1967 Firebird Coupe

  • Make: Pontiac
  • Model: Firebird
  • SubModel: Firebird
  • Type: coupe
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 99,999
  • Color: Rust
  • Engine size: 400
  • Number of cylinders: 8
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: auto
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Akron, Ohio, United States


Barn Find Firebird that I purchased for parts for another car... after looking at it closely, Ive decided it might be worth the time to restore for someone. It has 326 emblems on the hood, but currently has an olds 455 with "G" heads.My original Glance at the car was that it was best suited as a donor... but it's ACTUALLY not as bad as it looks (and it looks BAD)..

Here's the good news:Car is more or less complete;All of the interior is there, all of the metal is there. (the front lower valance is in the trunk.)All of the wiring seems to be there.It's not an unbolted, unhinged Basket case you have to figure out. It seems to have been running when parked, based on the condition and completeness of things. Doors open and close well, and other than the windshield, the glass is all good. The body isn't sagging and the gaps are decent. Car Rolls and steers easily. Tags are all there.
Here's the general overview of metalwork:
Quarters:Drivers Quarter Has been replaced at one time. It's not terrible, and workable. The passenger side is also workable. I think they can be saved. They both need work but i would say they don't need replaced. Same with inner and outer wheel wells.
Floors:Parts of the floors are solid, parts have holes... especially drivers side front *which is the worst. My guess is that it's going to need a one piece floor pan to be right and to save time. The interior isn't falling through it or anything... but it's probably just better to replace it.
Rockers:The rockers have rust in the ends, but don't need replaced. Very solid, structurally, though need attention. Doors open and close very Solidly, and car isn't sagging/gaps are still good.
Trunk:You know, the trunk is rusty, but it's not shot. There's some holes here and there, and you're not going to want to believe it but the shock towers are solid. (I KNOW, RIGHT). One could go either way on this trunk... but my first though would be that it's able to be saved with some work. Same with the tail panel. To be done right: Replace it. Could be saved.
Fenders:Front Fenders appear to be from a 68 camaro and honestly, are shot. Replace them because they're wrong, or replace them because then need it. Just do it.
Roof And Window Channels:Exterior rusty, but solid. Rear passenger window channel has about 1" of rust-through in passenger the corner.Front window channels has surface rust but i'm not seeing that it's rusted through. Firewall has rust in the seam near the trim tag area. is rusted though about 12-14' along the seam. Needs welded or re-sealed.
Hood:The hood is Trash. It's bent from rusty hinges and being forced open. It's not even a cool wall hanger. It's not a good sled. Even the scrap yard is going to be mad at you. It's just an utter loss.
Exterior Chrome:It's not been wrecked or all bent up and terribly rusty, but at the end of the day.. probably just good cores. Driver Quality once clean, best case.
Interior:It's 20 years of Dirt and mouse nest, but it's all there. Seats area ACTUALLY not that bad. corne rips/tears. I wouldn't be surprisedif they didn't clean up and become serviceable with some work. Console is in decent used shape, and not cut up. really great console clock. Dash is decent too- all the wiring seems present, but as with anything that's sat.. I suspect mouse damage. Carpet is Gross. I wouldn't touch it without chemical gloves, an industrial respirator and a paramedic. Package Tray is toast. Headliner is in tatters. (headliner Bows are all there) Door panels are there, but not great.Steering wheel and dash are driver quality. Column isn't cut or altered.Over all... Does't appear to have ever been apart or changed. It's all there. but it's not great. I said the carpet was gross right?
Drivetrain: Currently has an olds 455 that turns over by hand-I can't find the VIN number to confirm original, so assume its not. BUT. According to a couple items the car has, signspoint to this being a factory 400/air car. It has thepassenger side rear torsion bar, which i have come to learn is not only rare, but always came on 400 cars. the engine isComplete and my guess is with a little work it would run based on compression and just a great mechanics hunch. a few of the plug wires and ignition wires have been chewed on by mice/missing, so that would need attention before trying... but I would guesstimate motor to be good. Transmission appears to be a standard turbo 350 in unknown condition. Shifts and locks in park. Rear end looks to be an 8.2 or 8.5 open, but honestly, i haven't checked it past visual inspection. I had left a junk bulge hood where the car was...that may or may not have been the original.
Wheels and Tires: Front Pontiac Rallies- Rear Rallies are in the trunk. Rear wheels and tires are just "rollers that hold air". Rear tires are actually decent and/or like new. Fronts tires are rollers at best. You're gonna wanna keep your eyes on them.. they just don't look like the kind of tires you can trust. Car has no brakes from sitting.

In closing:I notice that the car has a second generation subframe with disk-brakes... but everything lines up as expected. Front subframe is good, rear frame rails have some visibleholes in the lower legs and will need attention. I wouldn't call them "unsafe" but you're gonna wanna attend to them. Car clearly has a large amount of surface rust from sitting. Car has filler in the quarters, but it's not a "bondo bucket" either. Car is clearly a project... other than floors, you don't have a massive amount of sheet metal replacement.. but there is welding involved. If you can't weld or a welder doesn't owe you a mountain of favors, car isn't for you. What else. Oh, it' smells like 200 mice built a mouse urine factory in it, and forgot to flush the toilet. If you're allergic to barn find cars it's also not for you. At the end of the day, you're looking at your average rusty 67 firebird that could be restored with average skill... that you don't need a treasure map to figure out how someone else took apart. It's not hiding anything, and neither am I. I try to be VERY HONEST with my descriptions... but if i forgot something, hey... i did my best.
PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS via TEXT before buying- 330.495.3756

67-22437Sport Coupe, standard interior
LOR (not Los) so your guess as to assembly plant-probably NOR
TRIM: 253-Z black Bucket seats
400(?) /power glide (?) (f)
H-2 Linden Green, black interior, Rally stripe option (HH)
tinted windshield, tinted windows, Air conditioning, Console, Rear Speaker, Remote Mirrors, deluxe seat belts,

Will help with shipping. Can deliver locally. for a fee.
Sold with Bill of Sale only. All Tags are in place. 500.00 non refundable paypal deposit due at auction close. Prefer Balance paid at time of pickup, but accept cash/bank check as well.
Thank you!

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