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1975 Ford Courier AZ truck mazda ish non rotory 4 cyl OHV stick runs survivor

  • Price: Ask a price!
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: F-100
  • SubModel: Courier original Japanese mini truck
  • Type: Standard Cab Pickup
  • Trim: Courier
  • Year: 1975
  • Mileage: 125,000
  • VIN: RN23056164
  • Color: Yellow / Brown
  • Engine size: 4 cyl
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Yellow / black
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States


1975 Ford Courier

Original Tucson Car from what we can tell by
its history and past owners....
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1975 Ford Courier
Runs and drives, hit the key and it fires right up.
For the first 3 or 4 minutes it wants to stall when
you drive it, but once it warms up, its ready to go.
It sat for about 8 yrs and was put back on the road
about a yr ago. During that time, alot of new parts
have been installed as needed.
town. Ive used it a few time the last few weeks to
run to the store and gas station.
Some surface rust and a few rot holes, which for an
AZ truck is surprising, but check out the pics below for
the real story. Nothing to hide. No smoke from the engine
and power feels good.

who use ebay arent smart enough to understand the rules.
So if you have under 10 feedbacks, Ill be emailing you if you bid to
make sure you are legit, if we do please reply or we will cancel your bid.
Up for Auction: LOW FAIR RESERVE !!!
These cars are getting harder to find esp in this condition
that are still affordable to most buyers.

DRIVETRAIN: the motor is the 4 cy the best we
can tell, matted to an manual trans. Clutch was put
in last yr. Radiator was replaced in June. Valve adjustment
done about 6 months ago, along with carb rebuild.
Starts everytime with the key and will take me anywhere.
Idles well, but not ready to drive until it warms up about
3 or 4 minutes. After that, step on the gas and it takes off fine.
Tires are just so so, but on some cool factory steel
wheels w/ dog dish caps and rings. Brakes feel fine.
I believe there was some money spent on parts of the brake
system too. Heres the weird thing, it has a little bit of lifter
clatter, just sometimes, and sometimes under throttle it gets
pretty loud. AND it only happens once in a while., At first I
thought maybe it was a rod knock, but it sounds like its coming
from the top of the motor. But when I drive it, it has plenty of
power and gets around the block okay and up to the store.
Only been driving it on short 1 or 2 mile trips just to be safe.
Im sure the motor is getting tired, but theres no smoke at all
coming outta the exhaust, which btw is new too.

Fuel tank was also cleaned out last yr and e fuel pump added.
Maybe V8 swap ?????

EXTERIOR: r now brown and old paint, not pretty, the original
color was actually a cool pale yellow paint. Best I can tell its only
had one repaint over the yrs, probably back in the 80s before
clearcoat was used. Rockers solid.
Found bondo in one small area, RF corner of the hood.
Some rot in a few weird spots, both A pillars at the bottom, drainage
here must of been a bad design. Still nothing like an east coast truck this old. Bed has surface rust. Front chrome bumper decent, grill was painted
black at one time, a little beat up. Front headlights, tails and brake
lights all work.

INTERIOR: Tucson has baked the interior pretty well, but luckily
most of it all is still there, the important stuff anyways.
Making having to track stuff down less of a chore. Carpets removed
many yrs ago, and floors have mild rust or rot. (see pics)
Not pretty, but functional for a rough daily driver. Maybe just fix up
the interior and keep driving it ! Door panels are custom 90s mod.
All the glass is okay.

SUSPENSION:the suspension feels normal from what I can see .. but old.
Works okay as is, and well kept up,. but its a 35+ yr old car, it may need
shocks or bushings in the future. No mods at least. Its dirty and a light film of
dirt covered most of it for yrs. Could possibly use as is, or maybe take it
to the next step.
Even under the car, its very Minimal rust under the car, making taking this car apart, almost a breeze.
Not alot of resto was done in this area yet.

Check out ALL the pics below ----->

it may take a full minute for them all to load ifyou have a
slow connection, so be patient AND looks for the extra scroll
bar on the right side.
Az gets maybe 12" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate.
more infoAFTER the pics etc. There are 100 large pics.

There you have it, probably The BEST represented 240s on Ebay.

Shows you all the good as well as any bad, hope you appreciate them.
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People wait months for a car this solid to come up for sale
and even if you have to pay shipping to your area, it still beats
paying a body shop to hopefully fix a rusty car for weeks on end.
Having as much as the original steel on a restored car these days
speaks volumes.
Also, if you buy a car thats been "restored", who knows what sort
of surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating.
People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs are
fast, for a quick buck and quality suffers.

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