1972 Datsun 240z "The Dragon" - Awesome!

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Datsun
  • Model: Z-Series
  • SubModel: 240z
  • Type: Coupe
  • Year: 1972
  • Mileage: 273100
  • VIN: HLS30-74477
  • Color: Gold
  • Engine size: 2.4L
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Salem, Oregon, United States


Serious buyers only, please...
If the price is not what you think it should be... see the appraisal. If it is still not what you think it should be... feel free to make a reasonable offer.
This Z is a real survivor. VIN#-HLS30-74477. 273,100 miles for a 47 year old car is low mileage. If I had not gotten sick last decade it would have had much more.
It is a one family car. Well taken care of, but because of my age, it is getting more difficult for me. Time to pass the torch.
I have had the car professionally appraised at 18,940 USD. This is the determined Cash Value of the car. The condition of the car was determined to be Good to Very Good in various categories, this was in January of 2019. This appraisal is available on my website, see below for the address. If necessary, just download from the webpage.
It is a 47 year old Z, so it shows some rust. Everything was taken into account in the appraisal. I also have a 7 year print out of everything Nissan has done on the car as far as service goes, available on request, It is only 5 pages. PDF file, or JPG.
The car was restored in 1988 with an aftermarket paint job... the gold color is a 1985 Nissan color... Aspen Gold. It shines nice in the sunlight. The Dragon was painted in a mix of Clear with Black Pinstripe paint, and is hand painted. It was painted by Aaron Hatefi, he was an apprentice at the body shop for the repair work in 2017. It is from a book, "The Heart of the Dragon", this was from a small picture on one of the beginning pages. This is the second Dragon. It is a Chinese Five Toed Imperial Dragon, a symbol of the Imperial House of China in old times, and a symbol of... "The Son of Heaven". It is a symbol of good luck I am told. Five Toed Dragons are considered "GOOD" as opposed to Four Toed "Common" Dragons. It is just an awesome job.
In 1989, or so, we had the right wheel well replaced because corrosion from the battery had damaged it. It has not had a problem since. Rust was fixed from the passenger side floor, we did gas hose replacement around 1988, etc...about 5,200 USD in work done with the restoration, around that time. It has aged well.
In 2017, I was not able to see well out the car, for a fogged up windshield, and did not see that I was close to a lamp post. Hit the concrete. Busted the right fender, right light bezel, light bucket, grill, bumper, hood hinges, steering rod, core support was damaged, under cowling also, I think... right steering knuckle too... ALL REPLACED AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. The Steering Rod was repairable and not replaced. Steers well. The engine was not damaged. All parts were "never on the road", basically unused parts, except for the steering knuckle which was the only part I got out of a yard. The rest was from a Nissan Z mechanic who'd had a Z parts store, and still had a bunch of parts, and 2 part cars that had never been on the road. The painter matched the color very well. All was considered in the appraisal.
The part cars were '71's and all the parts fit well. The bumper is like my original. "The Dragon" looks good, runs great, smooth, firm and powerful.
The breaks needed work, they could not find OEM breaks so they had to improvise. The breaks work, but are very firm, you have to push and hold, and it can pull to the left when a little wet out.
Shocks all round were replaced in December of 2015. Regular Street shocks replaced the Tokico Luminescent Gas Racing Shocks we usually had. Tires are still good.
The Car has Seat Belts and Shoulder Straps.
The air pump went bad, or "smog pump", in 2016, and was disconnected and not replaced, not a big deal in Oregon. If you live in California, you probably should replace that.
Back In 2000, we did the overhaul, one flat valve, one rocker, and one piston was worked was running a little rough that day. The bearings were also done. We could not find a 240z head, it has a 280z head and runs like new basically, the only "modification' to the engine. Original SU Carbs, Air filter cover, etc. Everything except the head is stock original, or stock replaced. Has had no trouble taking off like a rocket ever since, nearly 20 years.
