Hot rod hotrod street rod custom

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Other Makes
  • Type: Hot Rod
  • Year: 1904
  • Mileage: 5
  • VIN: OK0643956736
  • Transmission: Turbo 400
  • Options: CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States


So far the rods I have built have been granted a number of accolades.

The former one won me an award handed over in person by the late Mr. George Barris. It was a white rod inspired in the Munster Koach.

And the one before that you can still see it at the following link,

Paddy Wagon

That paddy wagon got a "High Personality" prize at Starbird's Car Show in Tulsa OK, because it was the most photographed display.

I am confident that this new design has a high potential to receive a prize too. In your hands it can be a sure winner (I haven't submitted it to a car show yet).

This rod is basically two bodies: 1) We have a wagon just like those used in US during the 100 years of conquering the wild west. It was known as a Concord Coach. 2) We have also a modified ‘C’ cab, like those used in truck and pick-up’s cabins in the 20’s.

Both bodies are built with structured steel and thick sheet metal. Most of the panels you see in the pictures are superimposed over the sheet metal so as to give it its vintage look.

The car is rather compact, safe and sturdy. There is practically no chance for it to get deformed or distorted with wear.

The stagecoach has the capacity for 4, 5 or 6 people. The door is the only completely wooden part. Interior dimensions are 7’ height x 5’ width, so it is rather comfortable and roomy.

Original plans were used in the building of this concord coach. That is why the panels and structures feature complex curves, just like the original. That gives it its touch of elegance and appeal.

The rear boot only has an aluminum 70 gall. fuel tank, easy to refill.

The whole framework is made out of steel. Wooden panels have been covered with leather and suede for that authentic look.

The ‘C’ cab has a wooden roof with ⅛ sheet metal sides. It is a very pleasant cabin to be board and drive on. It can easily suit a rather robust driver. Any person regardless of age will feel very comfortable in it.

The seat above the roof is for two people. It is totally functional, just like the original. But, in practice, it should not be boarded at cruise speeds for safety reasons, and it may not even be allowed. But it is a great prop for parades, while parked or at car show photo shoots.

Although transmission is used, it is a Turbo 400 in good condition. And the engine is totally new, both inside and outside (pistons, rings, cams, etc.)