• Price: Ask a price!
  • Make: Rolls-Royce
  • Model: Corniche
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1982
  • Mileage: 80,126
  • VIN: SCAZD42A9CCX05608
  • Color: CREAM
  • Engine size: EIGHT CYLINDER
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: TAN HIDES
  • Safety options: Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


1 9 8 2 R O L L S R O Y C EC O R N I C H E C O N V E R T I B LE
Tires are less than one week old at a cost of $1100 balanced and installed by Tires Specialists in Las Vegas
This very well preserved 1982 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible was sold on the secondary market by AMBASSADOR LUXURY & EXOTIC CARS in Naples, Florida November of 2013 to a midwest attorney for $35,600 and delivered with just 79,200 original documented miles with a file of official paperwork provided from the dealership.
The lawyer with whom I had extended conversations before I bought the car told me that he took delivery and drove the Rolls only a few hundred miles as his wife felt the car was too ostentatious and "showy" and did not feel comfortable driving around in a convertible Rolls Royce in their conservative Fort Wayne, Indiana lake community, so the car was placed in a heated garaged and unused for nearly three years.
I am a collector and purveyor of rare and exotic automobiles and I live comfortably at the five star MGM SIGNATURE SUITES resort just off the world famous Las Vegas strip and I drive, relish in, and unabashedly appreciate this magnificent convertible Rolls Royce every single day and I absolutely enjoy the unrestrained attention it garners everywhere I go. I love and live the Las Vegas night life and when I exit the casinos (every casino) my fabulous Rolls Royce is ALWAYS valet parked and tastefully sits among the preferred and exclusive parking areas with Ferarri's, Lamborghini's and late model Rolls Royce Ghost's and Phantoms . Any valet attendant knows that any year Rolls Royce Convertible gets white glove treatment and parked right up front, as it should be!
For those who have owned Rolls Royces before, it is advised that the car be driven regularly and not stored for an extended period of time. But this car was not adversely affected being in heated semi long term storage as thecar drives superbly with no leaks in the brake or hydraulic system (no warning lamps illuminated) and shifts automatically through the gears crisply without hesitation. All powerwindows are in excellent condition and function as they should with all of the gauges operating properly with absolutely no issues with overheating even in hour long traffic delays in 100+ degree heat crawling along the Las Vegas strip.
The proprietary Rolls Royce Everflex Convertible top is in excellent condition and retracts quickly and tucks superbly in the rear bay (with factory button down boot cover) as the day it was built. The original unrestored and undyed Connolly leather hides represent the car very well, completely intact with no rips or tears but now starting to show signs of 33 years of gentle and pampered driving of this world class automobile. The wood veneers are rich and dark in excellent as new condition throughout, even the wood doors caps have no peeling or clouding (very unusual) anywhere on the vehicle as a wood package this well preserved would cost upwards $5500 for a 1983 Corniche. The overall interior of this Rolls Royce is very good to excellent with zero signs of abuse and/or neglect as this automobile was always garaged kept and it shows.
The air conditioning does not blow cold and was delivered to me nonfunctional, and in an intensely hot climate such as Las Vegas may require servicing, but I find driving with the convertible top down is always very comfortable with the possible exception of afternoon driving in the searing Las Vegas sun at high noon. The electrical seat adjustment both driver and passenger operate fully as they should as does all electrical systems on the car including electronic mirror adjustments, headlights; signalers, brake lights and passed a full Nevada DMV vehicle inspection just this year. When the car is first started in the morning, the brake lights are illuminated for about 10 seconds then after pressure is built up, all warning lamps are unlit as they should be as I have owned dozens of Rolls Royces and this is the norm and not at all unusual in Rolls Royce automobiles. Also when the car is cold started in the morning for the first time, there is a very light "tapping" from the engine but quiets down when the motor is warmed up, which is again not unusual in Rolls Royces. The engine on this car is in excellent form and will deliver another 50k to 75k miles to its future owner as it was completely hand built, not like the mass produced Rolls Royces of the past 20 years(not that I would mind owning a late model Rolls Royce).
Aesthetically, the exterior paint and body is in excellent condition for a 34 year old Rolls Royce with no obvious observational flaws. I am very fastidious about "dings" and when I took delivery of this car I was relieved that the car has been taken care not to be parked to other cars as there are no dings on the doors from other car doors, I HATE CAR DINGS and I NEVER park close to other cars. The paint is in excellent overall condition for a classic Rolls and shows very, very well even upon close inspection as this is not a "20 footer"!! This car has high quality original factory paint with high gloss and shows superbly from touching distance!! Having said that the car does have several tasteful and inconspicuous small paint touch ups around the driver side "door lip" jambs half the size of a small fingernail. Another character flaw in Rolls Royce automobiles is the pattern cracking in certain areas of the paint in this case the headlight "cowls" as Rolls Royces have upwards 30 coats of hand rubbed paint. This again this is characteristic in ALL original factory painted Rolls Royces. I am not sure if this year Rolls Royce has clear coat application on the paint but I can confirm to the prospective owner that there is absolutely NO SIGN of clear coat peeling anywhere on the exterior paint whatsoever!
In summary, this is a very well preserved and maintained Rolls Royce for under $35,000 and the car will never depreciate further as this Corniche sold new 34 years ago for nearly $200,000. There are many 30+ year old Rolls Royce Corniche Convertibles that sell on eBay annually in the $35K to $42K range and this car would be comparable or better mechanically and aesthetically to most secondary market Rolls Royce Convertibles from the early to mid 1980's.
I have a clear transferable Nevada title (not salvage) in my name and I can ship the car expeditiously and fully insured anywhere in the United States for around $0.67 cents per mile or you can fly in to Las Vegas and drive the car reliably across the country home as I drive this car everyday in blistering 100+ degree Nevadadesertheat in hour long standstill Las Vegas strip traffic with absolutely no issues with driving hot or overheating, and drives 80 mph on the highway as a $200,000 CAR IS EXPECTED TO DRIVE! If you don't like ridiculous amounts of attention when motoring around in an ultra luxurious classic then this car is not for you. I have enjoyed owning more than 20 Rolls Royces in the past 25 years (Spirits, Spurs, Shadows, Shadow Coupes and Clouds)and this is my very first Corniche Convertible, and the feeling, attention and RESPECT I receive when driving this "Star's Car" is beyond description as the Rolls Royce Corniche I can attest, is the most respected and venerable luxury car in the world and now have my eye on a later model burgundy Corniche Convertible! I NEVER lose money on my Rolls Royce acquisitions and you won't either, better than money in the bank!!
I am in the process of getting under carriage pictures of the car but please believe me, the undercarriage is ABSOLUTELY RUST FREE, not even surface rust. The cleanest undercarriage of any 33 year old car that I have ever seen.