1994 Landcruiser, Lockers, Cummins Diesel

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Land Cruiser
  • Type: SUV
  • Year: 1994
  • Mileage: 237,000
  • VIN: JT3DJ81W9R0067343
  • Color: White
  • Engine size: Cummins 4BTA
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Safety options: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
  • Options: Lockers Front, Lockers Rear, 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, Sunroof
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Santa Cruz, California, United States


With two Landcruisers in the driveway, its time for the diesel to find a new home. I’ve been the owner for 5 years and 17,000 miles - taken trips to the snow, Rubicon, Swamp Lake, Death Valley, Utah, and Nevada. It’s been a reliable vehicle and I’ve enjoyed building it up and maintaining it. With the rumbling tracter noise, it is ALWAYS an attention grabber. Is able to idle over obstacles when in 4L, that require effort by other vehicles.
Photos: on Flickr
Google drive with photos, historical info, cummins manual:on Google
1994 Landcruiser w/ 3rd row seats (seats up to 7 humans)
~237,000mi on truck, ~57,000 on 4BTA engine - turbocharged/aftercooled
Factory Locking differentials front and rear

  • These have been working great
  • Front hubs are locked with plate which could be swapped for manually locking hubs

Factory Rebuilt Cummins 4bta w/ 3200rpm spring. Motor purchased FROM CUMMINS!

  • New oil pan, and oil recapturing practically eliminates oil drip
  • Heavy duty engine mounts (from Georg in Stockton)
  • Been running biodiesel primarily - starts up immediately
  • Compression was measured above 180psi for each cylinder
  • Refurbished fuel tank - in tank pump removed

Part time 4wd via split t-case from a 60 series (rebuilt by Georg)

  • Newly installed dual shifters make shifting much easier

700r4 transmission (rebuilt by myself and Georg)

  • Temperature gauge installed on output to radiator. The gauge eliminates the chance of cooking the tranny, assuming you watch it when under load.
  • 2nd transmission radiator added, and inline filter
  • New heavier duty wave ring (conx engine to torque converter)

Hydroboost brake assist

  • From Sweeting's Power Brake Service
  • A huge improvement in braking power
  • New master cylinder, rotors, brake pads, rebuilt calipers
  • New Slee SS brake lines

Heavy duty steering rods
Safari Snorkel
Hanna Quality Sliders
Dual batteries
Slee 4" heavy lift with caster correction plates and sway bars
Slee shortbus front bumper
315/75/16 cooper sst tires (5 total)
Newer Alpine stereo with Boston Acoustics speakers (bluetooth and iPod cable)
CB radio and 4’ antenna
Radio antenna works perfectly
Front seat motors work fine - recently fixed gear in passenger seat
No water leaks in moonroof or anywhere else
What else is included?

  • 1994 Toyota manual
  • 700R4 manuals
  • Spare front/rear drive shafts
  • Spare steering rods
  • Spare fuel lift pump
  • Engine belt
  • Newer spare tire lift unit (current one is crusty)
  • Oil, and transmission fluid

The "bad"?

  • It is not blazing fast on the highway, as is expected with a 120hp engine. Usually cruise at 65mph on the flats, 45mph going up long hills.
  • Front seats are ripped. Spector Off Road covers take care of it.
  • Transmission heats up in 3rd gear on sustained hill climbs. This is managed by monitoring temp and downshifting, or trying to stay in 4th.
  • Body has some bumps and bruises. Passenger side door, and rear panel has dings from Swamp lake.
  • Occasional brake fade on driver front at slow speeds in driver front

Recommended “todos”?

