Datsun classic cars

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: Z-Series
  • Year: 1971
  • Mileage: 760,000
  • VIN: HLS30-034824
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


Hello Datsun Enthusiasts!
For your considerationis this 1971 Datsun240Z. A series 2 car with a build date of 6/71... Car number 34,824 in the production sequence. This is a great car in a rare to find price range.. My reserve is set very fair, as I am trying to thin the Datsun herd around here.
This is a very dry, complete, light project, driver. A "diamond in the rough", if you will..It has its original, numbers matching motor that is running strong. A great restoration candidate or enjoy it as it is while you watch the values continue to climb. I will do my best to describe the car as accurately as I can.. It is however, the potential buyers responsibility to do your own "due diligence" BEFORE the auction ends. This means..ask all questions, arrange for an inspection.. and have funds ready and available to purchase before you bid to win. Furthermore, it is the buyers responsibility to arrange and pay for shipping. Please don't ask me what it will cost to ship it to where you live. If you are an International buyer, please contact me BEFORE bidding. Also, if you have less than a 10 feedback rating from Ebay, contact me before bidding. Your bid will likely be retracted if you don't.
I've been around Z cars for many years.. I feel I know them well. Hopefully, this will be evident with my ad description and accompanying pictures.. The car is here at my house and I am willing and able to perform a "walk around" while on the phone and/or take any picture you need or want of the car you want. It takes a lot longer to write this ad than it does to read it.. and its your money.. so, read it all.. then read it again.. then ask questions. Alright, lets get to it.
This240Zhas not had the opportunity to be driven much in the past several years. I don't know much of its history.. other than it started out in Texas (original Datsun warranty card is in the glove box).. I bought it in Idaho. The odometer reads 76,***.. Without documentation, there is no saying if or how many times it has rolled over.. There are however, some indications that is may be a low mile car.. I.e, one original Koito headlight, Nissan windshield, original leather shift boot, original keys what appears to be an original exhaust system (except muffler), and the fact it has been off the road in dry storage for many years.
Ok, now for what I know.
It's obvious this car had a vinyl roof applied, likely from new. This has caused damage to much of the roof panel. There is rust through as seen in the pics and several depressions. The area affected from the vinyl top is primarily the top.. there is glue residue on the sides that may look like rust in the pics.. I've had a body man assess it and he said it could be repaired.. or replaced.. Really not too big of a deal. It does come with a good donor roof panel, should you decide to replace it. You'd be in the same situation if you buy a car with a sunroof cut in.
The paint appears to be very old.. It is painted in the original Datsun #920 Safari Gold. I believe some is original. It is very worn and in some areas, it was spot sanded.. There are also a few pin holes around the car.. namely, around the area where the vinyl was (see pics) and a couple very small ones in the cowl. There are also a couple small holes in the drivers side floor.. In all of these areas, the area around them is very solid.. They are very isolated, so they should be simple to address. The hood appears slightly off color to the body.. but I can't find evidence of any body or repaint work.. The back side of the hood is definitely original and shows no evidence of repair, even the leading edge. There is no evidence of body filler cracking.. or bondo waves. Obviously the car would benefit greatly from a complete paint. Many 240's on the market have poor quality repaints covering up some ugly problems.. This causes more work and more expense. In my opinion, its better to know what is under the paint and have the opportunity to address things correctly. This car is a pretty "honest" example. No bondo evident throughout.
The240Zis a unibody car.. Unibody cars don't hide past collisions well. This car shows no signs in the common areas.. i.e back sides of the headlights, door jambs, and back taillight panel are all as they were when they the car was built. These cars were often wrecked early on and the evidence of an old collision is often overlooked by sellers who just don't know how or what to look for.. making for an ugly, unpleasant surprise for the new owner who is investing in a restoration.
Rust is of coarse a major problem in these cars. Again, sellers that don't know where to look.. or don't take the time and initiative to clean debris away and really assess whats happening in the nooks and crannies. The battery area is at the top of the list for areas of concern for me when i'm considering a 240. Corrosive acid mixes with water and gravity assists in really making a mess in many early Z cars. The destructive combination is usually evident at the end of the passenger side floor frame rail where the mixture exits the hollow frame rail channel.. Please study the close up picture of this area of this car. It really looks great and feels solid. Rare.
Study the pics closely.. Ask for the pictures you need.
Pictures show condition pretty well. The dash is not too bad. Accessories and lights work with the exception of the fan blower.. I haven't looked into it at all. Console is in great shape and the ash tray is intact and functions. Both original keys are present, and they operate all locks including the glove box and gas door. Neither door glass windows are operating correctly. Back hatch still holding up with original strut. Seats need help. Drivers seat seems as if someone put their knee into the bottom and broke the webbing/straps. Apparently 6/71 cars still came equipped with the series 1 style seats.. Meaning, they only recline a few degrees via the big knob on the side.. Seat belts are in good shape. Hard plastic pieces in the luggage area are in good shape with some cracks possible. Original vinyl is still in very good shape. Carpet kit was not worth saving. I have the taillight finisher panel.. Only removed for rust/collision observation.
Nissan's legendary L series motors never seem to disappoint. While this car would benefit from a comprehensive tune-up.. It is still running quite well. It starts up hot or cold... Is cold blooded, like they are.. Once warmed up, it will rev out and pull as it should. Quite impressive really. It appears to have most of its original exhaust system.. the original smog pump is still present and hooked up. There are no major exhaust leaks.. Choke cables work and there is a hand throttle that someone has added.. its pretty quiet and runs at a normal operating temperature. The original wire harness looks excellent and un-tampered. The gauges work with the exception of the tach and clock. Oil was just changed and the car has fresh gas in it.
The brakes at a minimum, need to bled.. but they will stop the car.. The park brake is also working. The clutch is engaging correctly and not slipping, The transmission is shifting through all gears as it should. I would guess the suspension needs work, as it is old. But it actually drives pretty well considering its current state. Tires are full of ancient tread. Left rear tire has a slow leak, that I will try to resolve. The radiator looks to be the original 2 core.. and its keeping the car cool. It does leak a tiny bit and a new radiator is included (new in box in the car). With new tires and a radiator, a brave enthusiast (such as my self), could potentially drive it home.. Although I sure am not recommending you do so.
This car has an A/C unit in it, likely installed when new at the dealer. The compressor is off of the car but comes with it. The "drier" is mounted right over the engine bay data tag, with a screw going through the tag where the number sequence identifying the motor.. I was able to read the first 3-4 characters in the engine number sequence and they match the block. I am 100% confident it is the original motor.
I''ve tried to give a broad scope of the general condition of this classic Z.. I'm sure I've missed some details that you will want to know.. So, please don't hesitate to ask questions! All in all, this is a very solid candidate with its correct motor, waiting for a proper restoration.. or just to see some tarmac once again. Your choice.

I require a $500 paypal deposit within 24hrs end of auction. I prefer cash if it is at all possible.. otherwise I will ask for a combination of paypal and bank wire for the balance.
Thanks for taking the time to read my ad in its entirety.. I hope you have a good, basic understanding of the condition of this classic240Z. Good luck and bid to win!