.
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Thank you,
Classic Cars Ltd.

Body Type / Style:Convertible / Hardtop
Exterior Color:Tan
Interior Color:Burgundy
Engine:6 Cylinder
Transmission: 4-Speed (Floor)

3-Point Seat Belts
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Air Conditioning
Becker Radio
California Car!
California Lic & Reg
Convertible Boot Cover
Convertible Top
Excellent Documentation
Exceptional Paint
Exempt from CA Smog
Factory 4-Speed
Factory Bucket Seats
Factory Center Console
Factory Mercedes Bodywork
Factory Mercedes Hardtop
Factory Original Spare / Tools
Factory Seat Belts
Factory Spare
Fuel Injection
New Brake Master/Caliper Kits
No Rust CA. Body
Original Jack & Tools
Original Owners Manual
Original Warranty Booklet
Rear Storage Area
Repair History
Repair Receipts
Runs / Drives Very Well
Whitewall tires

Vintage Parking
Fender "notches:" On Both Front Fenders
Original Owner's Name on 1978 Warranty!
Factory Cosmoline
Factory Original Trunk

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