1980 Volkswagen Vanagon Custom Camper Conversion - No Reserve

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Bus/Vanagon
  • Type: Van Camper
  • Year: 1980
  • Mileage: 137518
  • VIN: 25A0080037
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Missoula, Montana, United States


Meet Buster, the classiest Volkswagen bachelor you are likely to find.
Recently single, his previous partner left him for another van. More comfortable with a newspaper and a pipe, Buster is new to the online dating scene, but he is desperate for a new companion, so he’s giving it a shot.
Buster likes fine scotch, craft brews, hand-rolled cigars, and leather-bound books. He enjoys leisurely strolls on scenic byways at a comfortable 65 mph, if flat or on a decline, but prefers to climb steep hills at about half that speed. He especially loves waking up to scenic vistas across the country to the scent of fresh-brewed coffee. Approaching his 50th birthday, he has aged like a fine, air-cooled wine.
Buster takes good care of his body, too, exercising annually in the warmer months, and although he has a few well-deserved signs of wear, frequently brags that he has the body of a van half his age. Consequently, he receives a ton of attention from admirers, and if you’re with him, you will, as well.
He is more than just eye candy, though.
Inside, Buster is warm and welcoming. A family man, he is good with children and dogs, with custom jump seats that convert into a kid’s cot, as well as a front seat hammock. He will open right up to you and share everything he has to offer: custom seat covers, new laminate flooring, auxiliary battery bank, 1100w power inverter, dining table, flip-up outdoor table, and a fullwidth rear bench seat that folds into a bed. Not to sound too forward, but you can sleep with him literally anywhere, and with his auxiliary gas heater he will keep you warm on those long, lonely nights. Heck, you can even Netflix and chill with his 19-inch LED TV with a built-in DVD player.
If you are interested in taking Buster out, you should know that he was pampered in his last relationship, receiving frequent oil changes with only the finest high-zinc racing oil for air-cooled engines. He’s had the top end of his 2.0L engine rebuilt twice, with the highest-quality, German-manufactured parts. His block was replaced in the past five years, as well. As any aging individual knows, your exhaust can start to back up once you reach 40. Buster had his replaced three summers ago, however, and now things flow freely back there. Embarrassingly, he had a little trouble controlling his fluid up front, too, but his fuel tank was resealed a few years back, as well, and now he is free from awkward leaks (well, almost). He also boasts a new starting battery and upgraded tires rated for his “hefty” weight (though he’s a little self-conscious of that, so I wouldn’t bring it up). To top it off, his clutch was recently replaced, so he will continue to shift smoothly, as long as you don’t grind his gears.
While he sounds too good to be true, Buster is not without his baggage. His speedometer has not worked in the six years I have known him, but, a man of the new millennia, this has not been an issue, as the GPS on any smartphone suffices just fine. And, in his words, he is built for comfort, not speed, anyway. If he has too much to drink at the local gas pump after a long day of work, he has a little trouble keeping it all in and a bit comes spewing out. He is a bit of a “fair-weather” friend, too, and prefers to go out in more tepid temperatures. He also likes to cool down, on occasion, when he gets all hot, before starting up again, but, then again, who doesn’t, amiright? While he has his quirks, once you get to know him, he is quite endearing.
Buster is looking for a like-minded companion who will continue to pamper and love him. He would like to be taken out frequently but wants someone who has experience with others of his type and vintage. He can be high maintenance but wants to ensure potential suitors that he is worth it. “If you take care of him,” he says, taking a sip of a local IPA, “he will take care of you.”
To see a video of Buster’s Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde transformation, go here:
The starting bid is well below what I have invested in him.
To set up a date with this fine sir, place your bid here. The winning bid will get to take him home.

Listed locally, as well.
4 Yakima bars with gutter high-rise mounts and fairing are included, but not awning or roof box.
I have included photos of the primary rust spots. Please let me know, before bidding, if you have further questions.
Buyer is responsible for shipping.