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1983 Volvo 245 GLT Turbo 4sp o/d 240 wagon

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 240
  • Type: wagon
  • Trim: 245 GLT
  • Year: 1983
  • Mileage: 95,271
  • VIN: YV1AX4754D1451824
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Chula Vista, California, United States


Odometeter recently stopped at 95,271 speedometer still worksSince the Odometer stopped I have put about 500 miles on the car commuting from Baja Mexico to San Diego area . This Volvo has never left me stranded. The overdrive works!This is the story on this wagon. I got it in 2010. I got bamboozled on the oregon paperwork and it took till last year to get a Washington title in my name. The car just sat that whole time. Before that the car sat in an Oregon repair shop for many years because of a lost Oregon title.The repair shop did brake work on it and the customer never came to pick it up and pay the bill. This is why the mileage is so low for a 1983. Almost all 240s of this vintage have at least 250,000 on them.Somewhere along the line the repair shop took the original front seats out and original door panels.When I agreed to trade my pv544 for it, they put the black seats in front and black door panels.after I got it I rounded up some extra parts that are pictured to make it original.Those parts go with the car. Since I was getting the run around from the repair shop on the title, I did'nt bother working on the interior. Just before moving to Baja California I got the title straightened out and it is now free and clear in my name.WOOT!I prefer crossing the border on my motorcycle since it is much faster than sitting in line at the busiest border crossing in the world.As much as I love this wagon I just don't drive it. So now the Volvo just sits waiting for someone to show it the love it so much deserves. That could be you!you just need to bid on it, win it, pay for it and come to San Diego to get it.This is what I have done to the car:replaced external fuel pump, they can fail after 35 years.I put some decent Toyo tires on itthats it.This is what I know the car needs:Wiper Motor (it hardly rains where I am)tune upfilterswiper bladesboost guage never moves but you can feel the boost. not sure why it never moves(connection fell off? broken? Volvo Gremlin?)new hood that isn't tweaked( go for a flat hood)the clearcoat on the roof is gonethe clear and alot of paint is gone on the repainted slightly rusty hoodPower window relay (I bypassed it so I could roll down the driver side windows)pass side windows not working, (there is power to the switches)heater blower fan works intermittently when it feels like it( right now it don't feel like it)AC needs recharge? Fuse? relay? overhaul? not sure but its all therepick up tube for in tank fuel pump reconnected or replaced At half a tank sometimes the car sputters for a split second. I read on the innermet that it is a pretty easy fix.there is a fix available for the odometer its a common thing to break.if you dont know about these cars there are websites dedicated to all things Volvoturbobricks, mathhews volvo site, dave barton, IPD just to name a few.I cant find any body panel rust just that ugly repainted hood has gone south since I moved south of the border.this is a rare combination, a turbo car with a 4 speed overdrive transmission. most had has California smog compliant stickers for 1983 but where Im from in washington there are no smog checks and there are definitely no smog checks in mexico!Will it pass smog? If you took it in like it is I doubt it. it has'nt had a tuneup in 20 years But if you tuned it up real nice and got the catalytic converter real hot just before going to get it checked, probably. Some guys like to run it down to a quarter tank and add some guaranteed to pass stuff in it or a couple quarts of denatured alcohol just to be sure it passes. I've never had to deal with pesky smog checks thankfully.I have tried to represent this car in a fair and balanced runs drives and stops and does'nt break down. It will sit and idle in a 2 hour line at the border and never overheat. The aftermarket cassette player works, well the radio part anyway.the clutch works as it should. the drive line carrier bearings dont make noise.the turbo makes a cool noise as it builds boostThere is a southern California sticker on the lift gate so it may be from California originallyThe truth is it is a 35 year old car that has sat around for most of that time and it needs someone to rescue it and drive it and love it.If you are that person then bid on this car......even if you are in Sweden, I will get it to the port if you pay for the hassle but contact me before bidding if you cant come get it personally.