1971 Porsche 911E Targa Sportomatic

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 911
  • SubModel: E (MFI)
  • Type: Targa
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 70,849
  • VIN: 9111210380
  • Color: Red
  • Engine size: 2.2
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: 4-speed Sportomatic
  • Interior color: Black Partial Leather/16
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Miami, Florida, United States


1971 Porsche 911E Targa with original factory Sportomatic Transmission
This vintage Porsche 911E has been in my family for 40+ years.
It was purchased by my late father in 1975. The dealer in Southern California disclosed at that time that the car was previously an original police detective vehicle in Italy. This claim is supported by the fact that the car is completely European, had two ignition switches, and had a radio antenna through the center of the stainless steel roll bar (resembling a modern day car phone antenna).
This E model has been well maintained throughout its life span and is currently in excellent running condition. The engine starts with ease, idles steady, and sounds beautiful. The Sportomatic transmission operates perfectly, shifts like a dream, no grinding, expertly rebuilt two years ago. The motor has excellent acceleration and power and is extremely a joy to drive. The brakes have strong initial bite, no fading, no pulling.
This car features the highly coveted original Recaro leather sport seats which were expertly reupholstered and are in excellent condition and correct for this car.
Original Fuch wheels restored by Harvey Weidman in 2006.
No issues of major rust and/or corrosion throughout any area of the vehicle.
The rubber and seals are in excellent condition. Targa has a perfect seal, no rips or tears, does not leak.
This car has the original motor (never swapped) including the transmission and MFI. No mechanical modifications have ever been performed.
The top motor is completely clean and dry and does not show any oil. None. Likewise, the bottom/underbelly of the motor does not leak (not more than a few drops).
Clean dual-country Title (Panama and California). Both Titles are in my name. Both Titles are in my possession. No liens.
70,849 Original Miles
This car is currently in Panama City, Panama. It was originally shipped to Panama from California in 2007. Three years later, it developed a problem with the Sportomatic transmission which proved to be problematic to repair with local mechanics. Specifically, I lost shift-ability, then I eventually lost drivability. I tried for at least three years to repair the Sportomatic transmission in Panama. But, none of my efforts were able to bring the car back. So, the car remained in the repair shop for three years waiting for a breakthrough which eventually came when my mechanic unfortunately passed away. At that point, I shipped the car to Ervin Green of Hawthorne, California, who is among the most highly recognized early model Porsche specialists in California. It was a very expensive trip to Ervin but my car is in excelling running condition today as a result of his expert care. In addition to rebuilding the Sportomatic transmission, with all original parts, Ervin went through the car step by step, front to back, and fixed, maintained or evaluated the complete car over a 9-month period. I made multiple trips to California during this process and saw first-hand the high level of care and expertise that went into this car! In the end, I shipped the car back to Panama in March 2015. Since that time, I have enjoyed driving this this car and especially with my four year old son (named after my late father) who loves this car completely.
Included in this sale (if you want, we can negotiate) is a fairly large cache of very rare (mostly NLA) OEM Sportomatic transmission parts which remain left-over from my transmission rebuild two years ago, including a Ring and Pinion, servo (excellent condition), Air Control Valve, flywheel (excellent condition), clutch plate (new), gears, transmission case, etc. All of these parts are OEM and correct for this car. All of these parts are located in California. I also have manuals and other reference materials, a lot of receipts (some dating back when my father owned the vehicle) and other items. This sale also includes the Certificate of Authenticity which shows matching numbers.
VIN # 911210380
Motor # 6218111
Transmission #7210235
70,489 Original Miles
4-speed Sportomatic Transmission
European Gauges. All European.
Clean and Clear California Title
Clean and Clear Panama Title
Straight/Dry Chassis with No Major Damage, Corrosion or Rust
The speedometer shows 13,441 kilometers (or 8,351 miles). When comparing this figure against that which is shown on an original service record dated August 1992 (93,910 kilometers) the total estimated miles this car has been driven is 70,489 miles.
I was 10 years old when my Dad drove this car home from the Dealer. Before that, I sat with my father at our kitchen table every Sunday morning for many years while he shopped in the LA Times for this specific model. So many, in fact, I sadly thought many moments that my dad would never own a car like this. For my Dad, the Porsche he wanted had to be the E (Mechanical Fuel Injection) model, Targa and with the coveted Sportomatic transmission. Even in those early days, finding this car with these specifications proved to be challenging.
There were only 270 copies of the “E” models produced by Porsche in 1971. Thus, the total of number of productions with the Targa/Sportomatic combination was/is much less.
Needless to say, this car represents a major timepiece of my life which explains the great time and investment that I have personally made to restore and maintain this vehicle. It was my father’s “baby”. He had multiple cars and lived only a few miles from his work. And so, it is not possible that my Dad put many miles on this car. He drove this car very sparingly, mostly on weekend trips to the golf course. In fact, I learned to drive this car when I was just 14 years old after a round of golf with my dad.
My father passed away in 2000 when I was overseas with the US military. Due to this military commitment, I was not able to immediately take possession of the car at that moment. Instead, I made arrangements for the car to be stored in Pasadena, California, where the car remained non-operated for more than five years.
I personally managed the restoration of this vehicle (at great expense) over a two year period from 2005 to 2007. All of the work performed on this car was performed by specialists in Southern California with 20+ years of experience. My focus principally involved every detail of the exterior and interior of the vehicle to include upholstery, rubber and seals, carpets, re-chroming, wheels and full body and paint with both rear and front windows, and Targa roll bar off.
This car has always had great appreciating value and will be 50 years old in just four years.
I am more than willing to work with you with every aspect of this transaction to ensure safe and reap shipping and payments details.