1964 Land Rover Series IIA 109" LWB Dormobile Caravan - Genuine "Mr. Bojangles"

  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Land Rover
  • Model: IIA 109" Martin Walter Dormobile
  • Type: Van Camper
  • Year: 1964
  • Mileage: 84150
  • VIN: 26404025B
  • Color: Brown
  • Engine size: 2.25L Petrol
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Green
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Options: Dormobile Conversion Top, Beer Bottle Openers, 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Rushville, Ohio, United States


***Reserve is currently the starting price of $12,500.00usd ***
Please note that any bidders with no eBay purchase history, or negative feedback, will be ignored and bids cancelled due to increasing cases of fraud.
I haven't seen a genuine Dormobile sell in a while so I figured I would evaluate the current market and decide if I'm ready to part with my beloved 1964 Land Rover Series IIA 109" Long Wheelbase Station Wagon Dormobile Conversion, aka "Mr. Bojangles". I purchased this vehicle on LRX before it was shut down back in 2007 from a gentleman in VT who stated it had sat in his collector garage for approx 20 years. The back story is the truck was initially exported to South America after having a genuine Martin Walter Dormobile conversion done on it. (Martin Walter tag # U 11305-4-626). Supposedly, a photo journalist utilized it for a while before bringing it up into the US, where it resided in Arizona for a while. I do not know much more until I received it in 2007 with 69,550km (currently it has just under 84,150km).
This truck has been used as a true Series should be, and has typically been one of the favorites at just about any event I've ever attended. The look on people's faces to see a true Dormobile being utilized for real off-road action has always been priceless. I have loads and loads of pictures I can supply interested parties that illustrate the numerous mechanical fixes and upgrades, as well as action shots at one of the many MAR's and Wilds events this vehicle has attended. I believe the first five MAR's I attended the truck was driven from OH to VA and back.
My reason for potentially selling Mr. Bojangles is I simply find it harder to truly enjoy him and spend the time maintaining him that he deserves since I've become married and started having children. I have not had the truck out to an event since 2016, and this is when I realized it may be time to find his next keeper that can give him the time and attention he deserves.
The main frame rails are actually quite solid still (I've tested the cross-member a few time as well as pictured). There is a soft spot starting on one frame rail back by the rear bumper and the two rear most outriggers are getting soft at the ends. Surprisingly, they are quite solid where they meet the frame and the front outriggers are in good shape. The front frame horns are also in good shape. The reason for the "tail dragger" rear bumper was to give an extra margin for error when off-roading to avoid crunching the top if the truck slipped down a hill in reverse with wet shoes for instance and encountered a tree. The front bumper gives quite a good approach angle. The Ramsey 8000 worm gear winch has been upgraded with a larger hp motor that has dual ball bearings instead of bushings for less drag.
The door frames are starting to rust on the lower portions especially. Almost every door, window, trim, and channel seal were initially replaced but are due for attention again. The Rocky Mountain front door tops are only a few years old and in great shape still. The Dormobile top fabric is pretty well intact with only a few areas of minor ripping in the corners where attached to the truck. The one sleeper cot has torn fabric, but they will both need redone as the stitching would not support the weight of a person. I also found it easier to pack a tent, so the top was only popped occasionally and primarily just used to mark where "Camp Cholera" was stationed. There is one crack in the fiberglass top near the front end (see picture) It doesn't leak much water so I have never bothered with it. The Dormatic seats do function but could use some love. Aftermarket seats belts were installed for some added safety. Many of the original Dormobile items where missing when I purchased the truck, such as the rear table and wardrobe. As pictured, the original stove and sink are still mounted in the rear.
Currently the truck runs and drives as is to be expected of a Series truck with nothing really needing attention. The main thing I would replace before too much driving would be the brake shoes as the current ones are caked in mud most likely (and i'm assuming gear oil, although all of drive line seals have been replaced at some point). A Series III brake pedal box assembly and booster were installed along with a universal Wilwood dual-line master cylinder, stainless braided hoses, and copper-nickel brake line. Currently running Parabolic Springs, Pro Comp Shocks, and nice Cooper Tires.
The only thing that has not seen attention on this truck is the lower end of the engine and the timing components. All other drive line items have been stripped and had new bearings & seals installed at some point. While doing a preventative head gasket replacement and going thru the head, I did pull the front cover and oil pan and all looked well. The timing components and lower end bearings where in great shape so I buttoned it back up. At this time I did do a rear main seal and clutch (the rear main seal has since returned to the normal Land Rover status quo and likes to mark his territory, but not terribly, it looks worse then it is from leaking down the pan for years). The swivel seals have also started to leak slightly again, but not too bad for a rover.(seals replaced and swivels reused as they were not pitted) I believe if you drained the gear lube and added swivel grease that they would not need any attention.
The transmission does have a tendencyto pop out of 3rd gear on a hard and prolongeddecel, but is fine on acceleration. I completelytore the trans and transfer case apart and installed new bearings/seals and 3-4 synchro/slider assembly. Unfortunately,it did not make any difference and I have not felt like tearing back into it until there was another failure in which I was removing the transmission anyways.
The electrics have been upgraded and is currently utilizing a PowerMaster one-wire alternator (140A I believe?)and modern blade type fuse block. All lights and the additional aux flasher circuit function as they should. I recently installed a solar powered Battery Tender on the roof rack to help maintain the Optima during his seemingly longer stints of inactivity. Sig-Stat Signal Flare turn and flasher setup, triple gauge pod, and mini-tach are all functional.
A universal heater was added for the cold days. (This vehicle had no heater initially since it was a South American export). Currently a Rochester B series carb has been fitted. The factory mechanical fuel pump is still mounted to the block with a loop of hose for emergencies, but an inline electric pump currently is supplying the fuel.
The truck has been repainted at some point and there is a little bit of bondo in the front drivers fender on the top side by the master cylinder cut out. The other sheet metal seems original with exception to minor trimming for slightly additional tire clearances. Stainless Steel Marine-Grade Dual Beer Bottle Openers, and Swivel Drink Holders ARE included. I do also still have the factory sill plates that were removed after I first purchased the vehicle.
I assume if you've made it this far then you know what you are looking at. Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to reply promptly.
PPI inspections welcome, but please do so before the final 48 hours of the auction. I will be more then happy to take potential buyers out on a test ride and/or forward additional pictures as desired (eBay limited me to 24, but I have hundreds!).
$500 deposit via PayPal required within 48 hours and the remaining balance via Bank Wire Transfer within (7) seven days.

Please note that any bidders with no eBay purchase history, or negative feedback, will be ignored and bids cancelled due to increasing cases of fraud.

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