Good title, straight, hard work of restoration finished.

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Karmann Ghia
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year: 1974
  • Mileage: 79923
  • VIN: 1442667064
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Pueblo, Colorado, United States


1600cc dual port engine, automatic transmission, good title, straight frame, hard work of restoration finished. True mileage unknown but solid condition according to mechanic. Purchased for family member that changed her mind, so now extra to move along. Most mechanical work finished but needs new starter, and would sound better with stock exhaust and heater boxes. (It was in warm weather, so heater boxes weren’t connected.) Brand new seat covers, carpet, and other interior looks like a sweetheart otherwise. Cosmetics to complete with all new parts included: Sand tweed headliner with bows and bow caps, plastic wood dash face, complete rubber kit, American style seals, and door top covers. Paint not concours with minor “orange peel” to possibly smooth with compound and wax. The new rubber kit will cover overspray. Door latch adjustment, chrome strip work and stock headlight rings would finish it nicely. Replaced parts list supplied by builder: firewall insulation and seal, door pin roller, front mission mount, rear mission mounts, R/L Brake rotor FR, brake light switches, braided brake hose, master cylinder, coil, condenser, plug wires, rotor, points, vacuum advance, voltage regulator, battery retaining bar, alternator strap, Pict 3 carburetor, dual port install kit, 2-tip exhaust, intake manifold, thermostat, new style cylinder shrouds, engine gasket kit, engine and cooling tin set, cooling fan, J-tubes, thermostat, flap install kit, Rotella T4 15W-40 oil, Castrol Dex/Merc ATF, 27" Ground strap, muffler gasket kit, heater hose, cooling fan hub kit, oil sump plate and cap nut set, rear bumper, gas tank, sender unit and screen, fuel pump, filter, braided fuel hose, smog hose, door panels, black vinyl carpet kit interior and trunk, black vinyl seat upholstery and seat pads, seat belt kit, door top covers, FR sunvisors, black vinyl arm rests and window crank handles, door panel clips and molding boots, side chrome strips (used), servo diaphragm, torque converter seal, steering box, tie rods, steering box shaft and damper, front H-beam w/bearings, wheels, upper/lower torsion arms, suspension FR hardware, shock absorbers, FR spindles set and spindle nuts all, upper and lower ball joints, stabilizer mount kit, roller bearings, inner/outer bearing covers. Various new assembly parts, including accelerator cable, clamps, bolts, cables, speedometer cable clips, alternator belt, engine seals, urethane steering couplers, stabilizer bushings, lock plates for pitman arm and steering box, keyway clips, ground straps, steering column ground, fan housing plugs, oil screen, drain nut, e-brake boots, covers and caps, other small parts are not included in this list. Not installed: Sand tweed headliner, plastic wood dash face, headliner bows and caps, door top covers RR, complete rubber kit.