we are fantastic "5" restoration services,chevelle camaro,nova,impala & corvette

  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Chevelle
  • Year: 1900
  • Mileage: 000001
  • VIN: 1234567000000
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Locust, North Carolina, United States


..FIRST OFF...THERES NOTHING TO BUY HERE...THIS IS TO LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT RESTORATION WORK......about us....the reason fantastic "5" auto restoration services exist,and has been since 1981,is the great appreciation for the marvelous cars that gm produced in the 60's-70's.the main "5" chevy cars that we specialize in are the chevelle,nova,camaro,impala and corvette.these were the backbone for the blue collar worker back in the day.we strive to maintain,preserve,and value these cars as if they were our very own.if you have one that needs some attention please feel free to contact us.the perfect candidate is a nice original survivor that may need to be refreshed.or one that needs to be completely dismantled, tagged and boxed before your choice of painters do their process.after painting is completed,we will take it from will then be given the full attention it deserves.we can take your car to about any level you need.some of the reasons we stand out from the rest is,not only do we take extreme pride in our work,there is absolutely none of your own money required before or during the restoration.please give us a call.we look forward to helping you preserve your car for many years to come. ive been restoring these 5 cars for 39 years friend that did my sign as a favor,put the wrong year i started? was 1981,not 1980...just wanting to clear up the mis-labeled year in the first description.i have alot more pictures upon request,this is just a few from those different cars shown.the building you see is climate controlled.everything is all did there,in one children,or people hanging around like some places?...if you know what i mean.....feel free to contact me,rick. at 704 425-5261.. .ill answer any questions you have.thanks....if you would like more pictures or info.....look up ...chevyrestoration(dot)com......or,... fantastic 5 auto restoration services.

ive been asked why i had this listing about what im offering here set up like a "listing,and with a buy it now"...answer is,it was the only way there was to get it to accept the pictures and description. ebays software only allows so much tweaking?...ive had more questions about am i offering anything or selling something?....the answer is NO!!!!!! putting out the information to reach people that might have a car to restore.theres not anything available for $21,000,000.00.....i had to put this rediculous price up because when i had it at a dollar($1.00)......i had 3 people actually buy it now for the $1.00????i know its hard to believe but ive already had people think that i was selling a car for a dollar....what were they thinking they were going to actually get for that???...but bad feedback?...this is a legitimate listing put up by myself and me only...feel free to call with questions.
im currently,and a great honor,to be giving the 1967 camaro that was known on the east coast as the "dixie twister" super stock drag was ordered at,and campaigned out of brooks chevrolet,in milen georgia....ordered with the 396-375 and 4-speed....even had the extremely rare and unusual cowl plenum air cleaner assy,and heater and radio delete,all indicated on the trim tag....but get this....only a 22 original mile car???i know its hard to believe,but true.....