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Model A Ford 1931 Deluxe Delivery

  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Model A
  • Type: Minivan
  • Year: 1931
  • Engine size: 4 Cylinder
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Ashland, Oregon, United States


1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Delivery: 130B

This was a low mileage vehicle from the Los Angeles area, used by a dry cleaner in the 30’s.It was acquired by a collector in Fresno in the 50’s and stored in a container.When I bought it, it was still together, but the wood had deteriorated through the years.I have restored 17 Model A’s for myself, then owned a restoration shop fpr 13 years.I have restored 2 deluxe deliveries, 2 Panel Deliveries and 4 Panel Trucks (AA) plus many other cars..This car was taken down to the bare chassis.All Chassis parts have been sand blasted and powder coated,including the real axle housing, frame and front axle.I have rebuilt the rear axle with good used axles, new bearings, seals and it has been properly set up with correct shims and gaskets.The transmission was likewise overhauled; I installed O-rings on the shafts, so it will not leak. The shift stick and e-brake are plated. The engine was rebuilt Antique Engine Rebuilders in Skokie, IL.It includes the new inserted connecting rods they make, insert bearings, oversize intake valves, stainless steel valves and hardened seats, as well as a touring cam.We also installed a 6:1 Snyder head, leak less water pump and rebuilt distributor.It has a slightly lightened flywheel with a V-8 clutch for an easier clutch action.The carburetor was rebuilt by Bert’s in Denver and it has a new Aries Muffler.The exhaust manifold is also a new one.Water pump is a new leak less type with a new two blade original style fan. The generator was rebuilt, new bearings, brushes replaced and commutator turned.Note we have the brass top 3X plugs. I have a video of the engine running.

The brakes are rebuilt or new, backing plates disassembled, all moving parts replaced and plated with correct Cadmium plating and backing plates powder coated..Front Drums are new Cast iron type, rears are .030 oversize originals.Bearings are good originals in the rear and new in the front.Front actuator arms have been rebuilt, new king pins, spindle balls replaced all around.Teflon pressure pads installed and new rubber seals.Steering column is completely over hauled.Powder coated cover, new Nickle control arms, sector bushing replaced with new and modern seal installed for now leakage.Steering is tight, no play.New Front spring, rear spring has been taken down, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled, with new shackles front and rear.Brake rods are good originals, powder coated.

Radiator is in good condition, has been checked by a radiator shop, cleaned, flow tested and painted.Radiator shell is the original 1931 style.Cowl band is the original, it has been polished and is ready to install.We also have a very nice set of head lights, nicely polished, reflectors need polishing and the wiring may need attention.

The rear bumper brackets are originals, they are unique to the Deluxe Delivery, and they have been powder coated as has the front bumper brackets.

Gas tank was boiled out by a radiator shop, the rivets, soldered, sealed and pressure tested.It is ready for paint.

Door handles are restored originals, the rear handle my need plating to be in show condition.

All body sheet metal except the back door, was bead blasted by a company in Oakland, CA that specializes in automotive sheet metal restoration.It was immediately coated with DP-90 by PPG.This is a primer/sealer that is also used steel ships to protect the bottoms from corrosion.There was no rust out or corrosion anywhere but at the lower cowl area, this repaired with cowl patch panels.A hole in the firewall for a heater was repaired as well.

All wood was replaced with a kit from Classic Wood in North Carolina.I have assembled 18 of their kits and they make very good kits, high quality wood and very accurate. All the wood has been painted/stained with a black finish, as Ford originally used to preserve the wood.Only the floor boards remain un-finished, as many people like to varnish these for a bright finish.As seen in the photos, I have the original inside corner reinforcement pieces, the rear window frame and the two special door step plates; these are all unique to this car.I have made new bed strips like the originals, they are powder coated, there are two metal strips that retain the Masonite panels at the bed, these are new, need powder coating.I have the original rain gutters, they have been repaired as needed, and powder coated.I also have the hot dip galvanized wire mesh for the roof.I have all the trim for the front doors; it is same as Tudor sedan, missing only the trim strip at window that has the pull. I have one, need one more.The doors have the working door latches in place.

I have the original windshield, which has yet to be restored, is have the original wiper on it and is dark blue.I have the original cast front fender braces that were used only on commercial vehicles, also the original rear fender brackets, which are formed sheet metal and painted black. The car had a fairly good hood; one side needed replacing so I have many extra hood parts to use.The front splash shield below the radiator is the original and it good shape. I also have the left spare tire arm, need only the plate. The dash was a brass one, very rare, it has been re-plated.

The fenders are very nice.See photos, the fronts are nearly perfect originals, a well type on the left front and the plain on the right as original.There are no cracks, beads are perfect.The rears are also very nice; the right rear has a dent that needs to be ironed out, but is a very usable fender.Original head light bar and I have two nice 19” wheels extra, so there is a full set of good wheels.

The metal is nailed to the in a few areas to secure the metal to the wood for final body work.As the final body work is completed, then the body is nailed completely to the wood.This should not be done until the final body finishing is completed.I will supply an adequate quantity of the special barbed stainless steel nails used for this step.

Note the metal storage compartment under the front seats.This is an original item,very rare, usually rusted out.It provides room for a jack and tools.You flip up the front seats for access.The wood kit includes the proper wood support in the top for a dome light.These lights are available reproduction

This car is built completely out of original parts, except for a few bearings, races and clevis pins, it is all original. The metal was in outstanding condition for any Model A and this being a commercial vehicle, is amazing to find something in this nice of shape.

I have many more photographs and documentation, contact for these items. jdavis at amuffler dot com.