Factory Five Type 65 Coupe / Kit Car

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Shelby
  • Model: Cobra
  • SubModel: Daytona Coupe
  • Type: Coupe
  • Trim: Daytona Coupe
  • Year: 1965
  • Mileage: 5,565
  • VIN: FR51000373CP
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 4.6 L DOHC
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: Coupe
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States









·8.8 IRS POSI 3.55




Additional pics can be viewed at :

There were six original Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes; being hand built race cars no two were identical. While somewhat similar they all had slight body variations, windshield rake, cowling, door openings, roof lines and body cut outs; they had different layouts for the gauge instrumentation, switch console and tail lights. During their brief race history each car at times had different numbers painted on their body. There was brake cooling cut outs in the rear body that were found to be nonfunctional and were later “blocked off”. The intention of my build was to pay respect to the six originals by incorporating various details of each of these cars to create a vehicle that was as unique and yet as similar to the originals as possible with the exception of the Drivetrain. With that said the color had to be GUARDSMAN BLUE/ WIMBLETON WHITE and the wheels had to be the “FIA” Style Pin Drive Wheels with real Knock offs.With the exception of the “Roadster” style exhaust which flows better and the more functional Suzuki motorcycle side view mirrors my Coupe looks very similar to the originals in my opinion.

On July 4th 1965 at a race held in Reims France Bob Bondurant and Joseph Schlesser won 5th overall/1stGT class in Chassis #CSX2601 with the number 26 that my car is painted. My numbers and stripes are painted however the sponsorship decals’ are removable. Two unique features of the “Championship Coupe” #CSX2601 that I added to my build was the side vents that were rounded at the top and the rear number that was painted on the right rear half of the car during this race, instead of the left side that they were more commonly painted. I even sourced 4 original Lucas L534 Number Lamp lights to place on the sides and rear of the car just like the originals. I chose to keep the raw aluminum exposed leaving out any carpet like the original race cars. My tail lights were raised higher than the Factory Five Manufacturer location and were evenly spaced to also incorporate a single reverse light. The rear brake cooling cutouts mentioned earlier were blocked off with kidney bean shaped plates riveted in place like the original cars. A hood cooling vent was cut in just after the hood bubble like the originals and a rear cooling vent was also cut into the center of the spoiler like the originals where I have placed a third brake light. The Custom Dash Face, Size, Shape and Height were all changed from the Factory Five Dimensions to be a little more true to the original and a lot of time and research was spent in the Toggle Switch Console fabrication and layout to replicate the form and function of the original six.

The original bodies were made of aluminum and while this is a fiberglass kit I had the body and paint work done by MetalMorphous owner Ron Randell in North Haven CT who also has the proprietary process of metalizing and plating parts. I had him “aluminize” the underside of the front clip and the ceiling of the car making it look more like the originals and eliminating the need for a headliner installation which would also be more authentic.

The Custom Dual cooling fan shroud and foot boxes in the engine compartment were Powder Coated white to look like the originals.

In one of my pictures you can see Shelby Daytona Coupe Body Designer Peter Brock signing our Dash.

There is a (PATS) Passive Anti-Theft System “chip key” that is accessible, removable and Velcroed behind the left corner of the dash; with this key in place, the “IGN” Toggle switched up/on and the “START” Toggle momentarily switched down the completely stock and modern fuel injected motor roars instantly to life like one of the original six. (With the Anti-theft chip key Removed it won’t start.)

There are a lot of neat little detail touches that I know I’m forgetting like the Dead Pedal Foot Rest installed with a 60s style foot operated high beam switch.

I’m a ASE/ Ford Certified Senior Master Tech and I assembled this kit with a brand new 4.6L DOHC Cobra Crate Motor and T45 5 speed Transmission Package that I purchased from Mike Mack at Tristate Motor Sports before he went out of Business.

The motor and engine management with the exception of the Air Box, Cold Air Tube and not having catalytic converters is completely stock; even the Evaporative Emissions is intact with both a sealed fuel cap under the authentic looking chrome Aston Lemans roller race fuel cap and a new factory FORD Charcoal Carbon Canister in the left rear corner of the car that can be seen in one of the pictures with the body removed.

Hydro Boosted Power Steering and Brakes with Wheel Speed Sensors on all 4 corners and ABS HCU Antilock Brake System Hydraulic Control Unit Module plumbed in place for future ABS should it be desired.

Independent Front and Rear suspension with adjustable coil over KONI shocks and a 31 spline 3:55 8.8 aluminum center section.

Vehicle has no AC or Heat although installation has been started it is not finished. The Compressor that came with the motor is in place, a new Condenser and Receiver Drier are also installed. Two of thepictures show both a stock firewall and a custom firewall that was created to provide a bigger foot print for thenew Evaporator and I have most of the other parts needed to complete this, but like everything else in this vehicle some fabrication will be required.

This is my second Factory Five build; the first was a Cobra Roadster kit that I purchased in January 2001 and was driving unpainted roughly 5 months later that summer. I enjoyed that carefree quick build more than I did driving it. I purchased the Daytona Coupe Kit in 2008 and with OBSESSING over every little detail didn’t complete this labor of love for over 4 years; the problem with that is, unlike the Roadster build once the Coupe was on the road I enjoyed driving it more than I did the build and there are some things that still remain unfinished since its April 2012 debut. We have driven worry free to the Carlisle Annual kit car show several times where it was feature at the Factory Five Racing Booth on more than one occasion, to Connecticut, once to Massachusetts for the Factory Five open house, once it was shown at the Philadelphia International Car Show. It was displayed on the Red Carpet of a Black Tie charity event at the Simeone Automotive Museumwhere the first Daytona produced #CSX2287 is on display and we have driven it to various other shows, cruise nights, and cars/coffee events throughout NJ and Pa. For the last couple of years though it has been sitting lonely in our garage until I First advertised it for sale after driving it to and from the Atlantic City car Auction Car Corral this past February where I put more miles on it that week than I have done inthe last 2 years.


With that said here are a few disclosures that the buyer should be aware of:

This is not a production vehicle but rather a Kit car and as such will have some minor squeaks and rattles. While a lot of effort has been successfully spent sealing the firewall and foot boxes from engine heat you will notice that the doors do not close like a production car, they are not air tight or water tight and offer hardly any impact resistance.The back Fender wells show small openings to the passenger compartment and attribute to a lot of tire/road noise.

Due to the tight filler tube routing the car has a “slow fuel fill” but this has not stopped me from filling it up and putting over 5000 miles on it.

The front and rear fender well splash shields are not installed. (Parts are included with the car)

There is a small crack in the driver side ¼ scoop.

The Lucas wiper motor setup works as well as it did in the 60s.

Carelessly leaving the IGN toggle on with the car not running is like leaving a key in the on position and will drain the battery.

The car is registered in Pennsylvania as a “Specially Constructed Vehicle” and is not assigned a model year.