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1966 VOLVO 122 Wagon

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 122
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 999,999
  • VIN: 9999999999
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Wellfleet, Massachusetts, United States


Selling my 1966 122 wagon. I've owned this car for 20 years but with 2 kids and 3 jobs I really have no time to futz with it any longer. I think it still has some life left in it and I'd rather see it go to someone who wants to drive it than have it sit unused in the driveway.
The good:The engine and carbs were rebuilt and it starts up and runs great every time.The engine runs smoothly and still has power with no blow-by.It has a four speed transmission with an electric overdrive.The car hasn't been driven when there's salt on the road. Overall the car hasn't been driven much at all, it was always a third car for us.The car drives pretty well (although even with the overdrive it's not fun driving on the highway). It's super fun on smaller windy roads.A large amount of the frame and metal are still in ok shape.
The bad:This is an old car and it has moderate rust issues. There is rust coming through the paint on the roof and in the typical spots behind the wheels.There is some rot in some of the box joints.There is rust under the hood where the fenders attach to the engine compartment.There is no rear seat bottom.May need some minor break work (one of the front calipers is sticking).The interior is showing it's age. The ceiling fabric is still up with only a few minor tears.Most things work or could be easily fixed but there are some things that need attention (license plate lights not working, overhead dome light not working).
I'm not a mechanic, this was never a rebuild, this car got maintained here and there only when necessary. It's a simple car that just won't quit!
I'm happy to answer any questions.
Thanks,Murro508 240 4999 cell