1992 nissan 300zx slick top twin turbo

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 300ZX
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: SLICK TOP
  • Year: 1992
  • Mileage: 123,076
  • VIN: JN1RZ24H2NX521683
  • Color: SUPER WHITE
  • Engine size: 3.0 LITER TWIN TURBO
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: CHARCOAL
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Orange, Texas, United States


NOT GOING ANY LOWER!!! This might be the last 72 hours this is availabl, I am getting close to keeping it and selling my hellcat! Well the time has come to let someone else finish off my dream Z. I started this project in 2009. My dad found a slick top on eBay and to me they dont get any more rare, including this one I have only seen 1 other in real life. From 1990-1996 they made about 2500 slick tops out of the over 89000 z32s mad, 452 were made in 1992, I remember that there were about 300 super white. The Z was project of my dad and I. It started life as a naturally aspirated Z, but since it was going to be my dream car (I graduated High school in 1991) I installed a twin turbo motor from a JDM front clip Which had under 50k on it. The paint job was performed by my dad. there is only 2 very small rust spots one on the corner of the front fender and bumper, the other is on the inside of the passenger door jamb. never buy a car that has a new paint job you never know what you will find over time when rust starts to come through the paint. Also there is a small crack on the paint on the front bumper where the jack bar was under it when lowered, it has a clear bra material over the crack. not sure if you cansee it in the pictures but I can send one if needed. The car has adjustable suspension and rides like it is on rails. here is a list of most of the parts that were installed and I know there is a few that I mist.
SUSPENSION:Energy suspension polyurethane master kit.Powertrix SS sport street coiloversPowertrix rear strut bar (powder coated black)Powertrix adjustable front camber arms $349Powertrix adjustable front tension rods $169Powertrix rear upper camber armsPowertrix traction control armsPowertrix rear toe connection rodsPowertrix rear camber and toe static plate kitsrear suspension was about $500BRAKES:13" Wilwood big grade kit with aluminum hat. $1325Black coated stainless steel brake linesTRANSMISSIONSouth bend DXD Ralley Sport Clutch good for 525 TQRPS segmented aluminum fly wheel $450Bronze shifter bushings $25Woodys short shifterENGINEMatz garage top feed fuel injector rail, Bosch 72lb injectors(you can get them at any major autocrats store) $875JWT sport 530BB turbos $2225SS turbo oil line kit $135Z1 silicone oil return hose for garrett BB turbos $52Z1 silicone heater core hose $26Z1Silicone bypass hose $12Z1 silicone AAC calve and Regulator hose kit$45Z1 silicone power steering J suction hose $24Z1 silicone brake booster hose $17Z1 Silicone radiator upper and lower hose $110Euro spec OEM radiatorStillen side mount intercoolers $800 including radiatorGreedy profec B spec 2 boost controller $349Greedy profec steering wheel remote control $135$500+ worth of black powder coating see pics to appreciate.Ash spec Doolz intake piping $225 powder coated black. Needs new filters(2) K&N velocity stack cone filters.Ash spec zemulator engine management system $500Mike smith manifolds $650Stillen 2.5 stainless cutback exhaust and test pipe(no cats)Super split 2.5 stainless divorced and a name brand apron $300Carbon fiber Radiator shroud coverCarbon fiber throttleWHEELS AND TIRESVolk racing wheels SE37K'sNeeds new tires. Fronts are 255-40-17 Rears are 275-40-17correct hub centric rings, $2200BODY EXTERIORAero Narcer urethane electric mirrors $475 (They are Japanese and very hard to get ahold of )Made exclusively for central 20 co. japan .smoked front side corner lightscarbon fiber ducts they replace the fog lights. $199right and leftStillen front $550 and rear $388 GTZ bumpersStillen intercooler ducts $2221990 front nose panel (no emblem)rear antena shaved/deletedRear wiper shaved/deletedOem cowl panel right and left $300INTERIORMostly stock seats are in good condition and are cloth.Radio delete panelEscort Radar detector direct wire kit
Now for the bad, during the build in 2009 I took the car for a run on a 100 degree plus day and found out that I did not have the greedy boost control set up correctly and hit about 21psi which in turn burned a hole in one or more of the pistons. I never did a compression test to confirm the amount, I went off with how it shot the dipstick out and sprayed oil ( ie. compression where it did not need to be.) It was pretty much at this point where the car was put on the back burner and I parked it in a storage building for about 5 years, unfortunately I did not put a cover on it and as my dad informed me the dust impregnated itself in the clear coat on the top of the car area. you cant tell till you touch it, I would imagine it could maybe wet sanded or? to get it to a point were it could be resprayed in clear coat. Also The project is not completely finished we never did finish the routing of the tubes for the boost controller and it did have a code alarm that we had to remove to move the car when I moved to Texas . The car was under a car cover till last year. There is superficial rust on the rotors and some of the suspension parts and under the hood on some of the non stainless fittings. Also There are numerous small dents on the aluminum hood from falling pine cones. The kick panels are missing as I was planning on putting in my custom 4' and tweeter speaker kick panels. I really hate to see this go but I have finally realized I will not finish her. I just dont have the time and paitence to pull the engine out and either rebuild it or put a short block in. That and last October my wife got me a Manual Hellcat Challenger for my 45th birth day. Ask any question you have and feel free to come and look at it if you want. I am trying to be as honest as possible as to the condition. All sales are final. I also have a A cherry red hood that is in pretty good condition I will throw in if wanted. Dont bid if you dont have the funds. And what ever the car sells for it will be a fraction of what I payed in parts alone!!!! Can send you more pics!