1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 Troop Carrier with 2H Diesel engine not HJ45 FJ40

  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Land Cruiser
  • SubModel: Troop Carrier Troopy
  • Type: SUV
  • Trim: HJ47
  • Year: 1982
  • Mileage: 200,168
  • VIN: 00000000000000000
  • Color: Tan
  • Engine size: 2H Diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Power options: Air Conditioning
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 4WD
  • Interior color: Gray
  • Options: 4-Wheel Drive
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Location: Sherman Oaks, California, United States


This 1982 Toyota Land cruiser HJ47 diesel troop-carrier is the result of a 10-year search though Asia, Australia and South America. The troop-carrier or “Troopy” was never sold in the United States so I had to look overseas to find one. The reason my search took so long was I wanted an unrestored 2H diesel Troopy with as much original paint as possible and no rust-holes or bondo repairs.

Growing up in Southeast Asia I have fond memories of the diesel Land cruisers that where able to go anywhere. In my opinion, the best looking land cruisers where the “Troopys” as they had a tough military look and where designed to carry up to 11-soldiers and gear.

The Troopys I found in Asia where severely rusted-out from all the rain and humid weather. The Troopys in Africa where beat-to-heck with lots of non-original modifications and the Troopys from South America where often used as farm vehicles with less then optimal maintenance.

This Troopy was originally delivered to Australia and was lightly used as a safari guide vehicle in the outback (It still had the red outback dust when I bought it) and far away from the salty coasts so it did not have any rust-through holes.

Because of the numerous kangaroo’s in the outback this Troopy was fitted with a “Roo-Bar” to protect the front end. Most Roo-Bars are ugly, handmade and metal. This Roo-Bar is heavy-duty aluminum (made by a Aluminum fabricator) and then powder-coated. This Roo-Bar is quite strong as I pushed a 26’ Uhaul truck off the freeway after it had broken down. The bar would probably do a good job of protecting the front-end in a collision.

This Troopy is a right hand drive and takes about 15-minutes to get used too. I was concerned at first, having never driven a right-hand-drive vehicle but now really enjoy the different driving experience. The engine cruises nicely at 75mph (due to the taller tires) but just purrs at 62mph and could run for days at that speed. On one trip, I drove 1,650 miles in 30 hours though desert heat and mountain snow and it ran flawless. The engine starts on the first try, every time… even in cold weather and has never let me down or had a mechanical issue.

This Troopy came from the factory with the last version of the 2H engine which is know as the best diesel engine Toyota made for the Land Cruiser and they are known to easily go 1,000,000 km (620,000 miles) and more before needing a rebuild. If you zoom-in on the dash photo you can see the odometer reads 322,142 km, converted to miles thats 200,168. Because this engine has been well cared for it most likely has over 2/3's of its engine life left before needing a rebuild.

This land cruiser has (2) OF EVERY CRITICAL COMPONENTto ensure unmatched range and reliability.

(2) FULL SIZE SPARE TIRES All the wheels including the two spares are new Factory Toyota FJ Cruiser steel wheels. Steel wheels are slightly heavier but less likely to crack when off-roading and easier to repair then aluminum wheels.

(2) BATTERIES I went with two Optima “BlueTop” batteries. They cost more then the Red or Yellow top because they are deep cycle and can sit for the longest periods of time without charging and are designed for the harshest conditions. I only connected one battery and use the second battery as a backup. I installed an industrial quick-connection that allows both batteries to be used together if heavy electrical needs are required. Either configuration (one or two batteries) the system stays at the factory 12 volts.

(2) FUEL TANKS The factory gas tank is 18-gallons and the second safari tank is 20-gallons, so 38 gallons total. I average 22-mpg on the highway so this Troopy has a range of over 800 miles without stopping. A switch on the dashboard transfers fuel from the safari tank to the main tank while driving, so no need to stop.

(2) FUEL FILTERS Most diesel engines are very reliable and Toyota’s 2H 6-cylinder diesel engine is the gold standard in a Land cruiser. All diesel engines can have problems if moisture gets into the fuel. I never had a problem with this, but for safety I installed a second screw-on commercial-grade fuel filter with a separator-drain and fuel passes through this filter before passing through the factory fuel filter.

(2) OIL FILTERS Both come standard with all 2H diesel engines. The oil flows through a centrifugal mechanical filter that removes any large debris then flows through a typical screw-on disposable filter.

After years of enjoying this Troopy, I still have not found a better unrestored example. I have see a few restored troopys that where done very well and cosmetically better-then-new, but they where no longer original with gas V-8 engines, heavy spray-on-liner and lots of sheet metal repair.

