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  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Galaxie
  • Year: 1966
  • Mileage: 44000
  • VIN: 6E52C235678
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Location: Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States


1966 Ford Galaxie 500
Sitting in barn for over 16 years
The Ford Galaxie was the staple in America for the car to have since its debut. To drive, to enjoy, and to share family time just taking a nice Sunday drive in. The Galaxie became this way because of its style, its simplicity and its reliability. According to this 1966 Galaxie's previous owner, this car was his first car. It was driven to high school and used as an everyday driver until the mid to late 90's. Then it was used periodically until hardly every used at all. While the car sat just sat in storage, the owner decided to pay it tribute and clean it up. New interior, top, paint, new tires and started gathering new and used parts to really do her up....but the project maybe got 70% complete and there it sat once again, bouncing from storage facility to storage facility until finally it was taken up to a barn in Shoemakersville, PA to sit until 9/11/20. Thats where I came in and purchased the entire collection. I have a crazy passion for these old cars and once they were just cars part of a forgotten era that no one really cared about. It wasn't until the late 90's early 2000's these cars started to creep up in value. I bought the entire collection of vintage cars including mostly Cadillacs, 1 Lincoln and this 66 Ford. Below is an honest description of the vehicle along with plenty of photos and a few videos to really give the best description I can. It shows its transformation from a dormant car just sitting there to a car that can be out on the road again today. Thank you for taking the time!
Here is a quick video of the day I entered the barn and you'll notice this 66 off to the right. Just Click on the image.

The Exterior:
The exterior of the car isdefinitely at least a 10 footer and a very presentable driver. This car is perfect for the beginner who likes to tinker, polish and buff. The chrome needs a good cleaning, the paint came up really nice for what is was like the day I got it. But still an amateur quality paint job. All the glass and trim are there and lights and bezels. Outside is pretty complete but may need fender badges. The door jambs need to be freshened up and detailed and new weather stripping would be a great idea. The vinyl top is over 20 years old but looks new because it was never in the weather. There are about 12 hubcaps that go with the car. Underneath is about 90% solid with a few rot holes here and there. Very minor. The frame is solid and looks as if there were a few repairs to it over time but 100% solid. Some lower quarter patch was done prior to painting. I detailed the heck out of the undercarriage with fresh undercoating and detail to the rear and engine and transmission. Looks very good. This car is not for the picky person, it's just a car to enjoy, tinker with and drive the family to the local cruise night. It's presentable enough for that type of stuff. Please view all the pics and let me know of any questions you may have.
The interior again is very presentable. There is a new carpet which has to be fitted better, seats have been done along with headliner. There is a new dash that goes with the car. All the seatbelts need to be reinstalled also. Again, a very presentable interior that was justfreshened up but needs that little extra going over the hump to make it pop. The pictures will speak for themselves. The floor matts are new also. I do have some extra dash material I will leave in the trunk.
The car has the original 289 2bbl(you will see 4V on the decal). So when I got it back, I hooked up anauxiliary fuel tank, cleaned the points and fired her up. The car started and ran nice for sitting for almost 2 decades. No smoke, taps or knocks. I removed the tank, cleaned it, put a new fuel sending unit and some fresh hoses and now shes running under her own power. The carburetor definitely needs a rebuild and the car needs a good going over. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fluids etc. We also got the brakes working just to stop the car in the yard, not for road use. They need to be gone over as well. I got it running, moving and stopping for you, the rest is up to you. It also has a power steering leak. Please ask me any questions you may like. The car needs to be freshened up before road travel.
In summation, this car needs to be gone over before being road worthy. Its a great car for the beginner, who wants to get into the car collecting hobby. Great for the guy who likes to tinker on the weekends and a great father and son project because the expensive stuff has already been taken care of. If you want to talk to me, please send me your number and I'll be happy to discuss in length about the car. Thanks you!
A $1000 deposit is due IMMEDIATELY a for auction end. Balance due in 7 days from end of auction by certified exceptions. If you're new to ebay or haven't purchased a car through ebay in this format, please lets have a conversation first. Send me your number and I'll call or ask for my number. Please let's not waste each other's time. Thank you!
Below are current pictures of its present condition. Follow the pictures as you scroll down and you'll notice the transformation from now and what it use to look like as I pulled it from its barn slumber....Than at the very bottom you'll click on the last image to open a video of the car and it running.....HAVE FUN!! The day I removed her from storage......All pictures below show the condition untouched for nearly 2 decades.
Click on the image below and view the 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 in its current condition....What a transformation!!!