  • Install a PAC battery isolator and switches. Otherwise if the main battery dies, you have to jump from the crank battery. I have this PAC unit in my 97 LC, and its wonderful.. allowing batteries to be connected via a switch.
  • Bleed brake system to diagnose brake fade
  • Fix or remove 3rd party cruise control
  • Install aux fuse box to house CB/Gauges fuses
  • Install new CB adapter on hood (current one broke)

Asking Price?
bidding starts at $14500

  • 2k less than I paid 5 years ago

No warranties are expressed or implied. this is a USED vehicle that is being sold AS-IS.
Applicable Questions from the 2012 eBay listing with modified answers
Q: How much did the Cummins cost? Did you buy it rebuilt or have it rebuilt after buying? Who did the tranny and motor installs? Your truck is totally cool. Diesel Cummins is way cooler than a Chevy v8 transplant. I don't think I've seen another Cummins FJ80. Very cool truck and good luck with your auction.
A: Motor was approx $6k. It was rebuilt by Cummins. Initial install was done by Proffitts Cruisers in Colorado. It's a pretty sweet truck, and I'm hoping someone will buy and appreciate it. Thanks for looking!
Q: It looks like it has A/C? Does it and does it work? Thanks, Eric
A: Yes, it has AC and it works. Thanks
Q: Super Cruiser. Curious,since not awd, how did you set up 4wd activation? A 62 transfer case with button vacuum activation? Do not see twin stick, so that's my guess. Wonder how this wheels compared to triple locked 80? Thinking about Cummins POWER for one of my cruisers, or just buy yours and be done with it. Thanks an GLWS. Mark.
A: To shift into 4wd move the transfer case lever from 2D to 4D. Optionally can also shift from 4H to 4L with the other lever. This truck is pretty much point and shoot. It SPANKED (that's a technical term) the Rubicon trail, and just seems to idle up and over whatever obstacle is in front of it. It's been called a "gentleman's wheeler". So civilized on road for how capable it is off road. You should ABSOLUTELY buy this truck and be done with it. It needs nothing and is begging to get back on the trail..where that trail leads is up to the new owner.
Q: Hi, has the original toyota transmission? is AWD?
A: Not Toyota transmission. Chevy 700r4. Not AWD. Front locking hubs, part time 4wd. Thanks for looking.
Applicable Questions and Answers from the 2012 IH8mud listing
1Q: Is it just me or did you tilt the engine to the passenger fender to get the oil pan to clear the diff?
1A: Those motors are always installed canted slightly. Had nothing to do with clearance. (it'd have to be completely tilted sideways to really clear the axle! That thing is TALL)
2Q: Was the 700r tranny the panther/beefier version that Proffits started using later on down the line? or just a regular 700r?
Did tranny fail-full rebuild- or did George just do some mods to make this buttery smooth? what rpms is this cruising at 65mph? stock gears?
2A: (Geroge, the engine installer – ID: orangefj45)
i don't know who built that transmission in this cruiser originally when proffits installed it. looked pretty much like a stock unit with non of the HD parts or upgrades.
however, it's now fully updated and completely rebuilt to last. so it received a full rebuild kit with borg warner frictions, HD 3-4 clutch pack, new steels, all bushings, torrington bearings, washers, filter, HD band, bigger boost valves, the "beast" sun gear shell, both sprags, new rear planet, upgraded pump, get the picture. this transmission was built the same way we always build them and we've gotten great reliability out of them. we ran the identical trans behind a cummins 6 banger and got 112k miles out of it, most of them towing. so they hold up just fine.
as for the shifting, we do not run corvette servos or huge shift kits. we change the boost valves and modify the valve body. we also run all new accumulators and new 4th gear auxillary valve body housings from delco so there's no chance of pressure loss for OD.
last but not least we run a really good quality converter. you get what you pay for when it comes to converters.
georg @ valley hybrids
3Q: which injection pump this has ve or p
3A: It's the VE pump. Has the 3200 rpm spring installed
4Q: Couple of quick questions:
1) were the wheel wells cut for clearance? Looks like it from the pics?
2) does the factory cruise control still work with the conversion?
3) Split case is from a 62?
4A: -wheel wells not cut, just flares removed and wells line-x'd.
-factory cruise is removed, aftermarket CC installed and functional.
-yup! Split case.