It has a small dent in the right door where a shopping cart tapped it. And a "mar" on the right back panel where my Total Gym fell over one night, that has been rolled out, but there is still a bit of marring.
There is some rust at the bottom of both doors. A quarter size spot on the lower front of the driver door, the rest are small bubbles. Passenger side also has some some bubbles in the black, on the bottom...only one blemish on that door in the gold. My parts guy might still have unused doors available, if needed. It is not as bad as it sounds... see the pictures. I also have video I will provide links to. See below. I have a FULL set of pictures I can email upon request.
The undercarriage I think has some rusty spots, but not bad, Mr. Glen Harmison, the appraiser, did not find much, he has a picture of the right front underside in his appraisal. His image does not show much if any. My camera is not as good as his, so things might actually look a bit different.
The driver's seat was replaced in the 90's, I think. My mechanic is rather large, and split some seams. It has a few rips, the stitches just did not hold, the sheep skin covers it well. I am not sure why, but the passenger seat seems locked in place, I don't know if something is blocking it or if it has another issue. I felt under the sheep skin, and did not feel any rips on the back or the seat.
The Choke Handle is broke...the plastic stock part was always weak.
I think in 2018, the fuse box was replaced. It had some burn through marks. No problems since.
Like I said, this Z is a "survivor", it has a history. It did not sit in a garage for 30 years, and it still runs strong.
Anyway, you can see the car looks nice, the interior is not "shot", but could use some work, but not bad. The dash is not cracked, the console is OK, the steering wheel is original, the gauges all work, even the clock, which is the second Jeco it's had. The original radio does not work. There is an old Cassette Tape player in the glove box, but it has no speakers, and I don't know if it even works any longer, probably not, it was installed in the 80's. The antenna is no longer motor driven, after market antennas were crap. There is a non working toggle switch for the antenna, as it was no longer powered, and there is a burglar alarm switch, which I don't think is hooked up. The alarm is behind the driver's seat under the carpet. I think I have the manual for it in the glove box.
The Dragon is very drive-able, and enjoyable. It is still my "dream car". I take it out every few days to give it a little run. We did all we could for the car when needed, and did regular maintenance. It now needs an aficionado to care and preserve him.
The car was a daily driver. My father bought the car in July of 1972 from Jack's Datsun Sales in Salem, Oregon, where I live. He drove it for 2 years. I moved in 1974, and since I had a 510 station wagon and he liked to travel and fish, we swapped. I did drive the car periodically in those 2 years, so I have driven the car since I was 19. I am 66. A wonderful 47 years with a dream. I am very grateful to father, and very honored to have gotten to drive such a Legend. In 1972, the Z won in its class. I saw 3 consecutive races over 3 weekends. Z's came in 1,2,3 in each race... WOW...My dream car... took over from the Lamborgini.
The Dragon gets a lot of looks, people like it.
I could go on and on for hours, I have a ton of stories, and memories, but it is time to let someone else take care of it, and enjoy being the Dragons' friend and making your own memories, and having good times together going places.
This is the Appraisal page with "Cold Start" and "Show & Tell" video:
Give me a jingle...
I can be reached by phone in the EVENINGS Pacific Time, please... (503)-363-5187. I am Steve.... or you can email me through Contact Seller for questions or more pictures, I have over 100, undercarriage included.
Buyer is responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping.
Shipping options:
You will have two options on delivery of the car once paid for. You can setup pickup and transport to your location or you can pick it up yourself.
I have tried to describe this vehicle as accurately as possible. The car is 47 years old with a good history. It does not come with a warranty and is being sold as is. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Be advised, you may have to pay Internet Sales Tax in your state, Ebay notified me on October the 1st.
Payment: I will need a $500.00 non-refundable deposit within 48 hours of the successful sale and the balance in a cashiers check within seven days, or cash if buyer picks up the car in person.
Thank you all for your interest in The Dragon... Here is to a successful venture.