I’ve also seen the quicky restorations where they spray paint over everything. Rust holes are filled with bondo and just sprayed over. The entire engine bays are spray-painted black… hoses, belts, wires, everything. Because I saw first-hand how most Troopys where used as non-stop work horses with all kinds of mods and heavy rust I was concerned about what would be hiding under a restoration.

I decided that a restored troopy would likely be hiding lots of rust and repairs but would also be too perfect to enjoy off-road. I also noticed a trend in collectibles, especially vintage off-road where unrestored original vehicles tend to hold their value.

In addition to being as original as possible, I wanted a troopy that wasn’t missing lots of standard equipment. This Land Cruiser has the following factory equipment that I have never seen in any other troop-carrier.

  • Original front seats (original paint and vinyl)
  • All original rear jumps seats (original paint and vinyl)
  • All original seat belts. (3) up front and (8) in the rear
  • Factory Toyota landcruiser AM/FM radio
  • Full Factory Toyota tool-roll with all Toyota tools and grease gun.
  • Complete original tire jack set.
  • Original Toyota manual and warranty book
  • Original Fujitsu radio manual.

I know this Land Cruiser will do what it was designed to do and know it will preform in any environment as I have driven it through almost every driving condition. Some of the following include:

  • Crossing rivers. One river was 300 yards wide and 3.5’ deep(the snorkel comes in handy)
  • Driving though swampy terrain where your vehicle would sink if youslowed or stopped
  • Driving in high altitude mountains with blizzard conditions and icy roads
  • Driving through a desert with soft sand and extreme heat
  • Driving over rocky terrain and mountain passes
  • I have also driven at freeway speeds for days on end, crossing the country
  • I have sat in heavy stop-and-go traffic with the AC blowing comfortably
  • I have used it as a daily driver or just to grab coffee

After every adventure this Land Cruiser was completely and meticulously cleaned, including the engine bay and undercarriage. I never let any dirt or road-salt stay on the vehicle for long. I always garaged this Land Cruiser and batteries are maintained on dual quick-connect battery-tenders and parked on nylon tiles. (for longer tire life)

This Troopy has some upgrades that where done for safety, convenience and range. All upgrades are either “period correct” or OEM Toyota parts.


  • Front brakes upgraded to disc brakes with factory OEM Toyota FJ55 parts for real-world highway-speed safety.
  • Rear brakes completely rebuilt with all new Toyota parts.
  • All rubber brake hoses replaced with steel lines (in the factory configuration) for easy strait-line braking with very little foot pressure at freeway speeds.
  • Brake master cylinder rebuilt.
  • All springs, shocks, steering stabilizer, lift kit upgraded with “Old Man Emu” (the best available for Land Cruisers)
  • Original non-leaking radiator was removed, re-cored and completely rebuilt (just to be safe)
  • Replaced non-leaking valve cover gasket as it was old and dry(I was surprised at how clean and new the valves looked. I took a picture for reference)
  • Replaced a leaking oil pan gasket (the crank, pistons and engine interior all looked clean and new. (I took pics for reference)
  • All engine hoses, heater hoses and belts replaced.
  • All fluids from engine oil to rear-end flushed and replaced.
  • Allplugs replaced with Bosch glow plugs.
  • Air cleaner replaced with washable, performance K&N.
  • All wheels and tires replaced and four-wheel alignment done.
  • All bushing and steering boots replaced and greased.
  • Installed new commercial fuel pump and filter system for transfer from Safari to main tank (for extended range)
  • Working AC system checked with no leaks and no Freon needed.
  • Transfer case removed and completely rebuilt with all new seals and gaskets (had a minor leak)
  • Drive train emergency brake rebuilt.
  • Added a frame-mounted (no body contact) spare tire carrier that swings open to allow use of both ambulance doors without impact to the body in off-roading conditions.
  • Heavy-duty battery tray fabricated to hold dual batteries for off-road conditions. (the factory tray is not very strong and only held one battery)
  • Replaced an old and worn Safarisnorkel system with a new Safari snorkel system.


All of the interior paint, including the floors, walls, dash and engine bay are all original paint. The exterior was repainted in the original color in 1998 (No bondo or rust-hole repair) and because this Land Cruiser was well cared for, the paint still looks great today.

·While there where no rust holes when I purchased this Land Cruiser, there was some minor surface rust around all the door hinges. There was also heavy scratches on the exterior front door footsteps and rear door base. All the hinges where removed along with the foot steps and taken down to bare metal then primered and painted. We where able to use the factory paint code and it matched perfectly. We also touched up rock chips on the front facing paintwork. I saved a large bottle of factory paint that will be included. I took pictures of the paint process for reference.

