1972 TRIUMPH TR6 with overdrive

  • Make: Triumph
  • Model: TR-6
  • Type: Convertible
  • Year: 1972
  • Mileage: 42429
  • VIN: CF1050UO
  • Color: Blue
  • Engine size: 2.5 LITER
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Dripping Springs, Texas, United States


My pal Roger discovered a long-abandoned restoration project a couple of years ago and cleverly tricked me into going with him to view it…knowing full well that this was just what I needed to keep me busy for a few months! The French Blue body had its original paint, no accident damage, and not a spot of rust. Best of all, the engine and drivetrain had covered less than40,000 miles!

With help from several other Triumph aficionados, the TR6 was back on the road in no time. I had lots of trouble-free fun with it and made several long road trips, including 3200 miles to the 2017 Roadster Factory Summer Party. Unfortunately, with four other British cars “it’s time to thin the herd”, so I am reluctantly offering it for sale.

This very original and rust free TR6 was treated to a complete body off restoration. The frame has been stripped and repainted…it looks just as good underneath as on top. Everything was done in my shop, including the paint and body work. Just about every part was replaced…here is a partial list:

Radiator shroud, radiator, overflow bottle, hoses, heater valve, fire wall heater connector, water pump, fuel pump, battery, battery cables, starter, fuse box, speedo and tach cables, battery box, oil pressure sender, oil pressure line, temp sender, alternator, speedo angle drive, steering rack gaiters, steering column joint, alloy rack mounts, front spoiler, headlight rings, throttle linkage shaft bushes, hood release cable, back-up hood release, choke cable, heater valve cable, transmission tunnel, grommet kit, windshield, windshield gaskets & trim, dashboard, knobs, shift knob, visors, all crash pads, carpet set, Dynamat kit, door and trim panels, convertible top, glove box, wind lacing, floor mats, mirrors, ash tray, inside door and window handles, door glass trim, retractable seat belts, trunk liner kit, half-shafts, u-joints, diff seals, diff mounts, Tourist Trophy SS exhaust system, gas tank, fuel lines, front shock absorbers, rear tube shock conversion (just last week), rear bumper bar, beauty rings, ball joints, tie-rod ends, trunnions, poly bushings, wheel bearings, brake master cyl, brake booster, calipers, pads, rotors, brake hoses, wheel cylinders, shoes, clutch master & slave cylinders, clutch disk/pressure plate/throw-out bearing, aluminum flywheel, rebuilt overdrive gearbox (original "got lost"), ignition coil and wires, electronic ignition kit, distributor cap, rebuilt carbs, rebuilt wiper motor, wipers, most lenses replaced, etc.

Of course, everything works and the new chassis mounting kit makes for a rattle and squeak free ride. The low mileage original engine used no oil on a recent (10/18/2019) 800-mile trip to Lake Murray, Oklahoma and returned 26 mpg on regular unleaded. Oil pressure is excellent and the engine runs extremely well with 150 PSI on all cylinders. The cooling system is top notch. The rebuilt overdrive gearbox works perfectly. The low mileage differential is quiet and take-offs are exceptionally smooth. The Firestone Redlines look great and have plenty of tread. The wheels are true and the ride outstanding. The Vintage Triumph Register awarded this prize winning TR6 a Gold Certificate of Excellence at the 2018 National Convention with 385 points out of a possible 400.

I just changed the oil in the engine and gearbox, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t drive it home…regardless of where you live. I am certain that this is the best TR6 on eBay, so it is being offered at NO RESERVE!