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1962 Volvo L3314 Laplander

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: L3314 Laplander
  • Year: 1962
  • Mileage: 35,000
  • VIN: 538
  • Engine size: B18
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


This is fun to Drive and a real attention getter. I bought this vehicle about 6 months ago oneBay and had it shipped in from Arizona, its rust free and solid as you would expect from an Arizona vehicle. I've beentinkering with a few things as well as putting the vehicle in a Volvo shop to make sure its mechanically sound, brakes,carburetor adjustment, oil change, fuel line....a few thousand dollars later, it runs like a top. I hate to sell it as its perfect for taking the kids to baseball and running errands but I lost my storage and its too nice to keep outside. You will not bedisappointedwith the functionality of this vehicle.This is a rare vehicle, if you google "1962Volvo L3314", more than 50% of all hits are this vehicle. I've comeacross a bunch of sources for parts, which I will share to the buyer.
The only thing I currently know of is the fuelgauge workssporadically probably just a loose something.
Below you will find the description off the internet, please ask any questions and I will do my best to get you the correct answer.

TheVolvo Laplander L3314is the base model of a range ofmilitaryvehiclesproduced byVolvo.

In the early 1950s Volvo received an order to develop a newutility vehiclefor theSwedish Army. A pre-run series of 90 vehicles, named the L2304, was delivered between 1959 and 1961. It was powered by aVolvo B16 engine. Full scale deliveries of the somewhat improved L3314 began in 1963. The L3314 was powered by the 1.8LB18.

The L33-series was offered with different body-variants such as hard-top, half-cab, soft-top, or special versions mountinganti-tank weapons. All vehicles areforward control(where the cab is located over the front axle), except the open L3304. The base version was the L3314SU softtop.