1986 300zx Turbo 5 speed manual, Z31, NO RESERVE

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: 300ZX
  • Year: 1986
  • Mileage: 130000
  • VIN: JN1CZ14S3GX109125
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Omaha, Nebraska, United States


Up for sale is a 1986 Nissan 300zx Turbo. I’ve had the car 18 years!
Every part on this car was redone from suspension to interior to body work to the engine. There are so many detail to mention but it will be impossible to type it all but I will do my best.
Body needs little attention! At one point it was flawless but unfortunately after going through a divorce car went from one storage unit to another to another and along the way picked up couple of dings here and there, still looksgreat for being over 30 years old car.
As you can see in pictures I shaved the door handles so you use the buttons on the keyfob to open doors... what happens if you leave the keyfob inside and you close the door? Hope you have the second keyfob near by... if you don’t ..well you’re screwed! Then you’ll need the spare key to use it to open the trunk and send your 5 year old kid through the hatch to open the door for dad! Yup at first I’ve done that many times! But you eventually learn not to lock your key in the car.
Car used to have tan interior but I replaced it with black, took a while to find good quality parts from part cars around the country but eventually found them. as for under the hatch part that was all redone at local shop and at the same time installed a decent sound system so he added a subwoofer in the back, this is not loud system by any means as I can’t stand loud booming music! You can easily upgrade sound system but the hard part of customizing the hatch is done.
Suspension wheels and tires
Tokicos all the way around, springs shocks and struts, five way adjustable.
Wheels are off of a 2004 Nissan 350Z, tires are ok but probably could use better tires if you’re planning on driving it full time or racing.
four years ago build a brand new engine for the ol Z ! From the block up, everything new! Block was sent to local machine shop and then built with all brand new parts, The results are a rock solid powerful engine with 500hp Jim Wolfe kit, cams, turbo, injector, ecu ! Engine now has 1996 miles ! Last year we put the car on a dyno machine and it produced 347hp at the wheel with more room to turn up the boost. Engine is as solid as they come! Been driving the car in town and highway and it is flawless.
Extra components:
I also added some upgrades along the way
Rear differential replacing the open face stock differential
High flow Fuel pump and fuel filter out of a z32TT
Full HKS intercooler system
3” turbo back exhaust system with high flow cat-converter
Front brakes are duel piston out of an 88T
Stainless steel Brake lines
Relocated the oil filter to different spot, much easier and cleaner to change the filter
I did race the car on the track twice and it handled like a dream.
I can assure you one thing this car was build right without cutting any corners. Just needs a new home and little TLC that will bring her back to her glory days! I put the car in three Z shows in the past and took first place all three times in Z31 category (Branson Z fest and miswestZ fest)
The bad and the ugly ..
Like I mentioned car isn’t perfect anymore some issues need to be addressed
1- body work needs to be touched up. For the most part paint is still great but couple of dings that I tried to capture in the last four five pictures. Front bumper and front right fender has a dent something got caught between the tire and fender while I was driving once, not sure what it was but it definitely left a dent.
2- the car doesn’t have any rust in the body however the hood that was taken out an 85T when the bodywork was done starting to show rust where the hinges are. No body rust just on the hood, we tried cleaning it up back in the day before painting the car but looks like if you want to get rid of it either find different hood or have it media blasted then repainted. Like I mentioned the rest of the body is great. I never drive this car in winter my garage before the divorce was heated even so she was always kept garaged basically from October November to April May depending on the winter. Summer car only for sure.
3- transmission is stock and if you will be racing the car you’ll need to have it rebuild because 2nd gear synchronizer grinds a little sometimes when shifting, it doesn’t bother me I drive the car normal most of the time at my age i don’t get on it like the old days so it doesn’t bother me the car drives great it’s only when you get on it that you notice it, 3rd gear sometimes does it as well.
Other than that you’re looking at one sick powerful classic Z31, truly build right and fun to drive, yes it needs little work but it will make a great fun winter project for sure to fix all the little issues! The important part it’s all there and saving you serious amount of money to get any junker Z to get to this level ! I spent over 30k on this car since I bought it 18 years ago. I tried to describe the car best I can I’m sure I’m forgetting few things but feel free to ask any questions I’ll do my best to answer them. I included as many pictures as I can I have more than a thousand pictures I took over the years but I tried to include the key pictures.
It’s sad to see her go but with a Highschool senior and a freshman now there just isn’t room in the driveway or garage and paying $100 per month on Storage got old quickly. This is a young man’s game/hobby or an older man who doesn’t have Highschool or college kids so unfortunately she just has to go! This is a head turner for sure every single time I drive it I get thumbs up and waves and just about every single time I’m getting gas someone walks up and asks me what is this thing! Even fellow Z heads always give me compliments on how beautiful this car is, I just hope the person who buys it has the passion I once had to get her in tip-top shape again.
You can honestly fly in and drive this car back to anywhere wherever you live it will get you there but I do not recommend it unless your back is made out of stainless steel not human bones ! It’s a sporty/stiff ride and will kick your back’s behind if we’re talking hours of driving I highly suggest a trailer for sure.
Be confident you’re buying a solid Z31 that will not break down on you, this engine is brand new and will last many many many years to come if you take care of it. So far I changed oil in it every 400-450 miles average basically every year at the the end of the season before putting it away last four years I averaged 400-500 miles per season . Mobile1 fully synthetic oil with either Mobil1 filter or Nissan filter its the only two I use.
Look at pictures and request more of whatever you need taken pictures off and I’ll take them and send it.
NO RESERVE one bid takes it home, with everything that has been done to the car $6500 is the minimum I will sell it for so please don't email me with lower offers.
I will NOT ship this car! you would have to arrange that I will help by taking the car where ever it needs to go locally to have it shipped.
As soon as auction ends A $500 non refundable despite must be revived though PayPal in 24 hours. The rest at pick up time with either cash or banks cashiers check, the ONLY money order I will accept is USPS money order (United States postal service) other than that one absolutely NO Money orders of any other kind.
This auction is for serious buyers only so please let’s not waste each others time.
I will work with you on pick up or shipping so no worries there.
Any questions please feel free to ask.
Thank you for looking she’s a beauty bid with confidence