Rarely Seen/288ci Inline 8 Cylinder/Super Clipper/Kleenex Dispenser

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Packard
  • Model: Super Clipper Sedan
  • Type: Sedan
  • Doors: 4
  • Year: 1954
  • Mileage: 47000
  • VIN: 54626159
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 327ci Flat Straight 8cyl
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Interior color: Blue
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States


1954 Packard Super Clipper Sedan

When it comes to racking up concours d'elegance wins and "Best in Show" ribbons, there's generally no such thing as an inexpensive car. Investment-grade iron is generally what wins, and cars in this category can be priced at stratospheric values. Here's where thinking outside the box helps: Instead of mortgaging the house to buy something from Europe, a savvy investor can acquire this 1954 Packard Super Clipper sedan.

For consignment as identified on the trunk script badging, a Packard Super Clipper for 1954. This large chunk of Detroit iron is all in line and looking fine with many trimmings, surrounds and a spear running the belt line, undulating in and out with the rear quarters. A 4 door luxury sedan, with excellent cloth interior, 327ci inline 8-cylinder, and straight well minded gap car is here in the halls of Classic Auto Mall for your inspection. The clipper in transportation terms originates from a fast ship that was long and thin and would carry cargo across large bodies of water at very fast speeds. We give you the Packard Super Clipper.

With its flying lowered head goose hood ornament, large chromed waterfall design front grille, 6 count 'em 6 lights adorning the front, this car screams you have arrived in more ways than one. Bathed on blue amazingly straight and near perfectly aligned panels adorn this car. A few faults in the paint in the form of some bubbling at a few seams, and areas where it appears something was set on the paint and over time it dulled it when it was taken off (possibly a car cover in a damp garage?). Many trimmings accent the blue including headlight bezels, the front grille which is to die for, the winged ornament, searchlights (what was everyone searching for in the early 50's??...Neckkers at inspiration point?) wide whites and 4 doors it's all in excellent condition. Looking from the side view you can see the artistic lines used for the rear wrap around glass, bump out fenders for the rear, tastefully rounded finned rear quarters with rocket nosed taillights, and even fender skirts and a trimming for the gas cap door. A large cloisonn badge is on the hood and trunk just to remind you of the brand you are driving.

With a swing of the doors you know you are going to be in for a treat just with the intricate stitched tuck and roll pattern for the door panels. Two tone light and dark gray make these up and they are nicely preserved, with slightly faded and worn areas, and some stains on the seats. Dual benches stretch from door to door, and sport darker blue tuck and roll for the edges of the benches as well as the back tops. In the middle is a light gray and dark gray striped broadcloth which looks like an expensive mattress cover. A near perfect metal dash fronts the seating and uses several ovals for its design. The oval gauge cluster with a trio of round gauges within is fronted by the large round cream colored bakelite steering wheel with a half chromed horn rig attaching the 2 bakelite spokes. In the center is an oval bezel surrounded radio and just below a vertical ribbed speaker cover with some levers on either side. On the passenger glove box side just below the glovebox is the Kleenex dispenser chromed and shiny. Gray carpet floods the floors and is showing some stains and wear. The Mohair headliner is showing nicely, and the trunk has also been restored.

Under the hood is an original 327ci Inline 8-cylinder engine. There is a slight bit of rust on the top of the flathead. Also, on is a single 2-barrel carburetor, and a 3-speed manual, 3 on the tree transmission. 3.90 gears spec. out the rear axle.

With some faded black but totally rust free surfaces the X frame undercarriage is looking just great. Independent coil springs for the front and leaf springs for the rear suspension and drum brakes all around are seen.

This big metal is like a big magnet for this writer, so I hopped in and went for a cruise. It was very satisfying to operate such a nice and large car. I did notice that the wipers, radio and clock are all inoperable. Great smooth acceleration with unlimited power for the I-8, and the interior was comfortable.

Not a lot of these examples around certainly only 1 of 1 in the inventory of the Classic Auto Mall. So, while getting your exercise (nearly a mile when doing the circumference) take a peek at this rare classic which you could be behind the wheel of as it's priced to sell!

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This vehicle is located in our showroom in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, conveniently located just 1-hour west of Philadelphia on the I-76 Pennsylvania Turnpike. The website is and our phone number is (888) 227-0914. Please contact us anytime for more information or to come see the vehicle in person.

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