1966 Beautiful Original classic beetle bug vw Volkswagen

  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Beetle - Classic
  • Type: Original classic deluxe
  • Trim: Deluxe
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 85000
  • Color: White
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States


TBeautiful classic 1966 VW bug beetle. Garage kept 2nd owner car. I was a life long VW enthusiast who has become disabled. This is my favorite year Bug, and it is the deluxe model with the outer chrome trim all around, and this 66 and earlier model have the old fashioned classic dash buttons, metal dash and classic trim features with headlights that have old time interior bulbs. No odd modifications is important to keep the vehicle running properly as the original engineers had intended, or you might blow your engine. This is a good reliable original non modified classic 66! Try finding one of these still this original! I think the engine, interior, locks, all glass,seats, headliner, headlights, pans, handle, knobs, radio, steering,all are original. It has been painted once it seems by the first owner who had it maybe 30 years. Still the same color. I am not a mechanic so I cannot give a warranty or guarantee. The tires are new. It is driven regularly. The engine seems great, the trans seems great. It shifts oh so perfectly. The car is rather zippy, it seems to like to go fast. The brakes work, the steering is completely tight. I don’t think there is any rust in battery area, but am too disabled to crawl into the back.
The roof rack someone said once that it’s also original Vw part, that is for sale sep for $225.My under dash shelf I can sell sep for $89. Tow bar for going to VW shows$195 OEM.This bug comes with a second original mirror and a second original radio face plate.
Works: horn, turn lights, brake lights, headlights, radio light but no am station comes in (?), basically all the things on dash that r supposed to work. Except I don’t know if washer fluid works because I don’t drive it in rain and have no fluid. Hood and trunk open nicely. Doors and locks open and close perfectly, and are all lined up. Windows go up and down as they should. Beautiful steering wheel and horn I don’t think there is even a chip on wheel! I don’t think any rust goes through anywhere ...but I can’t bend around looking. This has the beautiful original style double bumpers. A totally classic VW! Kept very clean, no mold or bugs or smells of any kind. Little dent in back rt fender behind bumper kindof hard to see. Even all the seats and seat belts look like they are the originals and there is not a hole in them. The carpet is new from last owner that is not original. I see the price of these is higher but eBay said I have a limit of what you can sell in each month. I already sold my camper. So eBay will only let me list up to $7500. So that will be the price for my bug here until July firs, then I’m sorry I will raise the price to what they seem to sell for, if it’s still available. If you would like a video I know how to text to cell phones or email and can text videos of her drivin, the engine runnin, whatever u like. Keep in mind my Very limited mobility but I will try my best.
This can probably be shipped anywhere by eBay, paid for by purchase, prices might be $250-$500 depending how far and where. Or you can come test drive Sasha and drive her on home.Make a $895 non refundable deposit using PayPal (friends and family for no fees) and then use a credit card or cashiers check cleared first or cash
Imperfections I have noticed: a few tiny chips on paint from pebbles when driving. No glass is chipped though and all is stamped vw! I see one place where rust is bubbling under the paint, at bottom side of drivers door. Surface looking rust on original I think floor pans. The front piece that is very small between the bumper holders has damage (it’s hard to see unless I look for it) maybe the bumper hit something and pushed on the edge holes for the bumper holders. I think it’s very easy to just buy that piece and install a new one. I also think there is a wiring issue with the horn because it isn’t as loud as it should be. A once inch rip or maybe two in headliner. It looks easy to repair. Zippy little car hasn’t died on me so that’s a major plus. Sometimes she needs a charg, the battery, if sits too long.