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1973 Volvo P1800 ES -Long Time Sitting Low Mile Project-Nice,Clean, 4 speed OD

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 1973
  • Mileage: 54,502
  • VIN: 1836363006589
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Prescott, Arizona, United States


This is a 1973 Volvo P1800 ES. I got it from a longtime retired Volvo repair shop owner who had a Volvo shop in LA and then one here in Prescott Az when he moved here in the 90s. He bought this over in LA I 1992 and it has been stored and off the road ever since. It shows 54,502 miles on the odometer and there is a California DMV signed form by previous owner that that is the actual miles. And looking at the interior, the engine, etc, I would think to be correct. This is a 4 speed OD .. It is pretty much original other than the radio. One rimis aftermarket the stock steel rim with bad tire is included.Over the years rodents got into the engine bay and chewed away some electric wires and such. Not too bad but this will need to be addressed before getting back on the road. Some wires are bad under the heater box so that will have to removed to get at it. How many more, I have no clue but plan on the worst and hope for the best. I did a compression test and came up with 140,125,145 and 130. That should even out and improve with more run time,since this car has been sitting since 1992. Looks like the car has been repainted once in its life the original color. Speaking of paint, this car needs it. Much has been burned off by the Arizona sunshine over the decades. And a lot of the topsection is down to bare factory metal where it has chipped and worn away. So this is no drag it to Maaco and have them throw a 200 buck cheapo paint job on it. The pictures make the paint look better than it is. It is bad. It is cracked, It is down to bare rusty metal on any sections. It needs to be brought down to bare metal and done again. The paint is bad. This car deserves to be doneright, Down to bare metal and start there. But with such low miles, this car would be the one to do up. The interior is not bad. Excellent headliner, some splitting at the seams on the front seats, cracked dash top, Missing drivers side door panel but good right side. And beautiful seat backs and rear seat.The rear window lift handle is missing the push button latch. The rear side grilles are missing. Sometime in storage while in storage in LA, some lowlife stole the ECU. The previous owner bought another one decades ago and it is included. Keys in the ignition. Rack on the roof. Missing trim ring and center capfor 4th steel rim not mounted on car but in spare box.There is rust out on lower front fenders and some bubbling elsewhere. But underneath is nice clean and rustfree.The undercoating is pretty thick but I see no rust damage underneath, Spare box looks nice.Looks like the tranny mount was replaced as it looks new. The inner and outer rockers are solid and nice. The entire lower pinch weld seams from wheelwell to wheelwell are soild, nice and rustfree as well. There maybeis bondo here and there elsewhere under the repaint on the car but this is a solid Southern California / Arizona ca, Low production number car. 4 speed OD car. Unbelievable low miles. This car has been in storage and off the road for25 of its 44 years of life sincebuilt. Relatively easy life so far other than being chewed on by rodents, beat down on by the Arizona sunshine and so on, but it is ready to get back out on the road where it belongs. Will be a great one to bring back to life.I travel around the West Coast with my truck and trailer and might be able to get it to you or close for reasonable money. . And can arrange trucking to Long Beach California shippers for overseas buyers for $300. Clean straight title.$1000 deposit required within 24 hours of auction end. Full payment due with 7 days