·The front Roo-Bar, headlight-fame and spare tire carrier where all powder coated satin-black.

·I was told rust likes to build up between the roof gasket and body so I removed the roof to check. There were a few minor surface-rust-spots so we took those spots down to metal and primered and painted (I took pics for reference) Since we had the roof off I decided to paint it and install a new factory headliner.

· I touched-up parts of the undercarriage with a thin flat-black rust converter. I only sprayed areas that showed slight surface rust to stop it. I have seen people spray paint the entire undercarriage in heavy black paint to hide years of neglect or abuse and I did not want to hide anything. The undercarriage is not perfect, but its honest and the most original I have seen.



(818) 882-1238

21600 Nordhoff St,

Chatsworth, CA 91311 Dave Steadman +61 7 3265 6228


All of the spare and service parts come in a blackcanvas bag and should cover your service needs for quite some time.


  • (4) OEM TOYOTA 2H factory screw-on oil filters
  • (4) OEM TOYOTA 2H factory O-rings for centrifugal oil filter
  • (4) OEM TOYOTA 2H drain plug gasket


  • (4) OEM TOYOTA 2H factory fuel filters
  • (4) Commercial fuel filters


  • (2) Drive belts
  • (1) AC belt
  • (1) Compete set of radiator hoses and clamps
  • (1) Complete set of heater hose


  • (1)Complete set of (6) BOSCH glow plugs


  • (1)Set of workshop manuals (very worn but complete)
  • (4)Large printed electrical schematics
  • (1)Large glass bottle of spare factory touch-up paint
  • (1)Original factory key (38 years old)
  • (1) Recovery tow strap (great for pulling-out your stuck friends)

As a longtime enthusiast, I have noticed that perfectly restored Land Cruisers are seldom if ever used as intended. I have also seen“just-restored” Land Cruisers that still take hundreds of miles to sort-out all the mechanical issues before they are reliable enough to go on a road trip, much less off-roading. This Land Cruiser is sorted and ready for any trip or weather.

On the flip side, I have seen “fixer” Land Cruisers that take years to repair and end up costing so much time and money by the time they are finished the owner wants nothing to do with them.

I have become a fan of Land Cruisers that are properly used and maintained, but still original aspossible, as I feel they offer the most enjoyment and best appreciation potential.

This Land Cruiser Troopy has never been restored and isn’t cosmetically perfect and I like it that way. That said, I have yet to find another one this original, complete and unmolested. Everything works, from the window-washer-sprayer to the mechanical 4X4 cruise control.

This Land Cruiser needs nothing (not even an oil change) and is ready to cross any continent or just look awesome in your garage.

The vehicleregistration is current with a clear Nevada tile and can be registered in any state as it is past the 30-year threshold for smog and has a dieselengine.Ebay's system does not allow thefactory 10-digit VIN, actual VIN isHJ47-017394. Please call me if you have any questions. Dan (818) 207-3604

I havemany more photos, however this is really a vehicle the needs to be seen in-person toappreciate. I have 100% Positive Feedback as I will not sell a vehicleunlessthe buyer is 100% happy.


I received a few questions about the upgrades:

All of the upgrades have been completed in the last 3-years. I have all the receipts totaling $22,285.64 and they will be included with the sale. I actually spent more on the upgrades then the receipts show but do not have receipts for some work as it was done by the most qualified people who happened to be fellow Land Cruiser enthusiasts and not actual shops.
I drove this Land Cruiser for years before doing any upgrades as I wanted time to talk to other Land Cruiser owners and find out exactly what upgrades they recommended. I also wanted the time toexperience first-hand how the this Land Cruiser behaved in every driving situation so I could makeonly the changes that where necessary.
I received a question about the black rectangleson the bed of the Land Cruiser:
The black rectangles are made from steel and and support the second Safari gas tank. They are made with a gap to allow a "soft tie" tie-down strap to loop through giving a solid anchor spot tosecure cargo. (4) new black soft-ties (Ancra rated for 10,000 lbs) are included with the sale.
Ialsoreceivedquestions on TIRES and LIFT HEIGHTand if it will fit in a Standard Garage:

Tires are Maxxis BIGHORN 235/80R 17's and are designed for offroad and snow, but are surprisingly good on pavement with a noise lever not much higher then a street tire. They also have the holes to allow for spikes/studs to be added for extreme icy conditions. I'm not sure of the exact lift increase over stock because of the taller tires and Old Man Emu set up. The highest point of the roof from level ground is 80.25" My garage has 82" of clearance (Most Garages have 82"-83" clearance) and it fits in fine, so it should fit in any standard size garage. Clearance is 21" from level ground to the base of the body in the center of the vehicle.